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Maison+Object Simple- 09.15.08

SIMPLE.jpgMerci beaucoup, Veuve Clicquot ~ who loves design as much as we do, and brought me to Paris to cover Maison et Objet 2008! More design discoveries to come… and i am just freshly back in LA… already!

Ok one post series i’ve been needing to catch up on, but somehow hadn’t had time to get through cleaning up the many pictures… Maison et Objet: Simple! Incredible micro-exhibition spread between three even tinier exhibition spaces which were placed at the front of 3 of the 6 massive Maison et Object halls in Paris. Really the concept is fabulous because there is absolutely no way to cover every single booth of every single hall in such a monstrous convention center and stay sane ~ what they did were pick three curator/designers, each given a theme (overall theme SIMPLE, micro themes: Farmlife, Les Métropuritains, Slow Tech) ~ and give them a space to design around the theme and showcase the best products from the show with in them. The results were three engaging and unique browsing experiences that you really have to see the images to get a feel for. in the next three posts i’ll give you a look at each of them!

Descriptions of them from the Maison site on the next page! And you can view the pictures here: 1. Farmlife 2. Les Métropuritains 3. Slow Tech





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These pieces are gorgeous!! I really enjoy to see this! At this year it will attend at the Maison et Object the brand Boca do Lobo. They are incredible in fusing old styles with contemporary aspects. Visit www.bocadolobo.com and get in love!

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