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FM CM Summit + Macbook Pro!- 10.16.08

mac1.jpgHi. So. I don’t even know where to start right now, in a nutshell ~ who was i kidding (maybe pretty much myself) that i would be able to work during an the all day FM Conversational Marketing Summit that our Federated Media family is putting on? I think i’ve been running around since early this morning - all day through the summit, getting to know the advertising/marketing world, meeting the people behind the campaigns we love and admire, then drinks… then dinner… then… well finally home to linhchi’s at like 12:30? Only to supposedly be up and do it again tomorrow? And be on a panel at 2?

Well you know me. I’m about to pass out (and sorry this post is a bit ramblier than usual, SO tired) ~ but i had to find SOMETHING to post and share with you! It just feels too wrong to be running around chatting with people who love our sites, and not post to do so! So, for anyone at the summit, yes, that was me… in the grass outside the cocktail reception, in that perfect sunset lighting, sprawled across the grass in a little black dress shooting pictures of our new macbook pro and macbook that dan and i might have ducked out of an afternoon session to run over to the marina to pick up. And while i am embarrassed to say that i have not actually booted either machine yet, and may not get to do the inaugural booting/transferring/notcot loading until AFTER tomorrow (how wrong is that?)… i did take a bunch of pics of the packaging and details in the grass in the presidio before getting back to “work” ~ meeting some incredibly insightful agency creatives, marketers, sales people that i’ve probably swapped far too much email with. So, take a peek at the pics on the next page, and more to come after i try to survive tomorrow…

For those at the CM Summit, come say hi at the 2pm panel i’m on? I’m so nervous! And for those not here ~ one of my biggest goals here as a publisher, is to get to know some of the people behind the ads and campaigns, and ultimately see what it will take to turn advertising on NOTCOT into as much fun as the content (really, we all know there’s no excuse for ugly, useless creative) ~ and how we can convince advertisers to support what the readers want to see more of! (On one thing i can leak… sounds like a really exciting competition with Adobe for CS4 is in the works, so get those creative juices flowing! And it just shipped today! I totally spaced on getting a copy while i was at the apple store…) As readers, any and all ideas you have on what you’d love to see more of ~ please leave a comment and i’ll do what i can to make it happen.

















First time shooting, where i had lots of people running up to play with our new toys… but luckily we had two, so dan could let them poke at his, while i tried to quickly take more pics of details before i lost the sun, and had to go be “social”…

And Jackie got this funny behind the scenes shot (i didn’t even realize she took it! and then it popped up on facebook…):

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Next time you’re in SF, you really should stop in at the LIMN showroom. Its 45,000 square feet of Modern and Contemporary European design, and though this may sound like a shameless plug since I work there, it isn’t meant to be. I think you’d like it.

----- Keenan 20.10.08 11:31

I can see you in the mirror! I mean…screen

----- ze 20.10.08 10:47

same ole canon 40d

----- jean/NOTCOT 18.10.08 12:08

What sort of camera do you use to take these photos?

----- Ant 18.10.08 11:28

I love my mac, but really need to get my hands on a faster model, but i really dont like the black keys so the new ones, and why have the gotten rid of the mat screens? No matter how bright the screen gets there will always be annoying reflections! I think I’m just gonna have to be nice to this one till i can afford a power mac.

Looks hot, but i dont think i could live with it.

----- Ina 16.10.08 14:26

Grrrrrrrrrr…i’m jealous…i hate you!!!…:)

----- Guga 16.10.08 11:39

Sarah Thompson I love my Mac Book. Especially the gloss screen version.


----- Sarah Thompson 16.10.08 11:09

Lovely pictures! I was one of the people disturbing you while you were trying to finish your shoot. Thanks for letting me interrupt to see this beautiful machine :)

----- Miki Szikszai 16.10.08 10:13

Aww… I ordered a MacBook yesterday and can’t wait more to receive it.
Great shots NotCot! :)

----- pickupjojo 16.10.08 09:40

Amazing !

I like very much the contrast between grass and the new macbook !

Great choice ;-)

----- Kaoliang 16.10.08 09:16

That black keyboard is looking pretty slick!


----- Natalie 16.10.08 08:54

Still no matte screen. I have had to buy two older model refurbished macs just to avoid having to look into those awful mirror like monitors. When will they learn!?!

Enjoy them guy’s.

----- keith ahlstrom 16.10.08 08:23

How did you get access like that or were they available at launch?

----- Victoria 16.10.08 07:52

I have blocked online advertisements since the technology to do so became available. Online advertising has traditionally embraced a lame, gimmicky form; instead of harnessing interaction potential, they’ve preyed on the weakest of psychological tricks. They flash, move frenetically, or simply block access to content. If the existing fare is comparable to anything, it would align with Val-Pak coupons or those subscription cards that are always getting in the way and falling out of magazines.

In print and motion, advertisements that attract attention are those which provide cohesiveness in quality and substance to the content. It would be appropriate if this respect and consideration for the reader were translated to online entities on a more regular basis. A few campaigns exist, but, as of 2008, they are still exceptions to the rule.

Online consumers deserve better. Designers and artists can offer better.

Here are two recent highlights of the potential of interactive advertising:
Absolut Choir - http://www.absolut.com/absolutmachines/
Red Cross’ Hørseltest - http://www.horselstest.no/english/

And until a higher standard has been met, eyebeam offers a solution in “Add-Art,” an extension which replaces ads with artwork:

----- dr727 16.10.08 02:06

O god, Im so jealous right now. Usually Im just a little jealous of the stuff you get, but right now, IM SOOOOOO JEALOUS! I want one so so bad, my laptop I got a year and a half ago died on me, I can only use it if I put incredible pressure on the bottom (I dont know why, I took it apart and it looks fine, but its not). So Im using my laptop from 8 years ago….I KNOW 8 WHOLE YEARS AGO! The screen doesnt stay up on its own, but hey it works lol.

I was wondering if you were going to get it, but I thought “she might not get it because I bet she probably has a fairly new Mac”, I guess I was wrong lol. It looks really bitchen, I cant wait to hear how it works. Maybe Santa will throw one down the chimney for me this christmas!

----- Kirk 16.10.08 01:33

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