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Bumble and Bumble Holiday Bandball- 11.26.08

bumble1.jpgFirstly, i’m a total Bumble and Bumble junkie ~ it started in high school some time, and even when i was living in Milan, i used to have to go hunt the stuff down at 10 Corso Como (not that i needed another excuse to go there!)… i’m a commitmentphobe when it comes to products usually, but i’ve used the gentle shampoo so long i have the salon sized pump in my shower… and its not just the products, their packaging is probably what first sucked me in as a teenager, and as its evolved, and i’ve grown up, their designs have never ceased to amaze and amuse me…

Now, its 3am, i’ve been a little gift guide, giveaway, and FM overly occupied lately… but i’m so giddy about this Bandball ~ the crazier things got the last few months, the less i’ve cut my hair, and i have hair elastics everywhere! Sometimes i swear they grow legs and launch themselves into every purse, cup holder, laptop sleeve around… Now i’ve made my share of rubber band balls of all shapes and sizes, but one with hairthings… that’s just far too tempting now, and a nice sized ball core? With ridges for them to naturally fit into to get it starter? And not stretch them out too much? GENIUS! But one question… can it bounce?

Oh, and along with Piet Houtenbos ~ they have also created some very cool gift sets and Pinwheels and Bandwheels… adorable, and awesome ~ but really… Bandball! Now, how do i get my hands on one? Apparently it’s only 20$ for the ball of 100 hair things…

UPDATE! Now purchasable on the Bumble and Bumble online store! (i just bought two!)

“The limited edition hair baubles were designed exclusively for Bumble and bumble by artist, inventor and lover of functional objects, Piet Houtenbos (son of Hair Hero Christiaan). The boxes (designed by resident Bumble and bumble artist Gillian Haro) feature illustrations of hair tools that look like something you’d discover in a curiosities shop - in a mad mix of fun, festive, carnival colors.”





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The tree accessories need to be organized post Christmas, my vanity also needs some organization post hair updo.

----- Elle 02.12.08 04:48

So cool!

----- t 30.11.08 23:17

i need i even more.
my flat is completely cluttered due to my girlfriends elastic bands!
plus i’m still quite low on stocking stuffers.

PS: poor student etc.

----- Thomas 30.11.08 15:05

i need this. not only would it brighten up my hair acessories, but i would make my incredibly boring bathroom a more arsty place!

----- Dani 26.11.08 21:41

I need this cause it solves many problems in life… the first being that I, like you Jean, have rubber bands for rubber bands and they are found in the oddest of places. I am never surprised when I find one randomly in the dishwasher or even under the bed. I must have a lifetimes worth but no way to keep track!! Plus, the design is just too good and deserves a spot in my bathroom!

----- jackie 26.11.08 13:27

It bounces; we worked on that.


----- Andrew Coulter Enright 26.11.08 10:11

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