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Toyota Calty Design: Sketch Demo- 09.17.08

sketchdemo.jpgCurious how the magic happens? I have always been mesmerized watching master marker renderers and sketch artists at work… While visiting Toyota Calty Design Research, i had a chance to see Project Chief Designer, Ian Cartabiano, show us how it’s really done on a huge apple monitor and wacom tablet (he’s old school, and likes having the tablet while seeing the screen, versus those who love the Cintiqs).

So you can see one of my little home videos (one of these days with some combination of time, energy, extra pair of hands, etc i will make proper videos with real editing and maybe even music?) ~ giving you a quick skip through the presentation ~ from initial stages, to some highlights, to a flip back and forth between finished and initial sketches, and the crucial signature!

But honestly, if you want to learn how to sketch cars properly, you should probably go take Ian’s class at Art Center ~ after graduating Art Center, he got pulled right into Toyota and has been there for 11 years… while simultaneously teaching… keep an eye out for his latest exterior design, the 2009 Venza!

Update! Here’s a video from Toyota’s Youtube of Ian timelapse drawing the new 2009 Venza! (on PAPER!)

Also ~ Core77 has their post up with another angle on the same sketch demo!

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Ron ~ i warned you guys this one was a damn home video… they’re moving us through the place so quickly in a group, hard to get a proper set up and some quality time…

maybe you should hire me a camera crew + take some dramamine!

----- jean/NOTCOT 17.09.08 15:33

put the damn camera on a tripod next time. im getting seasick.

----- ron 17.09.08 15:13

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