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NOTCOT Giveaway 24: Makr- 12.09.08

makr.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ about why you need a wallet! ENTER BY 12/12. WINNER: Nadia in NY!

For NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #24 ~ Makr is giving away one of their handcrafted leather wallets ~ the Black Tonal Plaid Vertical Pocket to be exact! With a snap closure, and the perfect fit for all your bills and cards, this leather will age beautifully with use and slip perfectly into your front or back pockets (for guys at least…) “The black surface dyed leather is etched, hand sewn and hand finished. A firm and smooth leather was used because it accepts very detailed etching.”

So to win ~ leave a comment about why you need a wallet! And to see some of Makr’s latest bags (gorgeous!) and other products, take a peek on the next page!


TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ about why you need a wallet! ENTER BY 12/12

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375 Notes

I need a wallet, because I left my other wallet in El Segundo!!

----- pelon 13.12.08 02:34

I need a wallet because I need to keep my credit card close to me so I can buy other things, like this wallet….

----- Shana P. 12.12.08 21:58

My old wallet has large pandas on it with a bright blue background.

‘Nuff said.

----- swankifiedjello 12.12.08 21:33

I don’t need a wallet right now, but I will once I graduate from college! So I need this wallet to keep me excited about my future!

----- Patrick 12.12.08 20:25

Well my current wallet is getting old and not nearly as cool as this one.

----- Robert W. 12.12.08 17:10

Beautiful pieces! I’m not in need of a wallet, but my brother in law is and this would look fabulous on him!

----- Robyn 12.12.08 17:05

I need a new, minimalist and attractive wallet because mine is old and doesn’t inspire at all.

----- essbee 12.12.08 16:51

my current wallet is falling apart.

----- Jonathan 12.12.08 16:40

my dog ate my wallet

----- pina 12.12.08 15:00

i need a wallet cause….i don’t have one…my poor money is homeless and winter is already here

----- trevor 12.12.08 13:46

i love all accessories and this is a gorgeous wallet!

----- marsha 12.12.08 13:20

I’ve been searching for a new wallet for xmas for my husband, and I think this one will do the trick nicely!

----- Julie L. 12.12.08 13:09

Because it would make me the best girlfriend EVER, given to a boy with no wallet at all. Rubber bands dude.

----- JB 12.12.08 13:07

my old magic foldable wallet’s elastic is getting loose. i need something new and the simplicity of this is great.

----- jakeonfire 12.12.08 13:05

It might motivate me to earn some money to put into it, my old wallet is so dirty and smelly, it seems a shame to put money into it…so I never save any money, I spend it on beer to help kill the smell of the money in the old wallet.


----- Michael 12.12.08 13:04

I don’t need a wallet, but my friend just lost his….perhaps this one can make up for the lost identity?

----- che 12.12.08 12:57

Because Austin Powers says: “Spectacles, Test*cles, Wallet and Watch.” I need a wallet.

----- Greg 12.12.08 12:48

I need a baller wallet like this to keep all my money…NOT!

----- rick 12.12.08 12:37

I need a wallet because 1. My boyfriend needs a new wallet 2. Christmas is coming up 3. I don’t have money to buy him a new wallet for Christmas =)

----- Vivian Quach 12.12.08 12:35

I need a wallet because I am starting my first real adult job out of college and am looking for items to mark this transition in my life. Funny, I am 22 years-old and have never owned a wallet! I need my first-ever wallet to be a great one.

----- JOSHUA 12.12.08 12:04

because I don’t have any… :(

----- veru 12.12.08 11:30

I need a new wallet so I can stop throwing the money that doesn’t fit in my old wallet.

----- Tommy Hawks 12.12.08 11:25

I need a wallet because the one I bought at TJ maxx years ago has a broken zipper and is only half useful. Unfortunately, being a broke grad student half useful is useful enough to keep using.

----- b 12.12.08 10:41

I need a wallet because i don’t have one. I do not like the bulk of the traditional wallet. Nor do i use my back pocket for money or cards. Money clips don’t protect my business cards and easily lose their contents (my important things). I like the idea of a flexible material such as leather that encloses valuable items.

----- Derek Allen 12.12.08 10:33

I need a nice wallet for once.

----- Diana 12.12.08 09:52

I need a new wallet because my penchant for keeping every credit card, discount card and receipt in my current wallet has rendered it a stretched and ripped up mess.

----- Dustin Verdin 12.12.08 09:39

i need a NICE wallte - that’s the key :)

----- greg 12.12.08 09:31

i would like the wallet because ive never had one before and think its about time to start using one.

please pick me. thanks

----- ping 12.12.08 09:16

‘cos mine is ugly and coming apart at the seams.

----- andrea 12.12.08 08:55

So i can keep my debt reminders all in one place.

----- Michael martinjuk 12.12.08 08:27

I accidentally washed my husband’s wallet when it was left in his pants, so he needs a new wallet that isn’t horribly misshapen. This one is beautiful, and I will double check that it isn’t still in his pants when I wash them.

----- Kim Z 12.12.08 06:05

my fancy wallet, no longer looks fancy - infact, it looks like the black p.o.s wallet from the fat guy that was paying ahead of you at Denny’s this morning.

----- Jordan 12.12.08 03:05

“black surface dyed leather, age beautifully, hand sewn and hand finished..” .enough said. I want it with all my heart.

----- Helen 12.12.08 02:05

I don;t need a wallet but I do need a Makr wallet.

----- Rick 11.12.08 23:45

Because I have no money.

----- Candice 11.12.08 21:13

my bf lost his and he’s been using my cute girly one (with the takoyaki girl and happy octopus via etsy)

----- thuy 11.12.08 21:06

I don’t need that wallet. I want that wallet, quite badly. There’s a good chance that if you don’t give it to me, I will buy it anyway. Still, I’d appreciate the one for free. Thanks for the contest,

----- Brian Park 11.12.08 20:36

Was the night before the giveaway and all through the house, not a creature was stirring but a damn mouse that stole my freaking wallet.

----- Dan Spencer 11.12.08 20:08

I neeeeed a wallet because I’ve been using the same wallet for 6 years now and its falling apart. I’ve left my wallet in my shorts pocket when ive gone swimming in the ocean, it has slipped out of my back pocket during rock climbing, and i’ve lost it on the NJ transit system and found it miraculously at the bus terminal. My current wallet looks so terrible that I even ripped the fake leather off of the wallet. It now looks like an imitation tweed wallet. If i were to win this wallet then it would be the first real leather wallet i would ever own. Please give me the privilege of owning a finely crafted leather wallet. I’d like a wallet that can go through a lot of punishment and i believe this is it. My current wallet needs to be retired!

----- Darrell Hipolito 11.12.08 19:10

I need a wallet because mine is getting pretty threadbare.

----- Ashley 11.12.08 19:10

Wallet first, money then…

----- Martin 11.12.08 19:09

Love this design very fresh perspective with a classic pattern. This item is one of those that just never goes out of style. Touché

----- Kendall Pearl 11.12.08 18:52

Because mine has disappeared.. and… where can i put my little moolah if i have not a wallet? T___T

----- Anii 11.12.08 18:21

Cool wallet!

----- Eric Fernley 11.12.08 17:16

My old wallet fell apart, and since then I’ve just been shoving everything in my jacket pocket, which is not working out well.

I really need a new wallet.

----- Mike Porter 11.12.08 16:00

I’d love this wallet.better than my crappy overstuffed one.

----- MinhB 11.12.08 14:56

I need a new wallet to go with a new job that I also need. Once I get one I hope the other follows soon thereafter. Once I fulfill both, I will use the new wallet to store the new money I earn from the new job

Man… I need a lot of new things at the moment and I think that wallet is probably the easiest one to achieve given the current times we all live in

----- Jason 11.12.08 11:27

I need a wallet because maybe it will make me more organized? maybe.

----- Chris 11.12.08 11:07

because my friends keep taking the loose bills from my pocket.

having me a wallet will allow them to take it all at once

----- phil 11.12.08 10:58

…because it would make my money look so much better.

----- Mark 11.12.08 10:07

Because Santa has been returning all my letters and I’ve been a really good girl this year.

----- Lyn 11.12.08 09:29

I lost my wallet the other week while visiting San Francisco for the first time. Great city, although, it stole my wallet.


----- Dylan 11.12.08 09:15

i need something to put in my back pocket.

----- Tatsuya Aoki 11.12.08 09:05

i don’t need a wallet but the boy i mentor could use one since he lost his- he never has any money but he keeps my business card in it so he call me if he needs anything. i think he would really appreciate having a new wallet.

----- Rickelo 11.12.08 08:56

Well, I don’t really need a new one. My current wallet is totally fine; canvas, purple, worn. Although, these are Awfully pretty.
So. Is Desire reason enough?

----- Matthew 11.12.08 08:49

I need a new wallet because my Coach one is starting to show its age and I can’t afford nice things like Gucci wallets. Oh, and I like pretty things!

----- Tristan Blease 11.12.08 08:10

i need a wallet that can actually fit inside my pants pocket.

----- elsa 11.12.08 08:06

i think its crazy that women use huge wallets that end up the size of their handbags.i am currently trying to break the norm by using a little ziplock bag the size of those that the pharmacists use when they dispense medicine…and its falling apart!!!!!
save me!!! support my bid for little wallets!!!

----- olivia 11.12.08 08:02

The velcro trifold that’s in my back pocket has two problems. Bills come out bent all funny, and the sound of the velcro ripping apart makes me like a third grader with his first Power Rangers wallet. Not exactly the best thing for a soon-to-be college grad while this billfold is simple, elegant, and down right sleek. That’s why I need the wallet.

----- Greg 11.12.08 07:48

I need a wallet to separate the lint in my pockets from the small amount of change and wadded up bills I carry.

----- Danny 11.12.08 07:33

I just don’t have one.

----- Sergio 11.12.08 07:08

To hold of my love letters.

----- awolf 11.12.08 07:02

I need a wallet because the one I have right now I made from duck tape.

----- Zach 11.12.08 01:27

I need a wallet to give to my boyfriend for Christmas because #1 he’s leaving for the US Air Force in January and the only thing they can take to boot camp from home besides underwear is their wallet, IRONICALLY, my boyfriends wallet consists of a moneyclip that is currently, broken! true story.

----- Joan Coco 11.12.08 00:48

I need a wallet like that, so I can impress the girls!!
mine right now doesnt even impress me .. T.T;

----- mark 10.12.08 23:10

I need a new wallet because my current one is big and chunky and every time I go out and don’t take a bag I have to transfer all of my money and cards into a stupid tiny little zip-up mesh bag (not trendy). If I had a nice flat small one like this I could shove it into the pockets of my favourite jeans and be on my way.
It’s also something a little bit different and I love the design.

----- Emily 10.12.08 22:29

I need another wallet to relieve the burden on my current wallet! It’s bulging and bursting at its seams because I just have to carry so many cards and what not in my wallet.

----- Irene 10.12.08 21:47

need a wallet to carry all the money I saved by not buying Christmas gifts this year and telling people to go blow.

----- s 10.12.08 21:12

My wallet looks like I’m still in middle school…

----- NorthFire 10.12.08 20:13

Because this look cool, and I need to upgrade my look.

----- David Levi 10.12.08 19:45

I need a wallet! I am currently using a Oyster card wallet from the London Underground/Tube from when I went to London, England in 2005. It is blue and plastic, and every corner of it is torn. Every time I take it out of my pocket cards fall out all over the place. I keep trying to convince my wife to let me buy a Makr wallet, but seeing as how they are $95.00 she isn’t having it. Please, I’m begging. Check out my blog to see picture of the horrendous thing, it’s beyond the embarrassing stage.

----- Kevin 10.12.08 19:27

Because I haven’t got one..

----- Yota 10.12.08 19:15

……………………..are we allowed to leave more than one post.. because if thats the case i am leaving a new one every minute in order to increase my odds of winning this beauty…..its worth it

----- Garet 10.12.08 18:59

This wallet would be awesome to get for my Dad..he’s into thin card holder-type wallets without the bulk..this would be excellent (and give him a little ‘hip’ edge) :o)

----- Kara 10.12.08 18:49

I just got a raise today! Which of COURSE means I suddenly have more money than I know what to do with, so I need this wallet to organize it all!


Last night I dreamt I was a stripper, who had to carry around a ton of singles (since, in my dream I was a very skillful stripper, you should’ve SEEN what I could do with that pole thing) and I kept dropping all of my hard earned cash all over the floor and the other strippers (who were jealous of my skills on the pole thing) kept stealing my moola! If I had a fancy new wallet I could safely stash away my earnings into my G-string.

----- Kasey C. 10.12.08 18:37

Wallets are the most personal and unique artifacts.

Your entire identity is in your wallet, therefore a good and elegant wallet makes you look even better, gives you confidence.


----- Dimitri 10.12.08 18:36

I am an artist/designer and i need something to remind me that art and design is not a free service.

----- Alex F 10.12.08 18:10

Because mine has a few holes.

----- Alain Mélançon 10.12.08 17:52

wow those wallets are so nice!

----- Shannin 10.12.08 17:52

Who needs a wallet? Who has money? I just want it.

----- kevin 10.12.08 17:43

Because my old one is too old and have some cracks in it.. I always lose some money.

----- Mykolas 10.12.08 17:26

Because it’s one of those things I’ll never think about buying even though I always find myself with different stacks of cards in different pairs of pants..also I can never seem to find my money until the next time I wear whatever pants I was wearing

----- Vince 10.12.08 17:17

I don´t really need it! but thanks for asking!

----- angel 10.12.08 17:07

I need this because I hate this Velcro on my old wallet.

----- Jacques 10.12.08 17:01

I need this because my friends thought it would be funny to duct tape my wallet shut on my birthday so I couldn’t buy any drinks. Then when I took off the duct tape it removed the top layer of “leather” and it looks like crap. Happy freaking Birthday (at least I didn’t have to pay for drinks though). Plus now I actually have money to put in it :)

----- Mark 10.12.08 16:51

I need somewhere to store all of these phone numbers I keep getting at the club

----- dmeans 10.12.08 16:43

I need the wallet to impress a fish.

----- yani 10.12.08 16:37

I need a wallet for all of the imaginary/invisible money I keep in my imaginary/invisible mansion… plus my girlfriend likes to hold onto my wallet, so it might as well look good.

----- Sean Lee 10.12.08 16:23

as a fashion obsessed individual i always like to have a fresh/dope items where people are always like, “omg where the hell did you get that.” i had that in a wallet until last week when i got drunk and lost in in some bar in new york with like all my money and id. so if i got this wallet i wouldn’t have to search the city for the perfect wallet dragging countless friends along with me to make them argue with me on why i should or shouldn’t get a certain wallet. and now i am just shoving all my money and cards in my pockets. so if you don’t want to do it for me do it for the people i give my crumpled up bills to.

----- ezra baker 10.12.08 16:21

i need a new wallet.

because as time goes on i lose more and more money from it falling out of my wallet and i never notice.

duck tape only lasts for soo long.

----- Lux Lund 10.12.08 16:13

I really NEED a wallet… A nice wallet… One that I can look at each time I pull it out and realize that it is full of maxed-out plastic and business cards from people I will never work for. Yes, a fine, well-made, aesthetically pleasing wallet might just soften the reality for a bit. I can gaze at it, admire it, and then place it carefully back into my pocket, content with the fact that one thing in my financial life is right.

----- Robert W. 10.12.08 16:10

I would love to have something like this. -

----- tk3 10.12.08 15:55

I’m hoping to stumble upon a small fortune of cash soon and I will be needing some place to store it.

----- Lisa 10.12.08 15:50

Why I need it? Quite simple. My money is squatting at the moment and really need new housing.

----- MLMAE 10.12.08 15:38

Because the fake LV one that my friend bought me on it’s last leg and now it’s double embarrassing.

----- Scott 10.12.08 14:45

I’ve never used wallets because they add so much bulk to my money and cards, but a wallet like this might just change my mind. Form and function to increase my fashion is exactly what I need this Christmas.

----- Daniel 10.12.08 14:45

The main reason I need a wallet my current wallet is torn to shreds and likes to drop on my cards on the ground such as my debit card when I’m not looking. I really could use a new wallet!!!

----- Jordan 10.12.08 14:43

I need a wallet because I lost mine on halloween at a concert and a friend later found it in the toilet! Fortunately I have all my credit cards and id’s, but i’m still looking for the perfect replacement.

----- talene nargozian 10.12.08 14:37

I need a wallet because irony is funny.

I’m a broke college student, and therefore would have little to put in it.

----- Sarah 10.12.08 14:21

I think if I had a wallet I might have a chance at holding more money. LOL

----- DDB 10.12.08 14:19

To pawn my current wallet and stuff with the profit.

----- Evan 10.12.08 14:17

ouh i want it ! Looks great, i need it because it’s christmas and you didnt give me anything when I gave you all my time and my love =)

just kiddin

my wallet sucks, its so old and smell bad and all my cards are stuck in it because its so old and sticky.

----- Abdeldjalil 10.12.08 14:14

I need a new wallet because I have gone through too many throughout the year and I finally want to have good looking, durable one!

----- Zach 10.12.08 14:09

To FINALLY have a reason to throw out my old, giant, broken one. Really, it is giant. And broken. I need rescue.

----- speck 10.12.08 14:06

im sick of having all the stuff that should be in a wallet, loose and in every different pocket in my jeans or in a rubber band

----- jarred eberhardt 10.12.08 13:33

Yeah, so, keeping it short and simple:

It’s very cool. I want. I’ll use it to store money i’ve earned legally. It’ll turn heads with its simple, elegant design and I might make a new friend. Buy someone dinner.


----- Dar 10.12.08 13:20

I need this awesome leather wallet because my old wallet is too big and hurts me when I sit down…

I can haz new walletz?

----- Rich 10.12.08 13:16

i actually got a free wallet from my school, it needs an update though. the seems on the side are getting torn. this makr wallet would be perfect, minimal and very stylish. handmade, that’s a plus too. wow, i feel like i’m doing an infomercial about the product.

----- labraji 10.12.08 12:59

I got my wallet stolen a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve been using an Altoids tin to hold my belongings. It would be nice to have a beautiful leather wallet to store my things in a much classier way.

----- Brian 10.12.08 12:57

I wonder if someone from canada can win this wallet..says here [I] may use HTML tags for style..still, I’m going to go au naturel and well, let the wall let the people see that someone from another place may also need to use money.

----- kitty Gosen 10.12.08 12:57

My wallet has more holes than swiss cheese!

----- Ori 10.12.08 12:31

I need a wallet because I haven’t owned one in 5 years and I’m tired of wearing out my credit cards!

----- Tim Tracy 10.12.08 12:12

I have a tri-fold wallet and it keeps ruining my cards. I had to re-order almost all my debit and credit cards since it keeps cracking from the pressure of my butt and my wallet cannot do anything to protect them. Trust me, I don’t have a big butt, it’s just that the wallet I own is poor.

----- Don 10.12.08 12:12

My husband has a true appreciation for finely crafted things. He would adore this wallet!

----- Chloe Ingram 10.12.08 12:02

I need one just because!

----- Chase 10.12.08 12:00

I need a wallet because I don’t have the money to buy one…uh, wait…

----- Jefferson McClure 10.12.08 11:56

You know you need a new wallet when people recognize you by the signature sound your wallet makes when you take it out… In my case, it’s the sound of change and cards flying in every direction imaginable.

----- Christina H. 10.12.08 11:53

i *need* this slim/sleek wallet, because my current wallet makes it look like i have a tumor growing on my ass.

----- roboto 10.12.08 11:51

My DB Clay wallet that i found on notcot is on its last leg! It was a great wallet but it’s time for an upgrade.

----- Brian 10.12.08 11:50

I need a wallet to remind me why I want to finish this godforsaken study, so one day it will be full.

----- Boris 10.12.08 11:46

Having lost my wallet a few months ago and since I also keep a separate wallet for my cards, I have just only kept poring over wallets in the malls and not really seeing anything small but just that size enough to my liking, now after seeing this, I must say I really need a wallet and this is the wallet.

----- David A. 10.12.08 11:39

because having a wallet with a branded, mercedez bens insignia makes me look like a tool! it’d be wonderful to have a new, stylish wallet from makr.

why do i deserve it even more? i’ll be making my debut in NYC as an intern for the spring semester, and the need to fit in is more imperative than ever. pretty pleaseeeeeeee? *with puppy eyes*

----- eudaphoria 10.12.08 11:33

I need a new wallet because the wallet i am using now is as old as my child (10yrs old).

----- jayp0411 10.12.08 11:31

I have read about every comment her…………what can I say; no sad story here. I LOVE the design and color of this wallet and I really really really want one.

----- Yana 10.12.08 11:31

What is a Wallet? Never seen or used one. Maybee I would try it one day but where can you buy one or maybee win one?

----- Viktor G 10.12.08 11:16

Duct tape wallets are pretty rad, but this wallet will actually make me look like an adult…a yupster adult. But I am fine with that.

----- nixon 10.12.08 11:10

Need one to gift! these are the bestest wallets

----- Minna 10.12.08 11:09

Well, one of the kittens (don’t know if it was Bucket or Bolts who did it) pooped on my Billykirk wallet. Sadly, I need a new wallet or a deadened sense of smell.

----- A D 10.12.08 11:01

In the last three weeks I have lost my wallet twice. I canceled all my cards twice and lost about sixty bucks in cash. The first wallet I lost was my grandfather’s wallet that was my favorite. I need this wallet!!!

----- Dave 10.12.08 10:44

i would love this wallet and would gift it to my boyfriend. I recently had surgery and he has been caring for me non stop for the last three weeks, AMAZING! Hospitals bills have put a damper on spending and would be so grateful if I could thank him with something as beautiful as this.

----- pdxreader 10.12.08 10:42

Beautiful wallet! My poor ol’ billfold is frayed and falling apart.

Great giveaway. Thanks!

----- Jean D. 10.12.08 10:40

Hmm I need a wallet so I can fill it with the credit cards I’m using to accumulate debt this holiday season, haha.

----- Kelsie 10.12.08 10:39

I need a wallet because I have made my wallets for the past year out of paper. They are really cool, but I have recently moved to Oregon. Rain and paper do not mix so well.

----- Aaron H 10.12.08 10:38

Honestly you will invariable choose someone else, since there are already a million entries but I thought I might try, something to hope for at least. I just had my birthday. My parents didn’t get me anything. I did not get me anything. My friends forgot about it. Which doesn’t bother me on the surface but it might be fun to receive a gift from a complete stranger.
anyway, have a nicer day than the one here (it is currently raining).

----- Brian 10.12.08 10:32

ooh this is perfect. i need a new wallet cause my stewart/stand is tearing and dying and it’s incredibly sad. and it’s perfect cause i’ve been eyeing makr for a while.

----- Kye 10.12.08 10:25

I badly need a wallet since my girlfriend spilt beer on mine!

----- Matthew Harris 10.12.08 10:21

because mine is still the one i bought at the age of 12! it is nice but is also a little bit ehmmmm dirrrrrty? :D

----- marieke 10.12.08 10:20

i’m a female who loves wallets. no purses for me thanks! I like to be mobile and get out an play without worrying about leaving anything behind and this snap wallet would be perfect for that!

----- holly 10.12.08 10:12

I need a wallet small enough to fit into those tiny purses that we girls have when we go out on the town.

----- tiffany 10.12.08 10:01

my co-workers and bosses sneer when i whip out the pink velcro relic of yore at business lunches. help!

----- chris 10.12.08 09:52

I would like to win this wallet for my husband. He likes a really thin wallet and the one he has is so tattered and basically falling apart. I bough him a similar wallet off of Amazon for his birthday, but when it arrived it was not like the listing at all - thus he is still using the same crappy wallet. I am confident that he would really like the sweet wallet you are giving away. Also, a cucumber stole my wallet once, so clearly we would appreciate it ;)

----- Heather 10.12.08 09:32

Because, I never sign up for this type of stuff but that wallet is awesome! My current wallet has been my companion for about 15years now.. It’s time for me to upgrade to a much nicer and more modern looking accessory. Choose me, I’m excited about this giveaway..

----- Scott Dixon 10.12.08 09:27

I have had my current wallet for 15 years. I will ditch the damn wallet and use this one for the next 20 years. ….No joke, I like it that much.

----- Greg Domm 10.12.08 09:25

I need a wallet because the moths in pocket are just tickling my butt without one.

----- COREY 10.12.08 09:24

What are the odds notcot is giving away a wallet with my name on it (rearrange the letters & add E)
This must be a sign from above, we are meant to be together

----- marke 10.12.08 09:12

I need a wallet like I need an empty pouch.

----- brian easley 10.12.08 09:09

I need a wallet, BECAUSE I DONT EVEN HAVE ONE!!! its all loose change, and in my pockets most of the time! i do use a clamp clip to hold business cards and credit cards… i do really need one.

----- Hana 10.12.08 09:02

Well everything is in complete disarray with the end of the semester, and if i had a nice wallet i might be inspired not to loose it every 5 seconds

----- Rachel 10.12.08 08:58

I need this wallet because - I’m a lady and I love back pocket wallets!!! This wallet actually appeals to me - it actually looks a little girly! Most boy wallets are bulky and are unkind to your bum on long car rides. PICK ME. BE KIND TO MY BEHIND!!

----- Suz 10.12.08 08:57

For showing off, of course !
And mine is not holding up to my reputation :)

----- Kathleen 10.12.08 08:55

to keep my cards and bus pass in of course.

----- Alexis 10.12.08 08:54

I need a wallet because my current wallet is so awkwardly shaped that it has (no lie) caused realignment in my spine…and not in a good way. Please help me MAKR x Notcot! I long for the day that I don’t have to remove my wallet from my back pocket when I sit down or go for a long drive. I’d buy a new one but it’s so far down my list of necessities at the moment. Back Breakingly yours-

----- Patrick Michael M. 10.12.08 08:48

I would really like the wallet for my husband. He has to travel to Korea a lot an needs a perfect card holder to impress. It is also super great looking. Please :)

----- Kathleen 10.12.08 08:36

I need a new wallet because the cheap leather veneer of my current one is chipping off in little black flakes.

----- Cobalt 10.12.08 08:28

I could use one, my current wallet is falling apart.

----- Jared 10.12.08 08:22

I need a wallet to give to my boyfriend - to replace the one he currently uses that is falling apart to the extent that items occasionally fall out of it.

----- Krista 10.12.08 08:19

my boyfriend could definately use that wallet. he’d like how simple it is, and i think it’s time to let go of that velcro one he’s using….

----- jen 10.12.08 08:15

I need a wallet because i have moved to the UK and it isnt big enough to fit a pound note in it without folding the money in half “hotdog” style.

----- Matt 10.12.08 08:13

i have a braun wallet with the seams all falling apart that my single dollar bills fall out! in this economy, i can only afford to make myself a duct tape wallet, if i dont get a decent yet fabulous Makr piece *wink* u think i’m joking, i’m so not.

----- rachel 10.12.08 08:12

I need a new wallet because I’m too cheap to buy one. =(

----- konfigure 10.12.08 08:11

i need that wallet because..although i have no money to put in it..ill be reminded of how fashionably broke i am.

----- veronica 10.12.08 08:11

ooo this is a great looking wallet, my husband needs this. we found him a wallet he liked when we first got married and now its breaking apart at the seams but he refuses to get a new one. He has duck-taped the seams and hasn’t found another one he likes yet. This looks like his exact style, black, stylish yet masculine and just enough room for everything he needs!!

----- Anna 10.12.08 08:07

I need this wallet because mine has a weird patina on it that looks like its been sitting in a puddle of crap and oil.

----- Bianca 10.12.08 08:00

I need a new Makr wallet, because I had one, then lost it out one night in new york and someone returned all the contents of my wallet to a chase bank but stole my totally awesome Makr wallet. They even returned the cash, that’s how desirable these are.

----- Cameron Frantz 10.12.08 08:00

I need this wallet because I am currently using a dollar store, velcro, bright yellow catastrophe that is falling apart on all sides! Help

----- Carl Heindl 10.12.08 07:53

Actually, I don’t even have a wallet. I have one credit card, my ID and a fist full of small bills. I usually just use a rubberband and throw the clump into my pocket. This would definitely help me out!

----- Jasper 10.12.08 07:53

God, do I need a wallet. My everyday one was shredded by a washing machine and my stop-gap is a folded up Tyvek envelope that is acquiring a new coat of grime everyday. I am a mess.

----- Andrew 10.12.08 07:52

The infinite mind of Dr. Doctrow has a cavern in need of some organization. Apparently in this gap there exists a need for stylish/minimal containment of his monetary funds.

----- Sick Duck Design 10.12.08 07:48

My current wallet’s in decent condition so I suppose I don’t ‘need’ a wallet. However, a non-folding wallet would be a nice change. And the plaid is really sexy.

----- sean patrick 10.12.08 07:46

I could use a new wallet because the one I have now is currently falling apart and shredding, and it was a cheap one I picked up at Walmart because it was all I could afford. Being a starving college kid sucks :P

----- Twiggy 10.12.08 07:43

I’ve had my wallet for 7 years and its finally starting to fall apart. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and need.

----- Jason 10.12.08 07:39

As a girl, I am expected to carry around a wallet able to house a family of four. Unfortunately, I like having my cards on me. So I take them out of the wallet and put them in my back pocket. And then I lose them.

Arg! :D

----- Kim D 10.12.08 07:35

Unfortunately I can’t think of anything clever to say. To put it simply, I’ve been searching for a wallet to buy my boyfriend for Christmas (he needs one desperately)… and this one is gorgeous. -Kathryn

----- Kathryn 10.12.08 07:18

I’ll be honest, I don’t need a new wallet. My 6 year old, ugly, overly large, worn one still works. I just LOVE Makr wallets, so if you really want to you can give me one!

----- Dustin 10.12.08 07:18

my giant purse of miscellaneous-junk should be minimalized into a sleek chic wallet.

----- Kate G 10.12.08 06:55

Makr has incredible stuff… and that wallet is the perfect specimen. I could really use it to stash away some cash.

----- Polina 10.12.08 06:54


----- Tim Plumb 10.12.08 06:54

I’ve currently been using this weird plastic wallet thing that I bought at the Centre Pompidou for seven euros last spring in Paris because of its minimalistic design and its ease of use.
I haven’t replaced it because I can’t find something that will suit my needs (debit card, driver’s license, insurance cards and on very rare occasions cash) without being overly huge in my pocket.
These wallets look incredible and exactly what I’m looking for (especially the awesome landscape design).

----- Justin 10.12.08 06:14

because I’m tired of smelly money
(I keep it in my socks)

----- rafael 10.12.08 06:10

I need a wallet b/c I lost mine halfway across the world at a ramen noodle stand in Osaka, Japan at 6am. BUT it still was one of the best nights on the trip!

----- Chris 10.12.08 06:05

Love it so much I want to be able to look at it, admire it from afar all day! Hence if I win it, I want to give it to my dad who uses his front shirt pocket as his wallet. This cool piece will remove that unsightliness and make my dad cool.

----- Pei-Yun Ho 10.12.08 05:54

I need a wallet to hold all my monopoly money.

----- Paul 10.12.08 05:53

my wallet is 8 years old and the leather is disintegrating. I need a classy new money holder.

----- Nick L 10.12.08 05:43

I like the touch of leather, had money in it, and its an instant win!

----- Mathieu 10.12.08 05:42

I need a wallet just like a cow needs to be milked.

----- Remy 10.12.08 05:42

Too many years of too many credit cards stretching out the old one…

----- Ray 10.12.08 05:41

Because my money is fallning out of my pocket!

----- Johan Skoogh 10.12.08 05:31

My jeans would look so much better with this wallet in its back pocket. The wallet would never become a receipt repository but would caress my crisp twenty dollar bills.

----- ChristopherPaul 10.12.08 05:29

my wallet is a boring traditional wallet, bifold, and its falling apart. plus, i’m a designer now (since june!) and i feel so un-designer ish with my huge, ugly, pocket bulging wallet! i need a wallet makeover!

----- jim torrey 10.12.08 05:17

Because the thing I call a wallet right now hurts my ass when I sit on it.

----- Jacob 10.12.08 04:28

I desperately need a wallet. The one I have right now is one of those duct tape ones, but I’d like one that doesn’t fray at the edges. It would be fabulous.

----- Jenn 10.12.08 04:28

I need a wallet so people will think I have money to spend

----- Raztus 10.12.08 03:21

i have no money to put in it. but i have lots of cards.

----- kirsten chow 10.12.08 03:18

Christmas will be cancelled if I lose anymore money through the lack of decent money holding wallet!

----- Alex 10.12.08 02:40

I need this wallet to get my empty pockets through the credit crunch in style!

----- Maxim Mokdad 10.12.08 02:37

I need a wallet because without it, I wouldn’t be able to do my “Do you have everything?” dance.

----- Sergei Muller 10.12.08 02:19

Why do I ‘need’ this wallet? To spread the word of Notcot. It might go a little like this:

“oo, Adam, nice wallet! Where did you get it?”

“Thanks, yes it is rather beautiful, is’nt it? It was a gift from those wonderful people at Notcot”


“Yes, Notcot. It’s a perfectly formed little website which I visit everyday to enlighten me about things around the world that will enrich my day. You should check them out”

“I think I will, thanks!”

----- Adam 10.12.08 02:13

If I bought one then I would have nothing to put in it!!!!

----- Aidan 10.12.08 02:11

I need a wallet because mine was stolen! *cries*

----- Hamza 10.12.08 02:01

I need a wallet because in the future I will be rich … so I need a place to store all money! :P

----- Simone 10.12.08 01:49

Because at the moment I’m using a zip lock bag.

----- Elizabeth Jones 10.12.08 01:41

1. to avoid back problems and huge wallet syndrome like george from seinfeld
2. my current wallet has a clip that has broken off and the remaining metal tears holes in all of my back pockets
3. small wallets rule
4. im in college for the second time i need to re-gift, ha not really

----- joshua kiffer 10.12.08 01:37

I’d love to have this wallet as it would simply make me happy to use it! :)

----- Steve 10.12.08 01:21

Well, the style of the wallet itself is gorgeous and simple And I think this wallet would be great for my father. He always carries his cards/receipts in this old black one that he’s had for years and it’s about to fall apart. Seeing as you guys are giving out one, why not to someone who needs it?



----- Olivia Cheng 10.12.08 01:14

I need a wallet because my butt feels naked without one!

----- Brandon S. Adkins 10.12.08 00:51

I wish I had any money to put in it, then I might have really had a reason to want this…

----- ©huck 10.12.08 00:18

Well, I didn’t win the baxter hair pomade. I didn’t win the teapot. My little league team didn’t win the world series. My band didn’t win the battle of the bands. I didn’t get the girl of my dreams. Now here I am hoping that the planets align so I can win that wallet. Probably not gonna happen, but I’m crossing my fingers. ;)

----- Dickie 10.12.08 00:16

Because of the pure simplicity of it.

----- Tim 09.12.08 23:43

I need to slim up my back pocket. I need that wallet

----- Tyler Simmons 09.12.08 23:35

Because my butt needs some leather cushioning :)

----- Christian 09.12.08 23:32

I need a new wallet cause my current one is being held together by the grace of duct tape.

----- Wyley Seals 09.12.08 23:08

My current wallet sucks - it’s an ugly velcro affair that not only is ugly, but also always tears a hole in my back pocket.

----- Ben 09.12.08 22:56

Wow my bf could really use that! his is falling apart!!

----- Nicky 09.12.08 22:55

I need a wallet because my current one isn’t stylish at all! Plus, it’s bulky and makes me feel like I’m sitting on a rock!

----- Sathka 09.12.08 22:51

My wallet is beat up!

----- Jessica P 09.12.08 22:49

I need a new wallet for my boyfriend who keeps his money in an envelope from the bank inside of his passport. Maybe it will motivate him to get a new driver’s license as well.

----- Jenny 09.12.08 22:39

Because nice wallets are hard to find.

----- Markus 09.12.08 22:25

I need a wallet because my current wallet is boring.

----- Laura 09.12.08 22:22

I need a free wallet because if I was ever to buy one, I’d end up with nothing to put in it. Save for maybe a driver’s license and a business card from a local actor named Big Daddy G.

----- Peio 09.12.08 22:21

I need a new wallet because my current one is cloth and velcro and makes me feel like I’m a 10 year old.

----- VICTOR 09.12.08 22:17

Although duct tape wallets went out of style years ago, I still carry mine around. I am such a dork.

----- cody taggart 09.12.08 22:11

I need a wallet cause I really like them.

----- polszki 09.12.08 22:10

cause a wallet that can fit in my back pocket and let me sit straight would save me a trip to the chiropractor.

----- Herman 09.12.08 22:06

I need a wallet so I have somewhere to keep my Makr holiday gift list! How else will I remember which Makr bags I need to buy?!

----- Woodsie 09.12.08 22:01

Makr’s Black Tonal Plaid Vertical Pocket would be replacing my previous wallet which recently imploaded in my rear pocket!

----- Amar 09.12.08 21:53

Because my best friend Bryan wants one for Christmas and I am a broke student!

----- Jaime 09.12.08 21:52

I need a Wallet because the one I have I found in a skip and despite my best efforts it is finally falling apart - Help! my Library Card and the two pieces of my credit card desperately need somewhere comfy to live and entertain when the loyalty cards come over for drinks!
give a cyber-hobo a hand.

----- Anita Misa 09.12.08 21:52

Oh my Gosh! I have been lusting over a Makr wallet for sooo long! Ever since I saw it on your site in the summer I think it was. I’ve been checking out his website weekly and love the quality and design. If I could afford one I would surely get a tonal plaid or herringbone design.

I have actually not had a wallet for two months. I keep meaning to go find a cheap one, but I have been laid off and my last one was stolen. (Bad luck just kept happening) I’ve had to get new everything but because I don’t have much of an income to speak of, I’ve been keeping what I would normally keep in a wallet in either nothing, or lately I’ve been using a ziplock bag.

Please help!!

----- Brian Grant 09.12.08 21:48

My sister gave me a great money clip wallet a few years ago for Christmas. Sadly, it’s been completely worn out after numerous uses in my jeans pocket. It was a great stream-lined calin klein wallet. one of the problems was that all the money i carried was basically shown to the world everytime i took it out. this wallet is seriously a great design and discreet too. wow.

----- Jeff 09.12.08 21:46

Cause all I have is pennies and they take up lots of space…

----- TQ 09.12.08 21:35

i need a wallet because i finally got a pay check!

----- robert 09.12.08 21:29

to keep my license company in the quite frequent absence of money

----- dylan 09.12.08 21:28

My husband totally needs a new wallet. His is falling apart!!

----- Elizabeth 09.12.08 21:19

im using a fake Hello Kitty wallet that i got from my sister…

----- raptrex 09.12.08 21:14

Just yesterday I was on the Makr website looking at wallets. Why? Because my wardrobe is now switching to skinny jeans and I think my current wallet is too big to put them in my front pocket. I remembered being impressed by the Makr wallets the first time I saw them, so I looked up “wallet” on notcot and found them again. :-)

----- James 09.12.08 21:13

I need a wallet because, my old one is realy old…

----- Roman 09.12.08 21:11

I’m an undergraduate assistant at a biochem lab in Detroit and some of the grad students are assholes and won’t let me even touch the surgical blades (because I attempted suicide in the fall- I’m over it) so I have to take a few when a new shipment arrives. I was keeping them in my wallet but they get out of their foil jackets and slice it up. It’s a lousy razor blade holster lol. I thought I was going to have to start keeping them in my shoe or something but this wallet would be perfect to keep them in, no more slicing my fingers when I need to throw down the plastic!

----- Myles Marshall 09.12.08 21:03

For the longest time, I have been using Paperchase’s WONDERFUL passport holders that feature two pockets and two card holders that conveniently display my ID and my bank cards. Unfortunately, they have stopped making them in the gorgeous pinstriped pattern that I love. Now my loose bills and my lonely cards are homeless, and need a decent home.

----- Masa 09.12.08 21:00

I don’t really need a wallet, but I’d like one — especially this one of course… Oh, who am I kidding? A dirt broke college student like me definitely NEEDS a wallet, especially this one, of course. =)

----- Vinny 09.12.08 20:59

I need a wallet because I’ve recently downgraded to a velcro bi-fold after my former pocket partner (which was copper toned leather!) was raptured early… either that or stolen by someone at a party ::sad face::

----- Mikey 09.12.08 20:57

I need a wallet because I got mugged; this sexy wallet would be an amazing swap.

----- Dan Pham 09.12.08 20:52

because my second favorite smell after money is leather.

----- ally 09.12.08 20:49

in case i ever get some cash to put in it

----- Allison 09.12.08 20:31

because currently my wallet only consists of a rubber band called “money band,” ultra minimalist but seriously lacking in the style department. You should see it…it looks pathetic. 5 credit-card-sized-cards, and rarely any cash with a black rubber band around it

----- Matthew Kolb 09.12.08 20:29

it helps to keep all my cards and cash in the same place. not sprinkled among pants pockets, bags, drawers, etc.

----- laila 09.12.08 20:29

I’ve been carrying the one my little brother gave me since I was 10. I love him, but it’s been a while.

----- Ben 09.12.08 20:23

Hi notcot! I’d absolutely love a new wallet because even though art school in New York means an empty wallet, I’d at least like to feel good about the aesthetic qualities of that which is so often barren.


----- Ross Schaner 09.12.08 20:09

My wallet is falling apart—really.

----- Justin 09.12.08 20:02

I don’t need a wallet. I need THIS wallet. I can’t stand things in my pockets, so the lighter/smaller the better.

----- kent 09.12.08 19:58

I don’t need a wallet but my boyfriend does… what is it about dudes that makes them carry one until it’s falling apart? ;)

----- Bri 09.12.08 19:55

I need that wallet because I love that wallet.

----- Dan 09.12.08 19:54

My wallet is about five years old, cloth, been in about seven different purses, and really isn’t a quality product. Plus, I can give it as a gift, which I would probably do anyway ha! Gorgeous wallet, fo real.

----- Casey 09.12.08 19:53

I would LOVE a new wallet because, although nice, my current one was purchased by my ex girlfriend for me as a gift, and it not only hurts my pocket each time I pull it out to spend money, it hurts my heart.

----- Chase 09.12.08 19:50

I can’t say exactly why or how, but this wallet just looks like my boyfriend. Each time I’ve entered a giveaway, I think about how exciting it would be to give the prize to him. But this time it would be even more perfect! Maybe it’s because the wallet complements the coat that he’s been wearing nonstop…? In any case, I obviously *love* it!

----- katie 09.12.08 19:50

I need a wallet because my current one is backbreakingly humongous!!!

----- Jessica 09.12.08 19:48

i need a wallet to remind me that i’m broke because i’m a college student whose wal-mart budget can only afford her a plain white hanes tshirt and maybe a pair of faux uggs. oh how the thought of those hurts.

----- mai 09.12.08 19:41

My wallet is fat and clunky and ugly. I’m pretty sure I got it as a hand-me-down from my sister, who got it for like $5 at a thrift store. So yes, I would LOVE a new wallet…

----- April 09.12.08 19:41

cool wallet = lots of money. i need cool wallet.

----- thomas acciavatti 09.12.08 19:38

I want to win this wallet for my younger brother!! He lost his wallet a week back and his girlfriend got him a new one which looks like a slice of toast with a knob of butter on top…..literally. Good lord, girlfriend needs a sense of style. So please let me win!

----- Vanessa Ong 09.12.08 19:37

I got my wallet when i was 12, it has flames. That was ten years ago. I think my last girlfriend dumped me because of it Im not going to lie just to get a snazzy upgrade, it’s just that bad.

----- Mason Sexton 09.12.08 19:36

I need a wallet. Of course I have one, but its small, and my ID card, driver license beginning to peel of into layer @_@. Can’t go anywhere without those and some money, right. Haha, maybe when you live in jungle you will not need a wallet.

----- mikenj 09.12.08 19:36

need one to cut down what i carry. which equals better posture.

----- jacob 09.12.08 19:35

I could really use a wallet right now. Every time I’m at a cash register and pull out my wallet, either change falls through the torn bottom or some of my cards slide out. It’s really getting old.

----- Vadhym 09.12.08 19:27

i need a wallet to keep everything in my life organized.

----- andreas arditya 09.12.08 19:21

I need a wallet to put my life story in it.

----- Andrew 09.12.08 19:19

I need a wallet as mine current one is failing. I think it is giving up on life due to a recent lack of cash. It feels useless.

----- Lucas Hardi 09.12.08 19:18

I need a new wallet because mine fell apart in the wash and now I use a rubber band. The bands wear out really fast and I’m tired of digging them out when I need another one.

----- Ryan Quattlebaum 09.12.08 19:16

My wallet is falling apart so my credit cards and stuff are falling out which reminds me they’re there so then I spend too much so I can’t afford a new wallet to better contain the cards and papers of life.

----- Doug 09.12.08 19:11

I totally need a wallet because I just really do. I mean, all my change is in my pocket, and I end up having to roll all my coins.

----- ray 09.12.08 19:03

I need a wallet because my current one is made of flimsy paper and maybe if I have a new wallet with a good amount of room it will inspire me to make more $$ to fill it!

----- Tracy 09.12.08 18:58

I need a wallet because my DB Clay wallet was just stolen and now I have no money for a new wallet. (it was all in the old one) :(

----- Iain 09.12.08 18:56

I need a wallet to keep all my cards together so that I won’t accidentally leave one floating around when switching bags. It’s almost as annoying as a big bulky wallet that takes up too much space!

----- ansi 09.12.08 18:54

how was I to know that a wallet in the wrong material would make a little rectangle of sweaty chafey denim, and eventually corrode through the pocket of my favorite jeans? I figured it out once the vinyl thing busted through the other day. I need this wallet because it breathes. Not because it is alive or anything, but the natural leather, which breaks in so nice, is actually porous.

----- ripley 09.12.08 18:53

I am currently a college student with one of those “magic” wallets that open both ways. It’s entertaining sometimes, but other times I regret getting a small wallet that can’t hold my receipts. I blame my debt solely on my wallet.

----- Angela Nguyen 09.12.08 18:53

I need a new wallet to help my boyfriend replace his ridiculously old, fat and falling-apart one that gives his left butt cheek an odd bump. This wallet looks like it’s just the right amount of “slim”. Plus, it looks awesome!

----- SuperMuffin 09.12.08 18:53

Why do I need a wallet? So that I have something to keep money in. If I had something gorgeous to keep money in, it would keep me from spending money so that I could carry the wallet around with me everyday. :)

----- Victor 09.12.08 18:53

I lost my wallet in a dingy hotel in New Orleans at the American Chemical Society conference. Since then I’ve been using a dingy, old wallet my mom found somewhere in the house.

----- julius 09.12.08 18:51

I need it because I couldn’t handle anything of less quality touching my a$$.

----- Michael 09.12.08 18:50

I need a place to put all the money I don’t have, obviously!

----- Emmie 09.12.08 18:43

The pouch in which I currently carry my cards (credit, debit, I.D., library), bus fare, and things in my bag which I can’t afford to misplace is stained and wrinkled, and I fear it will not last much longer. This pocket is the perfect size for the assorted things I carry in my current pouch - I’ve been meaning to replace it with a bigger one, too.

----- Meghan 09.12.08 18:42

I already feel bad when I think about the decrepit state of my wallet…and then I realize that I don’t have much cash money to put in it.
a nice wallet would lift my spirits considerably.

----- mckenna 09.12.08 18:42

There is no such thing as too much wallet :)

----- Trinh 09.12.08 18:41

I need a wallet because the ones I attempt to make for myself are never as nice as what MAKR produces….sigh….

----- Robert Q 09.12.08 18:41

I need a wallet to carry my library card. You read that right. My library card. Because I love the library.

----- Nadia P 09.12.08 18:38

I need this wallet so my boyfriend can have something pretty. :D

----- karen 09.12.08 18:37

at this moment in my life, wallet is synonymous with pencil case. i haven’t had a wallet since my last one gave out last March. All my money (when it exists), cards and whatever i need is shoved into my pencil case. It creates an extra bit of anarchy that I would be better off without.

----- Frances 09.12.08 18:37

I can keep inside, apart from some bills (mostly 1 dollar bills), business cards, notes, in a very sleek way.

----- Begonia Lopez 09.12.08 18:34

i keep my wallets for a long time. in fact, i use them to the point they are trashed. and even still i keep them.

well finally got a new wally at the beginning of the summer 2008. now you have to realize that i work for a road construction company. its very dirty. especially seal coat. its a wet, cold, coal tar mixture. when it gets on anything. it won’t come off.

now you have to realize that i decided to keep my wallet in a plastic bag, so it doesn’t get dirty. well one day, i took my wallet out of the bag and put it in my back pocket, WITH OUT THE BAG! and a few minutes later, i got shot down the back with seal coat. down my back, pants, and into my wallet.

the cards were mostly saved, but the wallet is trashed. i still use it because i don’t want to buy another wallet. and when i go to the bars, it looks like i don’t care about how i look.

now if i got this wallet, i’d look pretty good to all the girls. and i would use the trashed wallet for work.

----- Kyle Knapp 09.12.08 18:34

I want to impress my mugger.

----- Jason 09.12.08 18:33

to make it look like i have money

----- joe 09.12.08 18:31

my wallet is made from the sweat and tears of my sad days; that’s why.

----- Collin Banko 09.12.08 18:30

I need this because I am trying to win all my gifts this year and my roommate wants this one!

----- april_d 09.12.08 18:28

My current wallet is very old and it is time to get a new one.

----- noxcel 09.12.08 18:28

i bought this wallet, well a card holder at this awesome shop on the cape when i was 19. since then, i have gone between many different wallets. i think i may have found the perfect one for me. so i am writing this for a gift for someone special: my mother’s partner. about a year ago, i found that she was using this card case i bought when i was 19 (i am 30 now). she never indulges in herself. she’s always been dedicated to the community. before moving to our new location, she was the director of a non-profit free health clinic for 15 years. she also started the most active AIDS organization in her area - taking little credit. now she is dedicated to watching her grandson who has special need, and is the reason she moved to this new city. Today, she actually started a new job, part time, as a grant writer for an MS society. I would love to see her with a new wallet. That’s all I have to say. Thanks for listening.

----- carrie rodd 09.12.08 18:26

I need this wallet for my fiance’s first every Xmas, he is Jewish and we just bought his first Stocking and this would be a perfect addition to the stocking stuffers for his first XMAS!

----- Danielle 09.12.08 18:26

I must have that wallet so I have some place to keep my smaller wallet (which keeps getting lost)

----- jovencio 09.12.08 18:25

because mine is falling apart!

----- twinkerdill 09.12.08 18:18

Because mine is crap and falling apart!

----- T 09.12.08 18:15

to lend currency to the illusion of having money…

----- e. tagide kalife 09.12.08 18:12

I need a wallet because if I have one they will come! All the bills—ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, one hundreds. If I have one they will come!

----- Melanie 09.12.08 18:10

American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles.” At least with a Makr wallet, I’ll know where I put my money.

----- Michael Moreau 09.12.08 18:09

I need a wallet in order to pretend that i actually have any money to put in it.

----- grace 09.12.08 18:08

i need this wallet because i am fed up with all those girly wallets which are the size of the pentagon. seriously all i need is a bit of room for some plastic and cash - i am not that person who needs to store 67 family pictures, 3 shades of lipstick, 2 checkbooks, 84 dollars of cash in ones, and 17 credit cards to her 17 favorite stores in my wallet. but this one looks just perfect. just the right size.

----- Irene 09.12.08 18:07

If I had a wallet like this in my back pockets, the ladies might think I have a bottom and I wouldn’t have to keep buying “shape enhancing” undergarments.

----- Brandon 09.12.08 18:06

Cus’ I use the same one since I was 12.
It sucks and I really need a new one.

----- kooki myamoto 09.12.08 18:05

I need a wallet because I need to replace my current one.

----- Dominic 09.12.08 18:05

This would make a great gift for my guy friend!


----- Linda 09.12.08 18:04

I am in desperate need of a new wallet to carry around all the credit cards I need to stimulate the economy!

----- Sean R. 09.12.08 18:02

I need to win this wallet, so that I can give it to someone else for Christmas, as I have no money in my current wallet to buy gifts this year.

----- Jeff 09.12.08 18:00

My fragile ego can no longer withstand all the pointing and laughing from friends and cashiers as they see me unclasp my crisp bills from my neon pink binder clip. The pink paint is chipping off, being overtaken by an ominous rust that threatens to give me gangrene every time I sit. Nine out of ten doctors recommend a slim, slick, and stylish wallet from Makr to heal these emotional wounds and prevent future necrosis. Which is why I not only want this wallet, but need it, you see. As a bonus, I can use said slim wallet to smack the jowls of my current ridiculers and reclaim my lost honor. But in mid-smack, moments before tanned-hide-to-cheek impact, my insulters would gaze at the beautiful work of true craftsmanship in awe and wonder, eyes never leaving the leathery goodness even as it slapped across their face. Immediately after, they would caress their ruddy cheek and implore with great humility, “May… May I… May I have some more, sir?” to which I’ll reply, “Ssoi’tanly!” in the best Curly impression known to mankind. They will cry out, “Thank you… Thank you, sir!” And I’ll say, “Don’t thank me. Thank… Makr’s handcrafted leather wallets!” as I hold the product up to the sky against the sun, giving the wallet the heavenly aura.

----- Edward Song 09.12.08 17:59

So I can have a party wallet, something to carry only a small amount of cash and an ID, instead of my whole wallet when I go out.

----- Emmanuel 09.12.08 17:55

I need a new wallet because I have been wanting to get a Makr wallet for sometime now but I didn’t have the money to get the one I wanted when it came out and then it was all sold out and long story short I really, really want one!

----- Scott 09.12.08 17:55

Because wallet backwards is TellAw. So, I’m going to do what it says and let you know that it would be super sweet if I won this super sweet wallet from my favorite design blog! (and my current wallet is falling apart)

----- Matt! 09.12.08 17:55

I just found out my money clip has a knife in it. I probably shouldn’t be taking that to school.

----- giermann 09.12.08 17:50

I need a beautiful wallet like this one so that I can have the necessary motivation to actually make some money. I can picture it now: me popping the button and pulling out my debit card, paying for my yoohoo and enjoying the day.

----- James David Lewis 09.12.08 17:48

because i dont really like the idea to carry a bag and i used my passport as a wallet. which is very dangerous or sometimes i put the money on my sock.in addittion soon i will have my license so i need a really nice wallet to protect her.


----- jaileen 09.12.08 17:46

I need a wallet to replace my old crummy one, this one is nice.

----- Jacob 09.12.08 17:43

Where else could I keep all these expired condoms?

----- Chris Fuller 09.12.08 17:40

I recently got caught in a downpour so bad that my credit cards and pictures are now stuck together like a lumpy cake of soap in my pocket. I don’t just need a new wallet, I need new plastic, new pictures, everything!!! This would be a great start to a new and happy ass pocket dwelling cash carrier.

----- Marcus Saunders 09.12.08 17:39

I need a wallet because I will be graduating soon and need a place to keep my money! (or my charge card receipts, at least.)

----- Kevin 09.12.08 17:35

I need a wallet because I am not a purse kind of girl and my pockets are not to be trusted!

----- Vanessa 09.12.08 17:34

I’d love to have a nice quality wallet. My wallet is falling apart.

----- Dree 09.12.08 17:34

my wallet isn’t just held together with tape. it’s made out of tape. and the tape’s lost its stick.

now it’s just plastic strips held together with money and credit cards. the wallet is held together by its contents. insert irony.

----- Wyatt Roy 09.12.08 17:34

I’ve had this same wallet for about 5 years now, it’s getting horribly worn out and cruddy, but what really bugs me about it is that I got it for 50 cents at a garage sale and I can’t help but feel like I deserve better at this point! XD

----- rem 09.12.08 17:33

I just like it a lot.

----- Fernando Soteras 09.12.08 17:33

…for the money I don’t have. Obviously.

----- Hillel 09.12.08 17:30

Whoa, very very sexy. i could rock this thing with no money in it, any day, every day. Great job Makr, your bags look phenomenal as well.

----- -G 09.12.08 17:27

To be honest, I (and most of the rest of the United States, incidentally) don’t particularly need a pocked because I don’t really have much to put in it. However, it would still be nice for, you know, the ole driver’s license, which has a photo even more terrifying than the recession.

----- kristin 09.12.08 17:24

My brother’s wallet is held together by ducktape, I’m a designer who is low on funds and this would make a great gift for him.

----- Mike Cuneo 09.12.08 17:21

I also need a new wallet as a gift for my husband! This one is so awesome.

----- bethany 09.12.08 17:17

I need a wallet to make my life simpler, easier, and yet at the same time stylish… all without making it look like I even try ;)

----- Stacy B. 09.12.08 17:14

I need a wallet to put all my moneys and business card. It play an important role for a person. Wallet is part of an identity of someone when carry a wallet.

----- Kian Cher 09.12.08 17:14

Neat wallet! I’d like it to replace my old one because the snap just doesn’t hold anymore, not to mention that it would make shopping infinitely cooler (as if that’s possible). :)

----- becca 09.12.08 17:13

Ooo, MAKR wallets! I’ve been ogling these for months. I’d like a new wallet because the well-loved and completely beat-up one I use now was bought in China circa 2004 and has seen more than its share of mishaps.

----- Benita 09.12.08 17:07

Ok I’ll be as honest as possible, I just want to win the wallet. so I have no reason other then that, I’m not going to make up a story that my wallet is 30 years old or that I have a paper wallet or that my dog ate my wallet…. Etc

Hook me up!!!! :)

----- Vandit 09.12.08 17:05

my name is mark and i am a food scientist and i have a wallet. it’s a leather tri-fold wallet that i have had since 1971 when i was getting my phd at caltech. the wallet folds and then folds again, which the perfect configuration for carrying credit cards and dollars and pictures of my cats. but the tri-fold is not at all perfect for carrying my experimental food products and byproducts to and from the lab. in 1991 my lab lost a major grant when i poured a sensitive sample into my tri-fold, placed it in my pocket, and spilt it all over my jeans. that sample, dear friends, was crystal pepsi. just think how differently my life would be if i had a leather and plaid pouch wallet in 1991. and imagine how different it would be if i had one now.

----- mark 09.12.08 17:01

If you give this to me, I’ll actually have the means to fill it ;)

----- Hugh 09.12.08 17:00

I need a wallet cause my ex-wife took mine after the divorce.

----- Gaurav Fernandes 09.12.08 16:58

I don’t have a wallet. I just throw my money in my bag. Paying for things is time consuming and kinda messy.

----- pipi 09.12.08 16:57

i need this wallet. as a recessionista expertista, i need to be able to look at a quality wallet and feel good about myself, even if it houses more receipts than actual cash. and by golly, i think this is the wallet to do it.

----- h2 09.12.08 16:55

i need a wallet to put money in. :]

----- drewie 09.12.08 16:55

To replace my old one.

----- Evan 09.12.08 16:53

i am definitely in the market for a new wallet. the only wallet i have is one from my ex boyfriend two years ago (its actually a business card holder)

this wallet is hot! it’ll definitely make going back on the market less daunting to know i’ve got this pretty thing in my pocket!!

----- bd 09.12.08 16:51

Maybe it will inspire me to make more money so I can have stuff to put in it.

----- Tiffany 09.12.08 16:43

i have had my old wallet for about five years, NO LIE!! im not cheap but it has held up pritygood. im not too much of a wallet shoper, my old one was a cristmas gift. i just havent found a good looking wallet untill, ofcourse YOU GUYS’S!!!!
that wallet its amazin’ and i really need one.i carry more plastic cards and bussies cards than money so this wallet would be just perfet!!!!

----- Gioven s 09.12.08 16:43

omg i cant believe this came up. I have had the same “magic” wallet for about four years now. I used to buy nicer wallets but would ALWAYS loose them in college. I got sick of that so i bought a cheap wallet i could afford to lose. Lo and behold i was able to NOT lose this one! Over the years it has stretched thin and i have to keep extra business cards in it to make sure my other cards dont fall out. I have been on the hunt for a new one forever now!

----- james park 09.12.08 16:43

Because frankly, it’s the missing piece of my wardrobe.

----- Kramer 09.12.08 16:41

Makr’s products are beautiful and clearly of high quality. Unfortunately I’m broke and wouldn’t know what to put in it.

----- Ainsley 09.12.08 16:36

i don’t need a new wallet. i’m happy to carry my cards and bills in my small matt&nat zip pouch. my husband, however, is ridiculously in need of a new wallet. he’s been using the same one for over four years. it started out white leather, but has turned to a torn-up blue denim color from slipping into and out of his jeans everyday. he is a simple guy—very zen—and thinks there are more important things to spend money on. he’s the kind of guy that will leave a 30% tip because being a restaurant server in the past, he knows that they probably need it more than we do. he hasn’t purchased anything new for himself in years and now that we have a 7-week old baby, he refuses to treat himself to anything. he needs a new wallet, but if there is someone else in more need of it, i hope they get it! :)

----- sherwynn 09.12.08 16:35

Because duct tape and old shredded leather are embarrasing.

----- Christina 09.12.08 16:31

They say “If you build it, they will come.” I figure, if I have a nice wallet, then nice money will find me. Instead of the rude, inconsiderate money I’ve been dealing with…

----- danielo 09.12.08 16:28

I need a wallet because I’m applying to business school for next year in order to start a nonprofit organization in music education. And when I pull out my $5 Gap cardholder in front of a bunch of investment bankers, that’s not going to do much to break through the fuzzy do-gooder stereotype that artists have at business school. I need a wallet because I want to prove that doing something good for the world and owning something with fetching diagonal plaid are not mutually exclusive. Maybe one day I’ll own a real suit too, but…baby steps!

----- Ryan 09.12.08 16:28

My current wallet is boring, plain black leather. It’s decent for everyday use, but if I’m going out and only need to bring a few things, I’d rather not have to carry around my current multi-pocketed bulk. This single-pocket wallet would be perfect!

----- Joe Wasserman 09.12.08 16:28

My last one disappeared and its poor replacement is falling apart at the seams. And the total plaid is amazing.

----- Mikebdesign 09.12.08 16:27

My last one disappeared and its poor replacement is falling apart at the seams. And the total plaid is amazing.

----- Mikebdesign 09.12.08 16:26

I need one because I currently just leave my money all over the house - out of the pocket, onto the table…or counter…or bookshelf…
Really, it’s time I get organized before somebody steals all my cash - and I definitely think I could handle it with one of those gorgeous wallets!

----- Casey L 09.12.08 16:25

As much as I need a wallet (everything just gets thrown into the big purse pocket), if I won this I’d give it to my boyfriend because his current wallet is falling apart and is too bulky for him. The Makr wallet would be nice because then it forces him to not carry around more than he needs.

----- LMD 09.12.08 16:25

My husband needs one. I was looking into those stainless steel ones, but they’re all sold out! boo :(

----- Cheryl 09.12.08 16:24

I need a wallet like that because it looks cool and I can use all the style points I can get. :)

----- Ivy 09.12.08 16:19

I need a wallet to hold the stuff I need to function in society. Like my driver’s license and my key card for the door at work.

----- Katrina 09.12.08 16:17

I lost mine!

----- Timothy OLeary 09.12.08 16:17

I am very much in need of a new wallet. Usually I sew my own but the fabric I use tends not to last very long. My sewing machine cannot handle leather…therefore I must have this one!!!

----- Meg 09.12.08 16:15

Why do I need a wallet? I think everyone needs one, specially at this poor moment we need to put our money into somewhere safe but nice enough to catch attention so I don’t need a wallet but I need this particular one. Anyway, it costs 60 to 90 dollars to get, I suggest the rest of you go to grab one b4 they all gone.

----- O 09.12.08 16:15

I don’t actually need one, but my boyfriend really does!

----- Lawrence 09.12.08 16:11

m current wallet is actually an etsy-made fabric business card case, and is fray at the corners. very soon will be a full fledged hole.

i prefer to keep my cc, metrocards, and cash in a small wallet so i can shove it in my pocket or throw it in a purse. its usually in my jacket pocket more so than a purse or bag.

i need a new wallet and this one is sweet. and not so roomy that i wont get carried away with cc’s and whatnot.

----- butterfrei 09.12.08 16:09

Funny you should post this, as I am currently in the market for a wallet. I’ve had the same one for 8 years, and I just think it’s time. But I am looking for something different—my wallet is a eight-card, two bill-pocket black leather number, and it hurts to keep in my back pocket. As a guy, I don’t carry a purse or bag around, and am in need of a solution that wont hurt my behind. Then I realized that I don’t actually carry around cash—really only my credit card, ID and Transit Card (I live in Chicago).

I started looking at little card-holders, but they all seemed to have superfluous features (a money clip attached? unnecessary bulk?). So while visiting my little sister at her college, I found she had little binder clips that were colored and metallic, and would just do the trick! So I have been using a little clip two hold my three cards and occasional bill (they don’t seem to last that long). But I am really looking for something fun and creative that will do the trick—this seems to “fit the bill”. Ha!

So do I NEED a wallet? No—I have a clip. But I’d really love one that was everything I needed and nothing I don’t. I love the colors (I’m a sucker for dark woods, rich leather, and fall motifs, as well as stripes, plaid and argyle), the use of real leather and the stunning shape. It’s different in a very, very cool way. I’ll probably ask for it for Hanukkah/birthday (on the 21st!) if I don’t win anyway.

Good find!


----- Rick C 09.12.08 16:09

I need a wallet because otherwise the condoms get all scattered.

----- Amy W. 09.12.08 16:08

I don’t need a wallet per se, but right now I put my cash and plastic in something like this and I break it about once in a month.. Getting a new one at the train station (it’s actually a pass for trains, in case it isn’t obvious) takes me ages every time, not to mention the amount of plastic they throw out on my behalf..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 09.12.08 16:07

I ‘NEED’ a wallet, well, a nice quality Makr wallet as my current home made duct tape wallet does not elicit the same response with women as it does with my fellow DIY geeks. Please make me a bit cooler.

----- Alex O'Neill 09.12.08 16:06

oh wow, beautiful wallets! i’m using my father’s old pleather wallet from yoinks ago, it’s so big and cumbersome. this would definitely be an upgrade!

----- xue 09.12.08 15:53

Oh do I need a wallet!! Everything is everywhere in my bag and having a small place to organize would be a great help!!! My old wallet fell apart recently and this would be a wonderful replacement!

----- tracy 09.12.08 15:52

i’m currently using the paper wallets made from instructables.com…

----- everybodyunderstands 09.12.08 15:51

I NEED A NEW WALLET SO BAD!! Ive had mine for 2 years, its a fairly cheap pleather wallet, and the seems are coming apart, I was going to ask for one for christmas, but you have this beautiful wallet that would perfect because it has no spacers sections and I could stuff all my cash and cards into it easily without taking the time to put them in the correct spots. This wallet easily could save me minutes at costco, looking for my costco card then pulling it out only for the 1 second I need it to show the people at the front door then putting it back in…I must have this..

Its so funny, its like you have a camera watching my life, almost all the stuff your giving away I need…

----- Kirk 09.12.08 15:49

I need a wallet because checking to make sure I have it in the morning is Step 1 to making sure I have my keys.

----- Ted Butler 09.12.08 15:48

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