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Liqurious: Bee Cool- 10.19.08

rachels0.jpgSo i’m sure by now you’ve seen some of the many Rachel’s Yogurt ads we’ve had running on the sites… this is going to sound bizarre, but initially i thought it was crazy that a yogurt company wanted to work with NOTCOT… i actually told them that maybe after seeing/tasting it i’d consider it… and then three boxes of yogurt showed up… yes, 36 little tubs of yogurt… that’s like a fridge full! Long story short, the packaging was gorgeous (handwriting on black? love the style)… i am actually still buying the Calm “Lavender Plum Honey” flavor… and as you can see the ads look so pretty and so NOTCOT!

On a really random sidetrack, when joking around with one of our FM sales guys about Rachel’s we were so amused that a yogurt company would have Cocktail recipes on their site (their Yogatini cracked me up!), and somehow it turned into a silly dare about how Liqurious should have yogurt inspired recipes… i passed the dare on to the amazing Anita Crotty (of Married with Dinner fame) ~ and low an behold, she came up with three delicious and beautiful drink recipes! Turns our Rachel’s legal team wasn’t ready to add our drinks to their site, and after all the fun we had, i’ve decided to share them with you anyhow! Anita takes the prettiest pictures of drinks, and the ingredients that go into them! So for today, i wanted to kick off Monday with Bee Cool. See more pics and the drink recipe on the next page!






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Is it just me or am I the only one who is not salivating over the idea of ingesting flowers? As elegant and exciting as they may sound, the tastes fall short of my expectations.

----- Vanessa 23.10.08 16:26

Oh my god, that drink recipe looks delicious. I love lavender… And they have some amazing looking ones on their site which they didn’t send you it seems, like Peach Green Tea. Any word on where, exactly we can get them? They aren’t very specific on the site…

----- Nina 20.10.08 20:08

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