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Paper Magazine 24 Hour Store- 11.08.08

paper0.jpgAt 6pm tonight the Paper Magazine 24 Hour Department Store 2008 opened its doors with a marching band (that we strangely managed to end up walking behind as we strolled over from the car not knowing what was going on… and turns out it was the LA High band) playing out front ~ and literally stopping traffic as people pulled over on sunset to see what the raucous was about. This year it’s in a larger space, and the set up is far more urban and grittty with Johnston Marklee designing this fenced cubicle extravaganza. Did you know there are going to be 24 bands in 24 hours playing? Follow the blow by blow reports at PaperMag.com!

We went by early (hence, catching the opening act) to get some fun pics before it got too crazed in there to show you and fun products… lots of pics - so you can see them all in the gallery ~ but for this post, i’ve given you my highlights and some my of favorites worth stopping by to shop for: Citizen:Citizen’s Peace shirt is awesome (so so so soft too), StrangeCo’s Bumble and Tweet Special Edition (the woody and green are adorableness - and magnetic birds and bees!!!), Royal-T’s golden tea’s that come with COCKTAIL RECIPES on the back! So take a look at the craziness on the next page!

We ducked out of there pretty fast (1hr?) since we were famished ~ and really i was just dying to go to the Audrey Kawasaki show which was even crazier! Pics to come after i get some sleep… can’t believe its 3 already ~ LA insomniacs should go buy up those adorable Tweets! UPDATE: i accidentally got thirsty and drank some of the RUBYY forgetting it was an energy drink, so now its 4:30 - too tired to post, but did clean up and put pics from the Audrey Kawasaki show up in the Gallery - click to view full sized… enjoy! sweet dreams…

Here’s the LA High band we followed to the store from around the corner…

Matching DJs Andrew Andrew were doing their thing with 4 Obamas…

Levis had some interesting couches… do those cushions look like something else to you too?



Citizen:Citizen’s Peace shirt


Are these not the cutest? Like woodland godesses with magnetic goodies in their hair? StrangeCo’s Bumble and Tweet Special Edition - only available here!


Very fun to see Royal T present ~ for those who don’t know, its a MUST see gallery + store + cosplay cafe where the waitresses dress like french maids…



Royal-T’s golden tea’s that come with COCKTAIL RECIPES on the back!


The Libertine booth looked a bit… well, it was an interesting tent like space! Very transatlantic patriotic…

Opening Ceremony guy was so smiley!

There was something disconcerting about the playful plastic kids house with hanging “laundry” and wire fencing…

RUBYY i am kind of obsessing on the packaging of these crazy energy drinks… probably more to come on that soon…

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3 Notes

i have missed this event for the last 2 years now! How do i find out when the event is before its over???? I live in LA to witch sucks even more lol thanks

----- Armen 11.03.09 01:20

Who makes that 1970 dope shirt?

----- Moni 11.11.08 13:30

This is awesome! Though I didn’t get it here, I’d like to point out that I have my very own life-sized cardboard cutout of Obama which I took on a picnic.

----- Stickers & Donuts 11.11.08 06:01

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