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2009 Ferarri California- 10.02.08

ferraricali.jpgStunning 2009 Ferarri California. Actually rather impressed with their site, and the videos and content provided ~ the “HEAR” section is my favorite so far. Few official pics on the next page, also check out the gallery at AutoBlog - they just saw it in Paris!





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The Ferrari California is stunning. Absolutely beautiful in all given colors. I am not prepared to buy one at this time, possibly in the near future. Have been trying to decide which color. Possibly Red - Black on your floor show at Paris, I believe is stunning.

----- AL WAGNER 31.10.08 21:18

I’m not too much into material things and I don’t really get excited about cars but I must say; this just makes me purrrr ;)

----- Victoria 09.10.08 17:51

I saw a black California driving around Maranello in July. They look stunning in person!

----- G 03.10.08 15:06

Everyone thinks ferrari’s are good looking on principle… that second picture from the top showing the huge, gaping mouth and the pulled-back eyes illustrates just how ugly this thing really is. If you want a really beautiful Italian supercar, check out the Alfa Romeo 8C.

----- podzilla 03.10.08 07:21

Its still not exactly a good looking Ferrari. The side graphics are busy and doesn’t flow with the rest of the design.

Great website though!

----- Mistry 03.10.08 07:04

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