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Taka Trunk - Pirate Bar/Coffee Table- 08.27.08

alcoholtrunk.jpgCrate and Barrel Taka Trunk - when i saw this over at Uncrate - all i could think was Pirate. Bar. Coffee Table! It has those great woody hinges, hides your loot, and even when open provides table space on the sides… Talk about the last place your guests would expect to find your bar… See more pics on the next page!



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I want this pirate bar table but can’t find it anywhere:(

----- Captain cheezie 20.08.11 12:06

I just bought one from the Crate and Barrel outlet in Cranbury, NJ! I’ve been looking all over for this for a while. They have slight imperfections and start at 50% off (and is marked down an additional 10% every week). There’s no method to their madness though, they just put out whatever they have from the warehouse as they get it, so if it happens to be there, it’s mostly luck. Cranbury Outlet, 315 Cranbury Half Acre Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512

----- jami 19.10.09 08:55

CB discontinued it! I’ve been looking for it everywhere! Help! Do you know of anywhere I can find it? PLEASE let me know and THANKS in advance.


----- AMdO 31.08.09 13:05

This is amazing… AMAZING

----- Jason 01.09.08 09:36

I want this sooooo bad. I’ve been looking for the perfect size coffee table and have some tool chests from the 1800’s but they’re too tall. This would be perfect!!!!!

----- Christine 28.08.08 07:23

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