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Show Me How - 500 things you should know- 11.14.08

showmehow1.jpgShow Me How ~ 500 Things You Should Know - Instructions for life from the everyday to the exotic While you might initially think that this long title is a huge exaggeration… it’s totally true! I think i learned 500 things yesterday! In pictures! And it seems crazy to try and tell you how, when i can SHOW you how! Here are some of my favorites… images on the next page to give you a better peek inside Derek Fagerstorm, Lauren Smith, and the Show Me How Team’s new book!

12 - stencil stealthily
14 - carve hollow book
15 - super slingshot
23 - pvc pipe digeridoo
25- chain mail bikini
111 - dazzle with sabrage
124 - prepare tibetan yak butter tea
126 - understand espresso drink ratios
135 - chug from a boot
138 - how to look dapper in a suit
180 - repair ripped jeans
191- get out of a car in a mini skirt
204 - tie the texas rope handcuff
224 - fix a dented baseboard
277 - make suet snack for birds
344- deliver a baby in a taxi
371 - fold his clothes for travel
383 - share authentic yerba matte
405 - open wine without a wine key
414 - run with the bulls in pamplona
426 - catch a fish bare handed
447 wrestle aligator
453 create water in the desert
485 - escape from straight jacket
493 - breathe fire

And those are just a few! This book is definitely on my no fail list for gifting for all occasions! Maybe best waiting room/coffee table book i’ve found yet? See scans of some on the next page! … and at amazon, that’s 500 new things for $16!

Click to view larger!

Click to view larger!






Oh, and i got so excited, i almost forgot to show you ~ TOOLS! ~ if any of those adorable little icons above each instructional set confuse you there is a section in the back of what all those tools are!

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11 Notes

I bought this book for my daughter and her group of girlfriends for HS graduation. These girls literally grew up in my house so I wanted to give them something to remember their “other mom” by. Needless to say it was an enormous hit.

----- Kelly 09.04.14 05:11

That book is SO awesome! I am definitely getting it even though the fire roasted tarantula image made me shudder……ughhh!

----- tiffany 14.01.09 10:58

Fireroast a tarantula?!?! Really?!

----- Jane 26.11.08 14:29

Ha, Yeah, this book is great. I ordered it the other day, I should be getting it soon, I can’t wait :P

----- Toni 25.11.08 13:08

This looks awesome!! I’m definitely going to pick up a few for gifts. Thanks for sharing!

----- Blake 18.11.08 20:37

wow, to have all that in one book? indispensable

----- Paul 17.11.08 22:19

so cool, there is so many things we just don’t know ;)

----- Roxana 17.11.08 11:16


----- andres goñi 17.11.08 04:21

one of the most amazing book i had ever seen…
fond of it guys

----- F 15.11.08 08:28

that book is AMAZING! I have to get it..I need one, because you never know when you might need to eat a tarantula! very cool

----- Kirk 15.11.08 00:01

Seriously entertaining. I could spent hours looking through it.

----- Keta 14.11.08 18:53

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