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Venus - Natural Crystal Chair- 10.12.08

sugar1.jpg Tokujin Yoshioka’s Venus - “Natural Crystal Chair” ~ is an incredible chair that is crystallized over time on a polyester elastomer skeleton (says Today and Tomorrow). “Second Nature” directed by Tokujin Yoshioka at 21_21 Design Sight fron Oct 17 - Jan 18. See more images on the next page!








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How long dihis take? Two years? Pretty funky And how mouch is it worth?

----- Zax 23.03.09 14:31

I would sit on a chair such as this despite the pain! So, who will design a cushion to match?

----- Sarah 23.12.08 23:17

the idea and the result is nice but not new, at all. It’s years since when some flower shops in Milan started selling natural decor objects with these ornamnental crystalls, but the ideas, go around and this is the result. But you have to say that….

----- vilma 30.10.08 09:06

He’s just a copycat of Greetje van Helmonds work…http://www.greetjevanhelmond.com/

----- jan 27.10.08 06:15

Art or design, it’s still pretty awesome, and I imagine the basic method could be adapted to less painful design applications, such as natural crystal hall-stands, or lamps. Just thinking of happy little refracted light rainbows bouncing all over a space gives me a warm glow…

----- eskim0j0 15.10.08 23:54

This is not Design. It is art.

We don’t sit on this chair.

----- 333 15.10.08 09:50

so cool

----- chery 14.10.08 04:43

That is amazing! If only it was bigger…but Im assuming its more art then an actual chair. I just watched a show on sunday about an entire cave filled with natural crystals the size of telephone poles. It looked like Krypton, it was amazing, and now you have this chair…..coincidence?

----- Kirk 13.10.08 20:30

I’ll second on the sitting part. Time for a line of silk seat cushions?

----- Erica Stratton 13.10.08 11:30

Wow !!!! what next ? mus b piercingly pleasurable to sit on one of those … dats if they still hold ur weight !

----- Jay 13.10.08 08:01

Should be quite painful sitting there…

----- Andrea 13.10.08 01:46

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