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Thank You, Catalina Estrada !- 11.10.08

estrada1.jpgWow. Super crazy monday, just slowed down by the arrival of a very unexpected gift from one of my favorite artists, Catalina Estrada! Sat down in the hallway, popped open the tube, and it just kind of took my breath away. Gorgeously packaged (she decorated the tube so nicely and simply with stamps even!) ~ fun little cards greet you upon opening, and a signed print from the recent show she did with Pancho Tolchinsky: Backyard, with her illustrations beautifully layered over his photographs.

So, this post is a huge “THANK YOU, Cati!!!” ~ and i had to share how cool it is with all of you as well! I guess i’ll have to hit up the framers soon! So many posters and artworks i’ve had stashed in tubes over the last year or so… i think the living room of the new house next month may have to become a secret NOTCOT gallery! Check out more pics on the next page!





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wow that’s amazing!!! i so love her works :)

----- boris 20.06.09 20:52

…I’ve been following this particular artist for a while. Catalina Estrada’s artwork always appears; very lovely,cheerful & detailed. I’m making her one of my NEW favorite artist.

Sidebar…also, you all’s website is SO HYPE, I LOVEEEEEEE the diversity, simplicity & uniqueness of each individual artist/designer that you feature :o) Niceeee. Keep up the good work :o)


----- Tuesdai Noelle 12.11.08 12:05

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