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Crystal Head Vodka - It’s REAL!- 10.04.08

crystalhead.jpgThe internet is a buzz with rumors on the latest “viral” video of Dan Aykroyd showing us his new Crystal Head Vodka in a gorgeous glass skull. Rumors include this being a video for the new Ghostbusters or some Indiana Jones… but i guess lesson to be learned here is ~ just because it’s going viral, doesn’t mean it’s not real!

I actually bought a few bottles today ~ lots of pics on the next page! Not the smooooothest thing i’ve tasted, but it’s not bad, and i’m totally in love with the glass skull bottle made by Bruni Glass in Milan, Italy. Apparently it is made by Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd, out of Newfoundland water triple crystal filtered through herkimer diamonds (aka double-terminated quartz crystals)! Really the story is just great though, and the video and bottle make the experience priceless ~ here are excerpts from the box: “In reverence of those enlightened after touching any of the thirteen crystal heads unearthed around our globe we offer this pure spirit”… “One of the most compelling archeological mysteries is the story of the 13 Crystal Heads. These heads are believed to be between 5,000 and 35,000 years old and were carved over a period of several hundred years but without any tool marks. In fact their very construction defies the laws of physics and common logic. They are believed to offer spiritual power to those who hold or possess them.”

See the pictures of the real thing and the video on the next page!

UPDATE: Dan did some crazy internet researching for us and here are some fun facts: Dan Aykroyd is not only an actor, but co-founder of the House of Blues, part owner of Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd (which distributes Patron in Canada), and is building his own winery, Dan Aykroyd Wines (which uses 100% snob free grapes!). There is a great interview with him on delish before the vodka release where he exposes how serious he is about wine, Crystal Skulls, UFOs, and “pure spirit from Newfoundland glacial pool water, and peaches and cream corn mash”!

Here’s a quick copy of the video from youtube, but it looks best at Crystal Head Vodka.

Here’s a screenshot of the single page at Crystal Head Vodka.












Here are some of the highlights from the video!

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Hey fellow UK dwellers! Done a quick search and it seems cheapest to buy at Makro (if you have a Makro card) for around £50 or at www.firebox.com for about £60, cause they don’t charge delivery. Other places, when in stock, seem to include www.amazon.co.uk www.urbandrinks.co.uk www.drinkfinder.co.uk www.theonlineofflicence.co.uk and www.harveynichols.com
Hope this helps ^_^
(Glad we live in a world where this product exists!)

----- Katt 24.01.12 20:06

goddam i want one of these, they look amazing, need it for my bar with a light behind it!

----- joey 01.01.12 15:50

Got one after so many years of yearning at Vancouver International Airport……..its amazing……there are two sizes…….750 ml for 50 bucks and one more for 100 CA$………..loved it……….the Vodka was a bit rough though but hey…..the bottle makes up more than anything else.

----- Anonymous 09.12.11 04:23

My boyfriend went to the liqueur store yesterday when he turned 21, we saw the crystal skulls and they look so amazing, but quite expensive. We sure were glad when we saw the mini bottles up front, it’s so cute and it tastes so smooth. It smells exactly like rubbing alcohol and bug spray, but it’s awesome. +1 to our bottle collection, and saving up for the big one

----- J 28.10.11 14:07

I love the idea behind this. The bottle is beautiful. The vodka is great. My only compliant is that the stopper came unglued from the wooden lid when I tried to open it.

----- Bill 15.10.11 12:39

Bout time someone made a skull boose bottle. Been looking for ur bottle for a long time now I have it

----- Derek 25.06.11 21:41

Hi Can we have news on were to purchase in the UK It looks fantastic and can’t wait to taste the triple filtered vodka - you guys need a reseller in the UK, Well done for the thinking and the great real product in production. Thanks very much Love

----- Christien (Mr) 16.12.10 16:53

Man I’m in tonawanda new york where can I find skull vodka

----- ryan irvine 08.11.10 16:22

Im sold. Now who can ship me one to Ontario Canada?

----- Frank Narejko 13.10.10 13:31

There are lots of post on here about how to get it in the UK.

I really want to get my boyfriend a bottle for christmas, but its not available here yet. Theres even a signed bottle on ebay but the buyer doesn’t ship to the uk :-(

its the perfect present for him, just because he loves vodka and its in sucha cool bottle I know he’d love it!

Some people suggest buying the empty bottles and just putting vodka in but i dont think it’ll be the same. There’d have to be somethng really special about that vodka!

Can anyone help please? This is so important to me!!!

----- ashleigh 31.08.10 13:40

Saw the skull vodka and sampled it in Boston last year, deparate to purchase in the uk HELP ME PLEASE

----- Kirsty 21.08.10 10:55

I spotted this at a BevMo in Redwoodcity, CA (Silicon Valley; S. of SF) in June, 2009, and something clicked…. “oh, that Crystal Skull documentary!” So I bought one, 50 bucks. A few buddies were over one night and we’re having some drinks, and one spots the Skull. He loves it so much he goes out and buys one. And my other buddy thinks it’s cool, but he does not drink vodka, so we buy him one to display…

Next thing ya know almost all of us have one on our home bars and we start to see it in public bars. One bartender we met in Half Moon Bay said he was taking the empty bottle to drill a hole in it and make it into a bong!

Now that’s famous!

----- Bill Underwood 08.08.10 14:14

Where can I buy a bottle in San Antonio TX. or surrounding area?

----- ESTEFF 24.02.10 08:49

Dear Dan Aykroyd,

I have ALWAYS loved you. And now, you have THOROUGHLY blew my mind right out of my Crystal Skull.

Love, Faith Elyse Driscoll

----- Faith 01.12.09 19:43

Well I saw the bottle and couldn’t resist. To my delight the vodka is very good. I like a few better but it is certainly as good or better than Grey Goose.

The vodka I prefer ” Three Olives” is not available in BC liquor stores anymore and I now have to pay 5$ more at the local private store. It is $36 in Canada Grey Goose is $52. The crytal head vodka was 59$.

So IMHO if you are looking for THE best Vodka you may like others better. If you think this bottle alone is worth the few dollars more than Grey Goose for an equitable vodka then this is for you (and me).

I intend to buy a couple (and maybe a spare) to border the liquor cabinet like bookends.

----- Rick 25.10.09 17:11

Got some for $50 in Hawaii. Saving it for Halloween. Even if the vodka is not the best, you can refill the cool bottle with something that is!

----- Joshua 17.10.09 19:34

Crystal Head Vodka is going 2 be doing tons of promoting in the next upcoming few weeks to get ready 4 halloween!! Get ready for Los Angeles 2 be taken over by the Crystal Head Vodka girls! I’ll be @ the El Segundo Air Force Base this afternoon selling tons of bottles and promoting it tonight @ Blvd-3 in Hollywood! Keep your eyes open and you just might see one of us in your neighborhood bars or liquor stores!

----- Jackie 16.10.09 08:31

it smells too much like rubbing alcohol for me :(

----- freda 14.10.09 08:03

How muck is a bootle and where is it located to buy?

----- john 07.10.09 12:30

Wow I just got this here in Maryland just across the Washington DC line. Great vodka, I think as good as Belvedere and better than Kettle One. The bottle is amazing, and expect to see it at bars everywhere now!

----- Bryce 02.10.09 00:55

Sup, I had a bottle of crystal head vodka, and me and my friends drank it one day onthe weekend. When the bottle was empty i went and bought some black and red sand to put into the bottle it looks cool up on my shelf now.
I have also beed told to put water with food colouring in it, that would also make it look sick.

----- Kate 12.09.09 17:32

Dan’s in Philly today!
Just saw a sign at 17th & JFK that Dan will be in the Wine & Spirits store there from 4-6PM today (9/10) signing bottles.

----- John 10.09.09 09:49

omg i am gettin this shit for my 21st birthday in 2 weeks. i am so excited. cant wait.

----- ashley 05.09.09 15:01

Just got a bottle for my 30th birthday and it is awesome. I really like the detail. I am waiting to open it until a special occasion. I wish Dan was coming to Minnesota sometime soon so I could get a signed bottle!

----- Nick 31.08.09 10:58

Crystal Head is now available in BC Liquor Stores!

----- Dipsophiliac 29.08.09 22:36

The crystal head vodka is the most pure smooth tasting vodka in the world, it is worth it to purchase I have got my hands on a one from my grandfather visiting Newfoundland. I need to know where to find it other than Newfoundland because that’s to far for me to go. I live in Toronto, Ontario if anyone can give me somw advise on where to find it that would be greatly appreciated. THANKX

----- Kaitlin 23.08.09 20:28

love it, love it, love life its the greatest when you can share your dreams…what an acomplishment,the timing, the 13 cystal skulls so magical and alive and the herkimer diamonds for the dream life so pure energy its the greatest its for me Thank You… Dan keep the dreams alive. everyones a crit-dick”some people get burnt on the same old stuff and they can”t try anything different wont try.love life.. “greygoose is for cry babies anyway put a nipple on it”.

----- Autumn Looking Elk Ross 12.08.09 09:04

I am a Grey Goose lover to the end. My drink of choice would be goose on the rocks. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the smoothness and quality of the Goose, since I rarely drink anything else. (Call me a Vodka snob) When I saw the bottle of a crystal skull vodka I couldn’t resist to take the chance. To be honest this is not a sipping vodka. I had to keep adding ice and even then it never was as enjoyable. It burns going down much like the cheap stuff you get in plastic bottles. The good news is when I eventually finish this bottle I will fill it up with the goose and keep it on display at my bar.

Cheers to the bottle, not the Vodka.

----- John Rico 24.07.09 17:07

Oh, I forgot: I prefer to mix my own flavoured Vodka’s. As I live in Sweden I have access to high-quality lingon, blackberry, cranberry’s etc. I take a tablespoon-full and slide it into the bottle, shake it occasionally, and after a month or so I have my own flavoured drink, at the taste I like it at. If fresh berry’s aren’t available I use a quality berry jam! It works. I rarely drink Vodka neat.

A question: is whisky tree-flavoured Vodka?. If so, better to find out what elements flavour the whisky and distill it out of the wood, to use the juice to flavour the whisky without needing to store it for years, cutting the cost. For it is the cost that , er, costs.

Ok, you made it guys, I’m finished!

----- Sven 14.07.09 10:42

I don’t find Dan’s Vodka any better than the Koskenkorva I normally drink, or the Absolut or the Norwegian potato Vodka I occasionally drink for a change. But, it’s not really any worse. I’m no expert, ok? I don’t get the diamond filter, other than it makes it look good. Better to spend the money on buying the best raw materials and manufacturing stills. My Norwegian Vodka (forget name!) uses glacier-water, maybe Dan can use icecap water? The bottle is great, I need 12 of them (I’ll be the 13th head) for the ring around the Viking shield, but, unfortunately, I can’t afford the rings of diamonds, rubys and emeralds around the shield, and don’t have The Father Of The Trinity to place in the centre. So E.T. won’t be calling home. But I’m working on it. I wish Dan well with his retirement fund, but the best marketing is a class Vodka at a keen price, not a fancy video or Crystal Skulls.

----- Sven 14.07.09 10:28

Im trying to find a website to order the Crystal Head Vodka from
who ships to Norway….. anyone know of one?

----- Jørgen 03.07.09 21:18

Love it!
I have already sold 3 in the store i run in one day.

----- shelley mckellar 01.07.09 19:51

I just picked up a bottle of this, havent tried it yet. The bottle is nice enough i may just keep one on the shelf. anyways i got this at my local packie in south georgia.

----- btakasper 25.06.09 17:33

LMAO at the marketing jagoffs who were clearly paid to post comments on this.

The bottle is nice and all, but this vodka is of middling quality and not worth the price. If you really want a pretty skull bottle then by all means you should buy this, but if you want good quality vodka you can get better stuff for this price.

----- Jason 22.06.09 11:40

wow, i can’t even believe this has been around since last year! it has only now arrived in hawaii. the wholesaler here brought in sixty cases and sold out in about three weeks … i am a liquor department manager/buyer and let me tell you i can sell it on just looks alone … not too many customers care what’s inside the bottle. i finally just decided to open my bottle and taste it and was pleasently surprised at it’s “crystal” clean flavor, crispness with no harsh after taste. now, i can sell even more since it has become one of my favorite vodkas. at the retail store where i am employed, we retail it at $60 and i have seen it at another retailer for $70. i think the manufacturer should attach neckers (those little info sheets hanging on liquor bottles) telling more about the product itself or even something inside the box. even sales reps from competing companies ask questions about the product!

----- karen marquez 22.06.09 02:16

Pravda Vodka Bar in Toronto has 2000 heads, and people are lined up to try it. U can turn around and sell the bottle with NO vodka in it for $200

----- rick 19.06.09 16:05

Some Costco’s in Northern California are carrying Crystal head vodka for 38.99!!

----- JoJo 03.06.09 12:46

Brewery Creek Liquor Store on Main St. in Vancouver, BC now carries the Crystal Skull.

----- Doug 28.05.09 21:28

This is really, really good Vodka! And the bonus is the skull, which makes for a great bong. Gotta’ love Dan for this one. Cheers mate!

----- Happy In Canada 25.05.09 12:39

$60.00 CDN in British Columbia - these beautiful skulls are selling fast. I am not going to open the bottle, but plan to pass it on to the next generation.

----- Paul Elder 25.05.09 12:34

Was able to get one yesterday in huntington beach Ca… Mr.Akroyd was signing the bottles.. really nice guy. Thanks Dan:)

----- Jimmy 21.05.09 21:24

Where do I purchase ?

----- Patrick 19.05.09 07:40

Just got one yesterday….think i’m gunna have 2 get another one tho cuz i dont wanna open it.

----- jeffrey woolf 19.05.09 07:34

Available at Frugal McDougals in Ft. Mill SC, just at the SC/NC border by Carowinds.

----- MofoMojo 08.05.09 15:41

Umm… Im going to need this Vodka NOW! I love skull anything. this is amazing. i live in LA, where can i get it and how much?


----- Armen 30.04.09 16:19

Dan - I was recently at a signing of your new Vodka in Gulfport, MS; however, the 450 bottles were not enough for the people, which showed up. I love your work, and would love to try your Vodka. I will be looking for it when it comes back around. I have pictures I took of you at the signing I would love to send to you in exchange for an autograph. Did not want to bother you because you were so busy. Thanking you in advance.
Lynn from Gulfport, MS

----- Lynn Foster 27.04.09 06:24

Finally @ Shopper’s Discount Liquors in Baltimore, MD. I felt like ShortRound in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom when I saw the bottle. Come and get this must have bottle!!!

----- Shanta Laury 25.04.09 11:26

In Louisiana, Cuban Liquor on Pierremont Road in Shreveport carries it. Gorgeous bottle and fantastic vodka!

----- Eric 22.04.09 19:40

I bought 2 bottles and we (my husband and I) love it! The bottles are what made us by it, but the vodka is truly worth it!

----- Symba 22.04.09 11:45

i want that bottle

----- marika 20.04.09 02:46

Where can I purchase crystal head vodka in miami florida

----- charmaine 15.04.09 17:02

I just picked up the last bottle (I knew it was mine)at a local store in NJ. Dan Acroyd is also touring the area signing the bottles. Check your local stores if not I can get them at the local store that is stocking up so e-mail me and I will only charge shipping. I have always studied the crystal heads well before the movie came out. So this is the coolest thing ever. I love the idea it totally rocks.

----- Tisha 09.04.09 20:31

The vodka is pretty good. I paid $51.00. The cool bottle justifies the price. I am a satisfied customer.

----- Amari 07.04.09 19:51

Like the Vodka, love the glass bottle.
Call quality control to inspect the cork.
the wooden cap separated cleanly from the synthetic cork.
One dried up drop of glue was insufficient to do the job
I was able to remove the cork and carefully applied some modeling
glue to re-attach.

----- Dan 01.04.09 11:40

We carry it up here in The North Country… Malone, NY at The Jug Store. Owner says it’s pretty smooth!

----- Christine 28.03.09 10:51

I love it! How amazing. I would love for this vodka to be showcased in our VIP room at Buffalo’s Biggest 80’s Bash, in Buffalo NY, June 13th. This is a huge event and benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Pleasssse get in touch with me at www.80sbash.com. Keith

----- Keith Wilson 26.03.09 09:03

I live in Newfoundland where the vodka is produced, it cost $50 CAN per bottle.

----- Harry 25.03.09 00:27

I own a bar and never knew anything about it until I read an article in the local paper today. I picked up two bottles on the way to work, the bottle is great and the vodka isn’t bad either. Anyway, the product was a hit and I picked up two more bottles on the way home.

----- Ian 24.03.09 11:07

For anyone in the Chicagoland area, this product is available at Stadium Liquors in Burbank, IL.

----- Wes 20.03.09 20:20

I love this product but can not get it here yet. This is amazing. Another Canadian premium product that is hard to find and is by far the coolest product and packaging I have ever seen or purchased. Its called BUZZWATER and it’s hard to find. Check it out www.buzzwater.com. I did not want to open it when I purchased it and I did buy another as a collectors item. The story behind this product is printed on the bottom of the case and it is unreal.

----- Jeff 20.03.09 20:07

Just got the message below from a friend…

Set the date for Monday April 6th when Dan Aykroyd will be at Gary’s promoting his new vodka called Crystal Head.

Dan will be at the Wayne store from 4pm thru 7:30pm signing bottles of his new vodka.

----- Lasher 19.03.09 12:42

I just bought one at 7-11

----- Bev 12.03.09 16:06

Their is a bottle shop in Wareham Ma, selling them for $45.99 and they have 2 1/2 cases left.( I just got my third one last night ) good luck..

----- LOU 28.02.09 06:29

The much anticipated release of luxury vodka Crystal Head, by Dan Akroyd, will arrive in Yankee Spirits stores next week, just in time for a personal visit from the man himself, Mr. Dan Akroyd, to our Attleboro location!

Mr. Akroyd will be joining us from 3PM to 5PM on Wednesday, February 25th for a bottle signing of his Crystal Head “triple Herkimer diamond filtered, Newfoundland deep aquifer, pure spirit vodka”.

This is a unique opportunity that we are proud to present to you, we hope you are able to join us to meet the legend and purchase a soon to be legendary vodka.

Yankee Spirits Attleboro
DATE: Wednesday, February 25, 2009
TIME: 3:00 to 5:00
LOCATION: 628 Washington St. (Rt. 1)
So. Attleboro, MA 02703

----- kel 19.02.09 06:04

I really want one of these for my mate’s 18th birthday

----- CJ 01.02.09 06:30

I recently purchased a bottle of your vodka…not for the vodka, mind you, but for its crystal container. I am an aficionado of the Mexican holiday - Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead, which occurs on All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day - November 1st and 2nd.

My thoughts are this: Why don’t you do the same for tequila? It would really go over well being that Día de los Muertos is not a morbid holiday. It is a mix of Memorial Day and Valentine’s Day - it is a day that respects and honors family and friends who have left this world.

On Valentine’s Day in the U.S. people give out hearts made of chocolate…On Día de los Muertos, in Mexico and all over the Southwest, people give each other a skull made of sugar. The sugar skull can be imprinted with your name on it as a token of friendship - friendship that will last even in the after world.

Tequila is Mexican true and true…Día de los Muertos is a holiday that is celebrated all over Mexico, the Southwest, and in most of the Spanish speaking world.

A crystal container for tequila…a natural!

I would give a crystal skull with a great tequila to family and friends. Yes, indeed, I would!!

Helen Rael
Fresno, CA

----- Helen Rael 10.01.09 20:09

How do I get a case for the house?

----- mark 30.12.08 18:58

I just received a bottle for my birthday and I can’t believe how it’s so popular and I never even heard or seen about it until I unwrapped my gift. After watching the video and reading comments about it’s great quality I believe it was one the best birthday presents yet! My boyfriend did well! It goes beautifully with my skull collection!! It’s a great conversation piece in Austin, TX!

----- rockette yvette 14.12.08 17:33

My friend was telling me about a skull head shaped vodka bottle in a liquor store down the road from her house. When she told me the price tag was $51 I declined on her offer to pick me up a bottle. The store worker said they only had two bottles left. The next day I went online to see what the bottle looks like and was amazed by the amount of detail in the bottle. I then gave my friend the money to pick me up a bottle on the way home since it is by her house. I was very lucky and she got the last bottle they had! I plan on keeping the bottle new un-opened and displayed in a cabinet. This is truly a amazing item for anyone. To me the bottle is worth the price.

----- Joseph Sheehan 06.12.08 17:48

This needs to be available in the UK ASAP please!

----- Paul Gilfillan 06.12.08 08:37

How can I buy some.

----- Tim H Oakes 05.12.08 11:05

i live in UK and would like two bottles where can I get it online please.

Love Kelly

----- Kelly-Jace 20.11.08 08:54

Anyone know where I can get this on the east coast?

----- Kat 14.11.08 08:43


----- johnny 11.11.08 19:48

it’s available at still on the corner liquors in gainesville, tx

----- dave stark 06.11.08 10:55

I have only seen pics and comments, but I am waiting for this to be back in stock at BevMo and will pick it up promtly.
Can someone that has tried this Vodka and other high quality Vodka write a comparison? I really enjoy the flavor and smoothness of Grey Goose, but would like a comparison and recommendations to other high quality vodkas.

----- Brian P 05.11.08 17:18

My husband just left Lee’s discount liquior, in las vegas nv. were Dan Akroyd is signing the skull vodka if anything it was worth it to him, just meeting him! he said he was one of the nicest people he has ever meet thank you Dan you made his day

----- Bilinda Bacon 30.10.08 11:44

Your post and pictures are so great that I linked them from the www.CrystalSkulls.com website. Thanks.

----- MD 25.10.08 18:48

If you are looking for the Dan Akroyd Vodka, Chalet Gourmet in San Dimas, CA carries it.

120 W. Bonita Ave. Suite E
San Dimas, CA 91773

House of Fine Spirits, Wine, Beer, Cigars & Gourmet Delights


Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 8pm
Closed: Sunday & Monday

Ask for Aline

----- Chalet Gourmet 25.10.08 11:55

is this available at the LCBO?

----- yay 24.10.08 08:32

I cam across this vodka today. i am a big vodka drinker and have tasted only the finest quality vodkas. Considering the time of release of this product (Oct) and considering Dan Akroyd has ownership in this vodka, I figured it was possibly a gimmick due to the holloween holiday. Anyone posting a $42 price tag must be selling something fabulous or getting money for the glass making of this bottle.

i went home and did some research before buying, this is soo new that there are no reviews on this vodka. So, I went out and bought one and I am actually taking a likeing to this vodka over the Ciroc, that I normally drink! This vodka goes down smooth right out of the bottle and I cannot even imagin if it is on ice! I highly recommend this vodka purely on the tast and smoothness. the actual bottle should not be a seller however, it did catch my eye. I absolutely taste the 4X distilled and 3X filtered through H Crystals/Diamonds. Not only that, but its definatly a great candle holder, center piece or bong after you are through! Those wanting this bottle now can contact me at xtreemroverguy@aol.com. Limited quantities are available, some wine sites have posted OUT OF STOCK!! not available until late November/December. Get a fabulous quality vodka now and own a piece of the crystal skulls!!

----- Tony 22.10.08 21:10

Dear Mr. Aykroyd ~ this is incredible and you can tell by the response (even in between all of the negative comments), this is going to be a hit to many people for various reasons at present time. We are in the midst of a huge movement and I guarantee people are going to want to learn more. I want to urge you to please reach out to me at Muneuss1@bendbroadband.com and let me hook you up with some of the experts. Your youtube.com segment has things wrong and it would be cool to straighten them out. Anna Mitchells Hedges is dead - the skull is traveling elsewhere with someone else. JoAnn Parks (Max - TX crystal skull) and “the woman with the skull in the closet from the SW” is the same person. If you want to visit with JoAnn - please write me and I’ll get you her phone number and her email address. She has more facts than anyone on the incredible truth’s (complete) on the ancient skulls, I know she would help you as her & I have been visiting about it for the past 2-nights and she was eager to help you find out the facts. You are absolutely onto something good !! This is about peace…this is about evolution and a shift in thinking. Good for you for jumping on board !!

----- Lisa 22.10.08 13:05

Hello ! I´m living in Sweden-Stockholm
and i wan´t to buy one of these Crystal Head Vodka.
how can i buy these bottle.
Per Wiklander

----- Per Wiklander 20.10.08 12:22

how do you get this in mass.,south attleboro

----- Alan Mendoza Jr. 17.10.08 10:42

Of course, the whole crystal skull mystery has been thoroughly debunked with modern investigation methods…the whole thing was a hoax (or scam). But the bottle IS frickin’ awesome!

----- Monkey Bingo 17.10.08 07:55

ok, I just got “The item is now back in stock” email from
BevMo.com but they don’t ship outside of California and Im in Miami Florida.
Anybody willing to buy & ship one to me? I would gladly compensate for the trouble. Holl@chaBUGA!

----- Alex 16.10.08 07:19

There will be a signing by Dan Akroyd at HiTime cellars from 4-6PM on the 23rd of August. The price is $49.99 They have plenty and will ship all over

----- Dave 14.10.08 20:51

Nice little masonic gesture at 0:20.

----- jake 14.10.08 10:52

John Hodgman quoted this article on his blog. He actually questioned your true nature and whether or not you were in on some sort of conspiracy. I’d be honored.

----- Michael Black 13.10.08 15:05

Dan Aykroyd was in the Tampa Bay area last night autographing the bottles. They were selling for $100.00 US. I got mine and its signed. The first place that he was at had sold out of the bottles within an hour the third place he was to appear at had sold out by 7:00 PM and he was supposed to be there at 9:00 to autograph them.
One of the places where he appeared was donating 20.00 of that money to a local childrens hospital. We were told that they (the heads) will not be sold in liquor stores but will be sold in a regular bottle

----- Sheryl 11.10.08 06:27

I made a quick stop by my local BevMo after seeing this article. They currently have cases of this stuff; right now its all on display with other Halloween booze. I picked up a bottle just for kicks; its definitely cool.

----- Nate 10.10.08 16:35

I want a couple of bottles. We sell them at one of the bars at my job but I want some for me.

I saw one in person today and it’s so freaking COOL!!!!

Please help me get one!

----- Grace 09.10.08 19:14

Will this be available in the UK? I hate vodka, but man do i want that bottle.

----- Carl 09.10.08 08:12

How much does it cost, please?

----- doublejack 08.10.08 18:48

Hi Guys & Gals,

The product will soon be available in Canada - likely Alberta first. Thousands of cases produced so there will be enough for everyone..


----- Phil Power 08.10.08 15:16

could i find it in michigan, florida or mexico???? need locations please! :)

----- christina 08.10.08 14:04

I just bought some for me. They’re so cool, I almost don’t want to drink them :D. If anyone wants me to pick them up, I’ll do it for $25 plus shipping and the price of the skull itself ($46)

----- Andrew 08.10.08 11:47

Wow - that is some pitch for that product. Filtered through diamonds! He certainly will get some attention for that product!

----- Carolyn Leber 07.10.08 17:55

There is a place in Orange County, CA thata will ship it anywhere in the US as long as you ship it with a 2day Air Service!
Got Mine!!!

----- Gary 06.10.08 16:10

Holy crap I’m pumped that its real! Its made in Canada yet i have no idea where I can buy it here (living in canada).


----- Ian 06.10.08 15:47

Where can i buy this from Barcelona (Spain)?
Can I trough the net?


----- Guillem 06.10.08 08:22

where can I buy crystal head vodka

thanks for you help

Beverly Hills ca 90212

----- Moe Kermani 05.10.08 10:42

When Will This Be Available at L.C.B.O

----- HARDY SHOWELL Sr 05.10.08 09:16

Bevmo?! omg. so. there. now. thanks for the tip!!

----- jon 04.10.08 21:27

Ah! I’m relieved it’s an actual product. That video is amazing :D

----- Jordan 04.10.08 21:25

Picked them up at bevmo!

----- jean/NOTCOT 04.10.08 20:22

i totally want one! where did you find it?

----- jon 04.10.08 19:46

HOLY SHIT i need some. why can’t i find it online? i will pay someone like, i don’t. an extra twenty spot on top of shipping if you can get this to me. i can’t find it online shipping anywhere but california?? LAME.


----- brookebomber 04.10.08 19:28

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