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On Notebooks and Pens- 10.19.08

notebook1.jpg On random inspiration ~ i was unpacking my bags from freshly getting back to LA ~ and realized being at a conference and sitting in talks was much like being back in school… flowing out of my bags come notebooks, pens, conference packets, scraps of paper, and more covered in scribbles and notes and doodles of an abundance of ideas!

On an even sillier note ~ i realized i’m totally obsessed with the DWR Tools for Living Press Kit that doubles as a super functional notebook that has nice stark white pages and fun super thick cardboard covers! And the Federated Media pen from the CM Summit has been great as well - both visually and functionally (so much, that i even stole dan’s). Both have been ending up in my purse repeatedly enough that i thought they warranted a random sunday post! And while i was showing you that… my “speaker’s gift” from FM was a nice and subtly branded Moleskine! Which is awesome, except playing with it during the summit, made me realize - i find a blank white piece of paper amazingly inspiring… but RULED PAPER, kind of freaks me out. I think there’s something about lined paper that is just too rigid for me - definitely a big fan of the free form. Take a look at closeups of them all on the next page!









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4 Notes

was very awesome to meet you last week-

----- Mona 20.10.08 17:26

love the moleskine, have one and it’s like my personal treasure

----- elniniodecristal 20.10.08 13:29

Neat! You can get that black notebook’s look-a-like in Monologue’s notebook collection too.

----- Sol 20.10.08 07:01

Thats just nuts.

pity that all of these cool things aren’t released to inspire the rest of us…

----- sean 20.10.08 01:47

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