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4 Occhi ~ Aspesi 1910- 10.28.08

crazyglasses.jpg Yay! Back in LA, after a quick drive to Tuscon via the 10 (ick) for the weekend, but came back along the 8 through the blisteringly hot, dry desert and into foggy, freezing La Jolla for incredibly delicious carne asada fries and meeting up with people before popping back up to LA. Nothing clears my head like a random road trip!

Anyhow, much catching up in the email realm, and some really goodies in there i’ve been dying to share… like these fascinating 4 Occhi ~ Aspesi 1910 glasses design by Giulio Iacchetti - “A pair of glasses with four lenses that could be customized according to one’s desires. 4occhi can be both glasses and sun glasses, glasses for near-sighted and far-sighted people. All the possibilities your imagination suggests you are possible. 4occhi allows you to have two pairs of glasses always with without the need to remember them or search for them!” While they definitely look a bit silly, but for those who always lose their second pair of glasses, it’s an interesting idea… and you can put any lenses in either one ~ so they don’t even have to be sunglasses and bifocals, etc… Check out the many pics on the next page, the photographer clearly had a good time shooting these!






foto 4occhi: Giovanna Silva
foto still life 4occhi: Studio Foto Iacchetti
Foto showroom: Santi Caleca

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8 Notes

I think they’re cool period. No matter the context. Now if a bunch of silly people and celebrities started wearing them I’d prob change my mind.

----- Bookoo 10.02.09 16:55

Is there any information on how sunlight reacts going through, lets say 4+ lenses and straight into your forehead? I’m thinking a magnifying glass effect….?

----- Jan Bringø Bachmann 06.11.08 00:11

Great idea. but what if you need to wear neither lense at a particular moment - rather clumpsy for storeage or a pants/coat pocket. Let us face it, if they were seen on an older person, you’d supress a giggle - they do look strange.

----- Nanette 01.11.08 21:06

How is this a product of fancy? It is logic in it purest form! 2 in 1 sun/reading glasses.
Fantastic stuff, keep them coming Jean…

----- Steve 30.10.08 06:26

i find it absolutely out of context…even its applicability is questionable…we need stuffs more logical and not just things of fancy.

----- paul sandip 28.10.08 22:52

I think they are great, if I saw them in skymall on some old people, I would still buy them. Plus I think old people usually have really cool unique glasses. I would like to know the price, since ive been looking for awesome sunglasses for awhile. I know of a great brand of sunglasses called Oliver Goldsmith, they are very similar to this, especially their vintage butterfly sunglasses.


----- Kirk 28.10.08 18:31

I’m not sure if i totally agree with you, David ~ while context does help ~ if i saw these in some random dollar store i’d probably buy them, snap a shot of it in the store, and then take some closer pictures of it on my own… if i couldn’t get my hands on it personally, and had no nice product shots of it like i do here… probably wouldn’t have posted it as a feature though!


but yes, the concept still amuses me, even if i just found it at target.

----- jean/NOTCOT 28.10.08 17:30

I find it funny that context is so important to how a product is viewed. If this was sold in a cheap 1 dollar japanese store or in skymall, everyone would make fun of it and comment how useless it was. But since it’s sold by some high-end fashion boutique, and shown in some designery glamour shots, it’s somehow alright.

----- David 28.10.08 16:39

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