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NOTCOT Giveaway 26: Lelo- 12.11.08

givelelo1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ about the best date you’ve ever had! ENTER BY 12/14. WINNER: Elizabeth in Berkeley, CA!

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Lelo is giving away one Stainless Steel Olga ~ to win this elegant and luxurious pleasure object leave us a comment about the best date you’ve ever had!

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Here’s a peek at the one you’ll win ~ i just popped it open to take a quick picture of the prize ~ it even comes with polishing clothes (like your ipod and tv!)! Also, just so you know, this is HEAVY ~ you could probably knock someone out pretty easily with this…

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TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ about the best date you’ve ever had! ENTER BY 12/14

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208 Notes

The best date I ever had was shared with my best buddy at the time, my then-girlfriend and his girlfriend, who was her twin. The night was Christmas Eve, senior year of high school. We decided we’d cook them an Italian dinner but not knowing how to cook, we first Googled the recipe, spent 2 hours in Giant trying to find the stuff and an hour, burning the brownies, forgetting to make the rolls and cooking a very nice chicken something or another. Well we go to pick up the girls and on the way back not a 100 yards from his house, the car breaks down. So out my buddy and I get and push the girls the rest of the way telling them it was their carriage ride only instead of horses they had men pushing the “sleigh ride” (like it should be!). They think we’re going out to eat and as we pull (or rather push) up the drive way they see the candle lit dinning room with all his mom’s best dinnerware we think neatly placed. I had bought a small plastic Christmas tree and bought custom ornaments to put on them with little memories of our 3 year relationship that stood lit up in the dinning room. We spent the rest of the night cuddling up by the fire place watching the old animated Rudolph movies before a sweet kiss goodnight. Oh how one misses the past!

----- Josh D 14.12.08 20:39

I met my date at the theater around 7. He let me pick the movie, bought my ticket, opened doors for me, let me choose the soda, and even popped in 2 straws for us to share it. Never. I mean never had any boy treated me this way. I just wanted to kiss his cheek every time he did something nice. And to top it off, he had the warmest brown eyes. Even in the darkened movie theater lighting, my heart did flip flops every time I looked up at them.

I took him to my favorite hill afterwards to sit and talk, and watch the stars. We laid beside one another and talked for hours. About nothing and everything. It came so easy. Even when we weren’t saying anything, it was just nice. I felt like I’d known him forever, like we’d always somehow been connected to one another before we knew the other even existed. Hard to explain, but unmistakable.

What really got me about him was his honesty. He was so upfront about everything. If I had a question, he wasn’t afraid to answer me, and tell me the truth. Seems like every other boy I’ve ever been on dates with were so insecure, so restrained; putting on a show for me so I’d like them. But he wasn’t like that. He was confident, truthful, and not afraid to show me who the real him was.

A blanket of humidity fell heavily over us as we talked, the stars shrouded in fluffy clouds. My hair began to react to the moisture, recoiling into thick, natural curls. I could’ve died. I told him how embarrassed I was, that my hair was not fond of the humidity. He sat up and looked down over me, resting an arm on the ground beside me.

“Y’know, with your hair like that… like how it’s straight at the temple and then curls, and with your eyes and pretty lips, you look like a pinup girl from the 50s.”

I could’ve cried. Here I was, lying beneath the moon and stars, at the top of a hill, with a boy looking down on me, telling me I looked like a pinup girl. These are the things dreams are made of, truly. I held onto his words for a moment and then smiled shyly, looking into those gentle eyes of his.

“What. Ever.” I laughed.

He smiled, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he craned his neck and inched closer, pressing his lips gently to mine.


I could’ve just eaten him up. He was so warm and gentle, and he kissed me like he meant it. I could taste his lips, feel his stubble graze my face for the first time. What made it better was that no one in the entire world knew where I was at that very second. No one but him and me. As far as I was concerned, no one else even existed at that moment.

We laid beside one another for a bit afterwards, watching the clouds. He rested his arm over me, and I put my hand over his. Eventually, I slid his fingers under my shirt and onto my stomach, just to tease him a little. I could almost feel his pulse quicken. I slid his hand a bit further up, and before I knew it, I was pulling my shirt over my head. He quietly shifted and straddled my stomach, looking over me, gently kissing my lips, down my throat, between my breasts. I tingled inside.

It was perfect.

Definitely the best date I’ve EVER had.

----- Jenny 14.12.08 20:38

He took me to an art museum (I was an art school student), afterward we sat on my porch swing and then decided to go to dinner. When we came back I invited him in to see a movie. When he asked if I wanted to go back to his place I said no… 6.5 years later we’re married.

----- erin 14.12.08 20:15

Best Date: I was 18 years old and my parents went away for the week-end. I turned the house into a romantic getaway for my boyfriend and I. We had lots of fun, my favorite part was sitting in the shower kissing like it was raining on us with the candle light all around us. He was my first lover.

----- Freddy Foster 14.12.08 18:08

meeting in paris, no sleep, so sleepy, walking lazily and aimlessly and kissing at the eiffel tower

----- Sarah 14.12.08 18:07

Although incredibly awkward and weird, the “date” I went on two weeks ago with J was also incredibly sweet and fun. I joked that our first date had lasted two years and this was our second date. (We’re separated and trying to figure out the right amount of common ground.) We went out to a museum, dinner, and then coffee. And it really did feel like a second date. There was that wonderful, electric sense of “I’m really into this person, but not entirely sure how they feel.” The flirting. The butterflies in the stomach. The whole deal. It was actually sort of special reliving those feelings with someone who I know very well. I’m hoping that we can work things out. But in the mean time..

----- Bean 14.12.08 17:23

I need one to enjoy my life!

----- simon lin 14.12.08 17:14

Hanging out at her place, drinking wine, ordering Chinese food and watching movies.

It’s funny, I’ve had dates that have been more interesting or more fun, but if I had to pick a best that would be it.

----- Mike Porter 14.12.08 15:11

I had fallen in love with a close friend of mine, but was convinced that he didn’t return my feelings. He invited me over to hang out at his place one night; we hung out a lot, so I didn’t think anything of it. We talked, drank cognac, and giggled together for hours. Tipsy and not aware of what I was doing, I inched closer to him on the couch, until I was nestled under his arm. I looked up at him, and he slowly leaned down and kissed me. My heart nearly exploded with joy: I’ve never felt anything like it again. We cuddled and kissed and caressed each other for several more hours. It was easily the best night of my life.

----- toygirl 14.12.08 12:45

the best date i have been on. earlier this week, the transformer exploded outside of my house due to an ice storm. the power went out- and although i had planned on having a lovely friend over for a dinner date- of course our plans were foiled. however, with some logistics organized(eg takeout) we were able to sit by candlelight and the occasional giant sparks of blue green light from the transformer that continued to burn in our yard. The flashing lights of the two fire trucks and the electrical company truck provided a unique ambiance as it reflected on the ice covered tree branches. Later when the tree went down due to wind the shattering sound of its limbs echoed our own ecstatic bliss. had we not used all of our batteries for flash lights- or had we had some of these beautiful lelo products- the night could have been even better.

----- Taliesin 14.12.08 09:37

bbq picnic with my boy in a field shared with 100 puzzled cows

----- jen miles 14.12.08 05:09

My best date ever was extremely quirky but also incredibly adorable. I had been talking to a guy for a few weeks via the internet. Eager to fulfill an impulse to see me, he ended up driving 8 hours from San Diego to the Bay Area and surprised me by first giving me a warning call and then showing up at my work… At the time, I had severe body dysmorphic disorder (extremely low self-esteem) and felt incredibly anxious whenever people looked at my face, so he agreed to close his eyes or to look away to ensure my comfort. We ended up talking for hours with his eyes closed until I finally gave him permission to open them. When he did, he thanked me for trusting him and told me I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen while grinning like a school boy. Needless to say, we have been dating ever since.

----- Pauline 14.12.08 02:26

Those nights that just come together effortlessly. I remember a night we got dinner, went to a baseball game in time for the 7th and fireworks, then spent the rest of the night dancing away. Doesn’t get much better than that.

----- thatkidthere 14.12.08 00:20

Probably just my 1st date with the current girlfriend. Nothing terribly special about the date itself, just that we were super into each other. Almost 5 years later, we still are.

----- John 13.12.08 23:34

my last best date was the night my boyfriend and i went for sushi and he told me that he sees me in his future, and wants me to be a part of his life forever..friends for over a year and a half…relationship for almost a year..and then three nights ago i get an email from his “ex”….apparently i’m not the only one he wants to spend his time with….this would be a nice to have….since i can no longer trust men

----- whitney 13.12.08 23:05

While backpacking through Europe with my boyfriend this past summer, he decided to surprise me for my 23rd birthday in Budapest when we were walking around the city enjoying the St. Stephens day festival. We hadn’t planned on staying an extra day in Budapest, but as we walked by the Gresham Palace Four Seasons he just got so excited by the sheer grandeur of it all, and proposed we stay at the palace for my birthday and go out to dinner in the city and get dressed up for once on this trip! It was the most amazing place I’ve ever stayed and even the staff knew it was my birthday and brought a mini cheesecake to the room, which was great even after the fantastic dinner we had at the posh hotel restaurant. The fact that we went out but didn’t even go out of the hotel made it even better, because we got to enjoy being together and relaxing after such a whirlwind trip.

----- kate 13.12.08 22:46

Best date was with a women who was on a roller derby team

----- Norman Sherfield 13.12.08 20:27

Best date ever? Really?! What about those of us, specifically me, who’ve never been on an official date? My choice of men is slim and I’m in desperate need of this toy to keep my sanity. Help a girl out. I’m old enough to drink but never been asked on a date. I kissed my first boy this year, but he was too young and not awesome enough for me. Grade school doesn’t count on the boy kissing scale, but I was a slut in the second grade… All I have are mentally challenged co-workers lusting after me. A girl needs a break from the short and ugly men at the grocery store… Help me out here.
The economy wants to keep my nonexistent love life down. Please, grant me a Christmas wish. I’ll be your best friend and love forevers!! ~Kt

----- KtBugs 13.12.08 20:14

we went kayaking… i tipped. he laughed at me until i pulled him in with me. we shared a sweet kiss. it was wonderful.

----- rachelle 13.12.08 19:57

Training it to the city armed with my camera, a tripod, a video camera and a backpack full of snacks, we captured anything and everything we found even slightly interesting and when the sun went down we retreated to the darkness of a cinema and watched The Descent. Later that night we got pancakes and looked through our pictures >_

----- spectrolite 13.12.08 19:00

We hiked along the river to get to an abandoned warehouse that had been covered in graffiti. It was a clear, sunny Autumn day, and the scenery was amazing. It was also a first date, so I had not yet realized that it wouldn’t work.

----- Katie 13.12.08 17:39

I don’t really go on dates, but my boyfriend surprised me one birthday by taking me on a mini trip. We went to a Nordic spa just outside of town (the kind where you go from a hot sauna to freezing cold pool repeatedly), had a wonderful seafood dinner, and spent the rest of the night in a quaint little bed and breakfast in a town of 2000 people.

I was stressed out from classes and thesis work and it was the perfect holiday. I came back unbelievably relaxed!

----- Karin 13.12.08 16:23

My favorite date turned out to be the day my husband proposed. Hiking in the woods in the snow, eating soup out of thermoses, just happy to be together and alive. What a day!

----- Stephanie 13.12.08 15:00

beach + frozen beer + speedos

----- sean 13.12.08 13:50

It was an accidental date. We got trapped in a major snow storm, outside, with no cab is sight. Falling in love under a silent flurry of snowflakes is very romantic.

----- pina 13.12.08 13:28

ULTIMATE DATE: Ok I was living in Los Angeles at the time, 21 years old, doing my thing. I worked at a record shop and in walks the hottest hottie to ever cross paths with me. Her eyes as green as the cali kush, shiny blonde hair, tattoos covering her back, and a petite tanned and toned body. I stood there stupified, unable to make a move. It stayed that way for the following five months as she continued to come into my work. It wasn’t until the help of a co-worker friend that I was able to meet up with my dreamgirl. I found out that she was a waitress at Hooters and I went there for lunch. Of course she was my server, and while she was taking our orders, my co-worker friend just flat out suggested that she go out on a date with me! I was kinda embarrassed but to my astonishment - she agreed! We went down to Santa Monica beach and she talked my head off for 2 hours straight! I found out she was double black belt in Aiki-Jujustu and Tae-Kwon-Do, and that she had broken all her ribs, wrists, and heels in tournaments! So not only was she the hottest thing alive, she could also kick my ass! Since our impromptu date on the beach we have been inseparable and have been married now for almost 3 years. I couldn’t imagine life without her!

----- travis 13.12.08 12:02

Went on a picnic at a lake.
Now that I think about it, it was pretty cheesy.

----- Allison S. 13.12.08 10:10

the best date? i haven’t had one of those yet, but i am hopeful of calling one “the best” after reading all of these comments.

----- Daniela 13.12.08 10:09

The best date I’ve had was with my current boyfriend. And it was our first date too!

We’re both artists so we decided to walk around a local state park then sat in the field listening to music and drawing together. It was still the middle of the day so we thought that going to the park wasn’t enough, and we went to a farm nearby and picked pumpkins. :) He got a crazy two-tiered bulbous looking one and i got a fat almost-banana-shaped one. After that we went to ANOTHER park and rolled down the hill A BILLION TIMES and then lay in the grass, talking, until the sun went down.

----- Laura 13.12.08 09:40

Thinking over all of my past dates for this contest has made me realize that it’s not so much what you do on the date as who you did it with.
From my first date with my now-husband where he was too shy to do anything but hug me at the close of the evening, to the date where we ended up in the ER to take care of my little sister who was taken in for alcohol poisoning. Every moment I spend with him is my best date ever. Sitting on the couch with him last night, watching the Dark Knight and petting our cats…I’ve never been happier.

----- Thursday's Child 13.12.08 06:19

It was 1967 NYC.
He showed up with a limo. He came to the door.
I said, ‘nice car eh? the subway is around the corner’.
He said he didn’t have any money.
I had $5.00.
We went to Coney Island and had clams on the half shell.
We walked along the East River moonbeams dancing.
He proposed.

----- Tribeni 13.12.08 06:00

I love mastrubation! I’ve been drooling over the Nea for some time now and OMG it looks soo good is stainless steel. Stainless steel is so sexy.

----- b00 13.12.08 01:34

My boyfriend and I went on a weekend trip/date to Strawberry Hot Springs in Colorado. We stayed in this cute cabin and he made me dinner. The hot springs were awesome. The snow was falling, we were far away from the city, and we were in a huge naturally heated bathtub, with a river running nearby. It was very relaxing and steaming hot!!!

----- wesley 13.12.08 00:37

I’ve had two best dates with the same man, my first boyfriend who I dated for almost 1/4 of my life and loved deeply.

The first was about two months into the “relationship.” It’s what normal people call “dating,” but we were young and immediately boyfriend and girlfriend. It was the fourth of july, and we were spending it with very good friends. Before the fireworks went off, we climbed up onto the roof of the local elementary school and found a spot a bit further away from our group. We held hands and watched the fireworks while everyone ran around playing games on the rooftop. Then he leaned in and wished me a happy 2 month anniversary. He was my first date and my first boyfriend. I didn’t even realize we had an anniversary, and it felt so special.

Fast forward five years, and you have the second date, but not second best. It was the road trip before both of us moved across the country to opposite poles of the East Coast. We had planned a year before to break up because we were both too practical. We stayed together for that last, tumultuous year because we were both passionate romantics deeply in love with each other. It was getting late, and we were climbing the twisty, turn-y part of PCH before Monterey. We were starving and had to stop, so we pulled over at this little place perched at the edge of some cliff to watch the sun set. They didn’t want to serve us because they had a “huge” private party of ten people, but the gracious crowd, drunk off celebratory champagne would not “turn away these young graduates out into the world!” They handed us glasses of champagne and asked the chef to make us our meal. It was a beautiful spot - white, bleached wood, fresh flowers, no people (outside), and sun spilling over the water right through the windows. Our trip was almost over, and it only brought us closer. We shared a huge steak smothered in cloves of garlic. As he pushed the last few cloves over to me, offering them to “his love,” I grinned naughtily and proudly announced that I had found “their breeding ground!” I moved the steak to the side to reveal where all the little beauties had been hiding. We probably died laughing. It’s a dorky story, but that’s how these moments work.

It’s a year and a half after that second story, and he’s living in a new town with his new job and his new girlfriend. He’s traveled to Japan to meet her parents, and she’s gone back to California to meet his. We haven’t spoken since he started seeing his girl; he wanted to give her all of his attention, without holding onto the past. I respect that, and although I resent the loss of one of my best friends, I realize that things would not have been the same.

It’s a year and a half after that story, and I wonder what’s to become of my own relationships. Thinking on the many dates of my newly-single life in Boston - the land where men fall out of the sky - not one ever meant anything.

I don’t regret my practical decision, but I wonder, though, if anything will ever come close.

----- Sheila S. 13.12.08 00:32

Within the city limits of my hometown is a small lake. And on that small lake is a wooden dock. The boy took me there once at night. And we sat there for hours talking about ourselves while the waves gently rocked the dock. The wind lightly blew our hair from our faces and distorted the reflection of the city lights on the water. Then, as we began to fall into that comfortable silence between two close friends, he picked me up and pretended to throw me in the water. Then he kissed me.

And on that wooden dock the initials ‘AE+JK’ are engraved.

----- j 12.12.08 23:56

Last summer , my soon to be boyfriend, took me to an abandoned factory building that we had to cross a swinging bridge to get to. Once we were there he led me inside although I had put up a fight and asked to turn around. Every square inch was tagged with graffiti but directly through the door we used to get in he had painted ” i love you, deanna”. It was remarkable and intimate in a way i wish i had the words to describe.

----- deanna 12.12.08 22:59

day at the aquarium.

----- laila 12.12.08 22:27

me? well, I’ve never actually had what one might call a traditional “date”. But I sure would like to!

----- HappyGirl 12.12.08 21:06

The traditional dinner (Steak’n’Shake) and a movie (Across the Universe) with another girl. In Akron Ohio.

----- Alejandra 12.12.08 20:54

Best date ever was the first one my boyfriend (of more than a year now) took me on where we dressed up overly fancy and went to an Italian restaurant, then walked around a garden after dark and he kissed me on a bridge overlooking a pond and asked if I would go out with him. One of the greatest nights ever :)

----- Twiggy 12.12.08 20:26

My favorite date was the Winter Carnival of my freshman year in high school. Gorgeous dress, corsage, dancing. ‘Twas fun. But what makes it my favorite is that it was my first date with the boy who escorted me, except now he’s a man, and we’re engaged. :D

----- Meghan 12.12.08 20:04

We had been friends for just over three years; my first impression of her was that she was an extremely cute girl who had an odd talent for sleeping most anywhere, including a tiny area behind a bookcase in my yearbook class. She was skipping her final class of the day and this was how she chose to spend her illegal hour. That was high school; I was a Senior, she was a Junior. We had friends in common and quickly became great friends ourselves.

Fast forward three years to Saturday, March 17th 1990. She was on Spring break from college and I was working full time while attending community college part time. Most of our friends had left town for school and we went out alone for the first time ever.

The date started like most of our excursions with friends, checking out the local dollar theatre, eating fast food for dinner, being chased by security guards while singing They Might Be Giants songs at the top of our lungs; our standard stuff. The night was bound to end some time and it was getting late. I had an ulterior motive; I had a crush on her that wouldn’t stop and had picked the perfect place to risk letting her know.

Butterflies in my stomach, I led her past some fairly big NO TRESPASSING UNDER EXTREME THREAT OF SOMETHING TOO TERRIBLE TO PRINT signs onto a dock of quiet and empty boat slips. Under a cloudless sky, we sat and playfully argued back and forth over exactly whom the moon’s reflection in the water was shining toward when I made my leap. I told my best friend that I was pretty much in love with her and asked for the chance to be more.

Gratefully, she was feeling adventurous.

The date was awkward and scary (to me) and ended in our first kiss. After eighteen years together, I still consider that our best date ever.

----- Derek 12.12.08 19:29

The day where we were sitting in the rain by the overpass, surrounded by wildflowers, and we were drenched to the bone, and I inched closer to him, slowly, facing the ground, and then, finally, brave, I tilted my chin up, looked him dead in the eye, and told him to kiss me without saying a word.

The day she took me to play piano in the music store, and ran with me through a labyrinth in the park, and walked through the rose bushes singing, holding paper cups of hot cocoa between our fingers.

The day I came home and he’d hired a mariachi band, waiting for me in my apartment, complete with hats and black suits, barely speaking English, there to sing exactly one song, just for me: “believe me, when I say, how much I love you. believe me, when I say, how much I cares you.”

----- Olga 12.12.08 18:14

awww - i love this post! my best date was the one that went completely wrong - i was late getting home, we got rear-ended going to dinner, our dinner reservation was given away, he had to spend half an hour with the hong kong office on a potential deal going sour…….despite all of this (and trust me there’s MORE), this was the absolute best first date i’ve ever had. i’ve tried explaining it to people, and no one seems to understand how any one of these things (much less ALL of these things) could occur on a date and things could still go well. but it did!

----- celine 12.12.08 17:54

I remember my best date vividly.

Andrew and I got back from the Underoath show at around 12. It was a long walk back to my home, and Andrew lived in somewhat of a sketchy neighborhood filled with white people, so he was going to let me stay the night. We went to get drinks, and his mother met us in the kitchen. She asked how the show went. I said it was good, and that throughout Underoath’s set, I could feel Jesus radiating through my soul. We went into his room, and I hung my coat up in his closet. I began to go through his large stack of DVDs. “Hey, Camp Rock, that’s pretty cool, wanna watch it?”, I said. “Sure man.”. I popped in the DVD and we began to watch. Midway through the film, I asked “Demi Lovato…would you?”. “Would I what…?”, he replied. “You know…would you fuck her?”. He blushed. “Oh, I don’t know man. I never thought of her like that.”, I saw right through him. “Come on man, I can’t think of any good reason you’d have Camp Rock on DVD other than because you know damn well that you’d totally bang her. Probably in the ass. Probably somewhere uncomfortable, like the back of a Volkswagen, too.”. He didn’t say anything. I could see his bulge, and the lust in his eyes. No doubt imagining himself sodomizing Demi Lovato in the back of a Passat.
We didn’t say a word for the rest of the movie. After it was done, I began to dick around on his computer. Checking myspace, googling The Fall of Troy, the usual. I clicked his bookmarks menu, and was stunned at what I found in the subfolder labeled “links”. “Dude, what IS this shit?! “Miata Drivin’ Studs II: Junk In The Trunk”? “Colon Busting Niggerdicks 3: The Receivers Strike Back”?!?!”. I was shocked and a little bit aroused. “Seriously, you watch gay porn?”. He looked like he’d just witnessed a murder. He grabbed me by the neck and put his hand over my mouth. “You can’t tell anyone dude. You seriously can’t, if you do, it’ll destroy me.”. “Okay man…I understand…”. He let go. We both sat on his messy bed, breathing heavily. I knew that tonight, I would take him.
“So…have you ever been with a guy before?”, I asked. “No…”, he said. “I’m not gay or anything, I just..want to fuck a guy kind of.”. “You’re bisexual?”. “Yeah.”. I had him right where I wanted him. I decided to make my move. “Dude…I’m not gay or anything, but do you want to..?”. Perfect. It was just the right amount of awkwardness. “Only if you want to, dude.”. Success. I began to undress him, starting with his sweaty TFOT shirt. Then his pants. Then his socks and boxers. God, I thought I’d vomit. But it would all be worth it soon enough. I quickly undressed myself, and he bent over on the bed, and waited for me. Perfect, a receiver.
I spit in my hand, rubbed some on my dick, rubbed the rest on his asshole, and put it in. He spasmed a bit. I started off slow, gradually getting faster and more forceful. I saw the pre-cum on his sweaty little cock. I wanted to change positions, so I pulled his hair and told him to get up, and put one leg on the bed. He didn’t dare say no. I got behind him, and put it back in, thrusting upwards into his cinnamon ring. He began to moan a little. At this point, his cock was rock hard. After a few minutes of thrusting, he started groaning, and reaching back, rubbing me. Finally, his cock shot. He sprayed ropes of semen all over his The Number 12 Looks Like You and Jack White posters. I can’t even imagine how he’d explain that. Finally, I was going to come. But this was only the beginning of the night. I came inside him, and once I pulled out, he started to lie in the bed. “We’re not done yet.”, I barked in a commanding tone.
He looked stunned. “Get up, and squat down on the floor.”, I instructed. He obeyed. “Now push, and don’t stop until I see my fucking cum.”. He hesitated, so I slapped him with my cock, hard. “Push.”. He began to push, and his face looked like a fucking tomato with a teenage moustache. After a few moments, I saw a puddle of cum under him, but I didn’t say anything. Soon after, two gigantic turds followed. “Nice one!” I cheered. I’d never seen anyone look quite so embarrassed. “Now shove your face in it.”, I said in a calm voice. “Why?”. “Do it, or I tell everyone about your bookmarks. He had no choice. He kneeled down, and slowly eased his face towards the turds. Finally, after what seemed like fucking forever, he began to gently press his face into it. I wasn’t having any of that, so I pushed his head down with my foot and stomped him into it. I could see the tears forming in his eyes. “Sweet, now I’m aroused enough for round two. Bend over. And arch that back this time, your ass looks so dopey with the way you slouch over.”.
I spit on my dick again, and rammed it towards his ass, intentionally hitting the outside of his asshole, as hard as I could. He whimpered. God, I almost came right there. I slid it in, and began thrusting again. I figured now was as good of a time as any. I began to focus. I ignored Andrew, who at this point was sobbing. I ignored my surroundings. His large stack of DVDs. His messy bed. His now ruined posters. Finally, there was a bright flash of light, and my clothes ripped off. I’d turned into a giant Great Dane. Finally. I could feel my fur…and so could he. It took him a moment to realize what had happened, but he began to scream and try and get away. It was too late. I’d grabbed him from behind, and had him locked tight. After a few minutes of struggling, I began to tie my knot into him. He was helpless. He screamed for help repeatedly, yet strangely, his cries went unanswered. After 20 minutes of struggling, crying, and yelling, I finally came. I came fucking buckets. I ripped my cock out of him and he fell to the floor, vomiting as the semen poured out his gaping wound of an asshole.
I slid the window open with my paw. “Nobody will ever believe you!”, I howled in my Scooby-Doo-like dog voice, and then I ran off into the night, leaving him with nothing but a destroyed asshole, shit on his face, soiled posters, and his sexuality = broken. He still has my coat, though.

----- John 12.12.08 17:53

the other night we went to a Kings hockey game, great parking, great seats, went home with a players stick! and had a perfect night.

----- gordon 12.12.08 17:40

best date was definitely a rainy day that my boyfriend and i had at canada’s wonderland. it started off with me manging to lock the car key in the car. stuck at an amusement park for a day? oh NO!! :D (at the end of the day, had my mum bail us out.. she has a spare key but we had to wait till she was off work). anyway, it was on and off thunderstorm-ing, so some of the rids were temporarily down (until the lightning stopped) - during one of these breaks, my love introduced me to funnel cake (i know! 20+ years without ever having tried it. i was a deprived child). barely any lines for the rides too, with it being grey and gross. so much fun!

(ps: pickmepickmepickme….!!)

----- lindsay 12.12.08 17:38

Many good times over the years with my boy. It used to be raves, trips to the beach or the cheese factory. Now it is comedy shows, Japantown, or a cozy night at home.

----- Kristin 12.12.08 16:54

Log ride at Camp Snoopy after three martinis.

----- Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston 12.12.08 15:57

My date would have to be a the time me and a girlfriend took a nice romantic walk through some trails in the park. in the center of the park was a big mushroom structure where we had a romantic lunch.

----- Mike O 12.12.08 15:28

it was a first date, he was a friend of a friend of a friend, he took me home with him, we painted eachothers faces, then our bodies, and then passionatley mussed up our make up, afterwards we drove to the cemetary anf lay in the crisp evening air, after we parted ways we never saw eachother again.

----- heather 12.12.08 14:30

Best date… I met this girl at Costco and we flirted and caught each others eye for like 20-30 minutes. We’d see her on different aisles andd finally I was face to face with her and I was too shy to say much more than “hello”. Her family left and so did mine and I saw her again in the parking lot as we were leaving. I waved goodbye totally in love with her and she waved back smiling like she felt the same. I was 12-13 but that was the best date I ever had.

----- DDB 12.12.08 13:34

The best date I’ve ever been on was back in college. My boyfriend and I were really stressed by midterms, and he turned to me and said “Wanna get off campus for the night?” I thought he meant go to the nearby town and get dinner at one of the local restaurants, but instead we drove an hour away to Columbus, OH. We had a lovely dinner, did some shopping, and saw a movie. It was exactly the right kind of stress release we both needed!

----- Molly S. 12.12.08 13:32

Meeting people online and then meeting irl can be scary- this fella and I had been chatting for a bit and decided to bite the bullet and meet face to face- we spent all day walking around a large craft fair, not seeing much of the art but having a wonderful day. Over three years later we’re still together.

----- cc 12.12.08 13:22

My best date was a long evening spent wandering around Manhattan in the cold, wintry days just before Christmas, ducking into French bookshops and paperies and tobaccanists, sipping hot chocolate and nibbling on roasted nuts before a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine.

----- Julie L. 12.12.08 13:16

hum-ina hum-ina

----- che 12.12.08 12:59

The historical society…. he thought about it for a week before he surprised me with our visit. It was unique and thoughtful and oddly fun… we used a kiddy version of a printing press to spell thing out… mine said “jesus is my homeboy.” geek love…. nothing better

----- Valerie 12.12.08 12:59

My best date ever was not intended to be a date. I was invited to my friend’s place for a mini-rave. Some little things were ingested and I was swapping life stories with my friend’s roommate in the early hours of the morning, in their dark living room while people were giving each other lightshows. I had a notebook with me thinking that in my inebriated state I could draw and write down inspiration I could later use. He asks if he could see the notebook, so I hand it to him and I begin talking to another friend. He hands it back to me, having written something like: “Talking to a beautiful girl for an hour feels like a minute. Putting your hand on a hot stove for a minute feels like an hour. -Einstein” Then he asked to kiss me. The rest of the night was spent … well… and the entire next day we spent the day together doing … well… ;] To this day I still don’t know if the quote is really Einstein.

----- V 12.12.08 12:59

It was more of a surprise than a date, The day had begun like any other, except to today, I was nicer than usual, and when the Girl two rows over in the computer lab swore, I supressed my usual uncaring attitude, and went over and asked her If I Could help. Gretchen explained her dilemma, she had to finish this computer assignment before noon. It was 11:37am I quickly helped her, she grabbed her printout and rushed off to class. Sap I thought…Used again.

Fast-foward 10 hours, I’m home alone its Friday night, and I’ve got nowhere to go except to watch old star trek reruns. I take a shower…

Then a tapping as is someone gently rapping came upon my chamber door, tis the roommate to grab his bong, tis this and nothing more… So I tossed on a robe, since I had just finished the shower and still dripping answered the door.

It was Gretchen, with a bottle of wine. Let your imagination run wild folks, because mine did, and Gretchen well she repaid my debt of kindness, with interest! (Sorry a Gentleman never Kisses and tells!)

That was my favorite date.

P.S. I still dream about that date…and wonder where Gretchen is today, she’ll always be hot in my dreams.

----- michael 12.12.08 12:58

BEST DATE: we started off at the beach as was usual for us during that summer. I hadn’t been feeling so good that day so I wasn’t up to move around a lot…so kissing under the towels would have to do. Then he said he had to go home early, but didn’t have a very good reason, which made me suspicious. We were supposed to go to the movies later, so i figured he had to get something done before we went. Lo and behold a few hours later after being extremely late…he arrived at my door as i angrily approached him about his lateness he dragged me to the car with my house door wide open, which he told me to “forget about”…and started driving…except it was not toward the movies…i started asking questions but he wouldn’t say a word except, “you’ll see.” Of course when we parked i did see…that he had taken me to my favorite lake, which he then popped out of his trunk a huge wicker basket complete with a blanket, champagne glasses, and plates. Then he walked me down to the lakeside near a stream inlet and he laid out the event. We had pasta premadora, fruit salad, garlic bread, key lime pie, and some cider to top it off (we were 17 at the time lol). He told me later the reason he had to leave early was because he was meeting up with his brother and two other friends who were helping to make the meal! So after desert and a well satisfying dinner, he opened up a box with a gorgeous lil necklace in it and then asked me if i’d “do him the honor of being his girlfriend.” It seemed like a great idea at the time to say yes (obviously) but i regret it now. LOL but it was a date to remember.

----- Ashley Kay 12.12.08 12:02

Probably the best date I ever had was with my girlfriend of two years. I happen to work at Disney World so I surprised her with a trip to Blizzard Beach! Blizzard beach was a blast, because it was my first time there myself and it was her first time as well. We spent a couple hours there and chilled out. Keeping with the beach theme, I brought her to Disney’s Beach Resort which has its own private beach front. It became very “magical” because as we were lying there, fireworks from the Magic Kingdom started! Definitely the best date ever!

----- Khiem 12.12.08 11:39

my love interest took me out to dinner for my birthday. it was at a jamaican restaurant that i haven’t ate at for almost 3 years. it’s cozy, tasty,and the food is moderately priced. while we were ordering, she called me her “boyfriend” and i just smiled. it was sweet and for a moment the world stopped right there. awkward place to be in a line full of people, but i can still remember it.

----- labraji 12.12.08 11:33

it was just now… couple of minutes ago…

----- veru 12.12.08 11:26

My best date was my first date with the man I’ve loved for almost 4 years.

From the first words out of my mouth when I sat down, we were on the same wavelength. We both felt our jobs were “better than shoveling elephant shit,” and he thought it was adorable that I had a Star Trek figuring in my wallet.

We ended up getting kicked out of the diner three hours later, because they needed to close shop. We stood in the parking lot for another hour talking, with a kiss here and there.

The next day I postponed my “epic year long road trip,” because I finally had something I didn’t want to run away from. He’s been better than shoveling elephant shit ever since.

----- rose 12.12.08 11:22

My best date was in highschool. After a long friday of AP exams and classes, my boyfriend and I took a bunch of friends to see Black Sabbath (this was a revival tour in the late 90s.)

We managed to stay awake through Pantera, but fell asleep when Ozzy hit the stage, drooling on each other’s shoulder and head. Our friends gave us crap for that later.

The rest of the night we were wide awake and stayed up until dawn, talking, goofing around, etc.

----- Sue 12.12.08 11:17

watching horror movies on a laptop in an abandoned building.

----- dylan 12.12.08 11:16

Mounting an overhead projector and DVD player to the rear top of an SUV, pulling it out of a garage, shutting the door, and playing her a movie drive-in style, watching from the open hatchback.

----- Greg 12.12.08 11:04

It had been snowing for an hour when we left the restaurant. We decided to walk through the city, enjoying the holiday lights and quiet bustle. When our fingers got cold, we warmed them around hot-buttered rums along the way home. We walked and laughed for hours, holding each other close against the perils of an icy walk. When we occasionally fell silent, it was with a warm smile and anticipation of the next moment. At her door, we talked a bit until it grew too cold to keep looking for the moon. A warm, lingering embrace, smiles from the back our eyes, and the memory of a found winter evening was all we would ever share.

----- Perry 12.12.08 10:53

This can be a long story but I’ll try my best at minimizing it!

I was on college spring break when a group of random friends decided to go to the Florida Keys. We all left Pittsburgh at different times and in different cars…….not knowing who all was going. luck had it a girl i was recently showing interest in ended up tagging along with a friend of mine. We all were in Key West and just finished dinner, we all had a few things we wanted to see and decided to split up for a while to do so. Just as we were figuring a meeting place a bicycle carriage passed by. I flagged it down and ask Christina if she would join me. The driver took us on a extended romantic ride, it was a full moon, the driver pointed out a rare flower that was blooming in someones garden (which only blooms for a day or so once a year) after the tour, which we started to hold hands, We took one of the mopeds that we all rented and we found a quite dark beach on the island and made a comfortable spot where we ended up necking all night in the warm sand with tropically sea breeze. We dated for 2 years from that point.

----- Derek Allen 12.12.08 10:47

It was three days ago! :)

----- Mykolas 12.12.08 10:42

My best dates in general have usually involved quiet drinks and long walks at night.

----- b 12.12.08 10:39

to sit on top of the library and watch the fireworks!

----- chris 12.12.08 10:11

Best date I ever had was a brilliant one night stand with a gorgeous Brazilian girl that was actually from half Japanese, quarter Swedish and quarter Brazilian decent! Beautiful mix I can tell you.

Come to think of it, one of these toys would’ve looked great on/in her! haha

----- Rob 12.12.08 09:59

It was the first day back at school after christmas break with a new guy in my college class. We instantly saw eachother across the room and ‘clicked’.

I avoided him for days.

I was half too-nervous-to-speak and half playing hard-to-get.

At the end of that first week there was a Cowboy/Cowgirl pub. Everyone dressed up and - being from Alberta - he was in his element. I came into the college pub and he swept me onto the dance floor with a two-step.

I closed my eyes to take in the feelings of delight (I can’t resist a man who can dance), as he softly began singing along.

Needless to say - I melted.

----- Oksana 12.12.08 09:34

to mcdonald’s with my would-be wife for happy meals :)

----- greg 12.12.08 09:30

The best date ever is probably the night we went to see she & him.

----- Derrick 12.12.08 09:15

sitting in a park at 3 am looking at the wild bunnies in the park… best ever

----- Alexis 12.12.08 09:02

my favorite first date was a surprise trip to a cirque du soleil show at the santa monica pier.. it was made special by the fact that he didn’t tell me until we were in the car.. it was a magical night.

----- andrea 12.12.08 08:50

Is it normal that I want this for a xmas present for my girlfriend?

----- nik 12.12.08 08:49

In tokyo my lover took me to eat the YUMMIEST pastry in a cutest little cafe and then walked under cherry blossoms with all the leaves falling around us.
and then he took me to a love hotel.. actually it was pretty cool :P

----- Mariana 12.12.08 08:43

Snowmachining (or “mobiling, depending on which part of the country you live in) in the dangerous but oh-so-beautiful back country of Turnagain Pass in Alaska. Nothing like holding on tight to your crush while they take you up insanely steep mountains at equally insane speeds. Adrenaline rush like you would not believe, but the pay off.. the view from the top overlooking the other mountains, the small towns, the stretch of water and the glaciers all at once is just amazing. The steamy shower and the back massage at the end of the date was nice too. ;)

----- Michelle U 12.12.08 08:26

Having mall pizza, and watching the stars out a park with my summer camp fling :)

----- Melissa 12.12.08 08:22

a david byrne concert the first time i saw my boyfriend dance :) it was precious!

----- Karlaanne 12.12.08 07:49

I was drafted to join a canoeing flotilla with a group of overnight campers. A lovely city girl from Chicago was also on the trip. Somehow, she became the skipper of her own ancient Grummand aluminum canoe, built ca. 1948. Sadly, she had no canoe skills. She bravely sailed directly in front of a bridge pylon, and the river current twisted her canoe tightly around the concrete pillar. Although she wasn’t hurt or trapped, she did panic … hard. I paddled over, and helped her into my canoe. We pried her bent canoe loose, and let it drift down the river behind us to the campsite.

It was love at first sinking, and since her tent and sleeping bag were soaked, we shared accomodations that evening. The next morning, I noticed the wrecked canoe had bent into a heart shape, at least if you saw it from the right angle.

She posed by the bent heart canoe, and we just used that photo on the front of the invite to our 20th wedding anniversary party.

----- Bent metal is for lovers 12.12.08 07:49

Best date was three years ago with my then boyfriend (current husband), I was a cold night and we were snuggled on a sleeping bag, under comforters in the backyard, stargazing and I saw my very first and only shooting star. I took it as a sign that he was the one.

----- Angel 12.12.08 07:48

Best date was three years ago with my then boyfriend (current husband), I was a cold night and we were snuggled on a sleeping bag, under comforters in the backyard, stargazing and I saw my very first and only shooting star. I took it as a sign that he was the one.

----- Angel 12.12.08 07:45

If I had a best date I would not need these items…

----- arodger 12.12.08 07:35

I met my wife on halloween. She was wearing a full cow suit. Lets just say I took her home to play with her udders.

----- Cody Taggart 12.12.08 07:31

Being that I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, the best date I’ve had up till now is one of those that seems like it belongs in some romantic comedy. I was in college and it was the end of my week of finals, it was also Syracuse NY…i.e. there was roughly 5 feet of snow on the ground. The combination of work and bad weather left me in bed with a cold on a Saturday night that I was supposed to finally get to go out with my boyfriend again. When he called to finalize plans I told him how I was feeling and would need to cancel, even though I really wanted to see him. He told me it was ok, and he’d just see me when we got back from Christmas break. As I’m talk to him on the phone, there is a knock on the door, which was weird considering it was a blizzard outside. So I answer it and it’s him standing in the snowy doorway holding a present. I unwrapped the present to find cold medicine, cough drops, a blockbuster movie, and brownie mix. It may not have been an exciting night, but it was one of the best.

----- Joseph Tremblay 12.12.08 07:27

Best Date:
Romantic dinner out where we ordered a ton of food and drinks and had a great conversation all night. Came home, had great, loving sex.

----- Emelie H 12.12.08 07:22

sitting around a campfire drinking a beer and talking

----- Allison 12.12.08 07:08

A three-day (Sunday through Wednesday morning) extravaganza that began with a casual stroll around town. It included lots of fantastic dialogue, a road trip to a beach town, breakfast in bed (and rolling out to the neighborhood cafe) and of course, falling head over heels. We got off to a great start.

----- Chelsea 12.12.08 07:08

My best date was with Anna (now my wife). We turned up at a Rocky Horror Picture Show party fully dressed up in outrageous make-up and positively pornographic clothing to find that no-one else had bothered to dress up. The fact that it was held at a sports bar didn’t help matters, but we had a brilliant time, and earned a great deal of respect from our friends.

----- Dominic Gullick 12.12.08 06:51

I bet no one will believe this history. Once, in a hot summer night, around midnight, I was watching TV and suddenly my phone rings. I answered, and a girl asked me if Daniel(supposedly myself) could talk and I said “well, it´s me, who are you?”, she said her name was Karina (I didn´t know any Karina girl) and that she got my number from a friend of mine named Priscila (which happens that I don´t know either) and we started to talk, wanting to know how in god´s name that person got my phone number and why she called ME and for what reason, and after some LENGHTY conversation, a lot of confusion, I ended not knowing what I wanted to know, I just gave up, changed the subject and started a whole new conversation, and I got her number, then got to bed that night.
Next night I called, sure that it was some kind of joke and a fake number. It wasn´t.
And we talked, and talked, and she was very pleasant to talk, a nice girl, and that freaking curiosity burning in my brain: Who the hell is this girl!?!?!
We have talked via phone for 3 or 4 days, one after another, until I asked her to meet me at a Coffee Shop near my home, I don´t remember where she lived then, but in earlier conversation she told me she was from out of town (don´t remember either)living in my city (São Paulo) but she agreed to meet me there 2 days later.
I was very nervous about the situation, it could be anybody, a kidnapper, a con artist, a bitch…who could´ve known ?
There I was, sitting in the coffee shop waiting for her, and then I saw a VERY voluptuous woman entering, coming in my direction, I told her I was wearing a trenchcoat, earlier on the phone.
I didn´t believe it myself, she was one of the most gorgeous girls I´ve seen to date and she was coming in MY direction. It was Karina.
And we talked, and we had some wine, and smoked some cigarretes, then guess what ? I SCORED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Just to tell that story makes me happy again. Jesus somebody I just never, ever knew in my life called me in the night, she gave me her RIGHT number, turns out to be an insanely hot girl and I scored. HA!
The bad news is that I never got in touch with her again after that, but my country won the world cup that year (2002), and I first have a relationship with the wonderful girl that is my wife today, 2 days after this. *sob*

----- Daniel Segatto 12.12.08 06:39

Wallace and Grommet while eating quiche… oh and the girl was pretty awesome too ; )

----- TQ 12.12.08 06:27

Seems like we’d be talking about our worst date ever to win this thing.

----- Victor Van Scoit 12.12.08 06:15

How does one choose their best date ever? It seems that I might unfairly judge good dates due to later breakups…. I don’t know, there have been a lot of good times.

I’d have to say though, even though it wasn’t exactly typical, I had a girl that I’d been flirting with visit me at my parent’s house when I was on break from college. We hung out in the basement (den, second living room, whatever) all night talking and drinking Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale and eating tapas. We had a fire and were listening to some old-school west-coast jazz guitarist who’s name I can’t remember. Interestingly my mother and her husband were kind enough to leave us completely alone. That was pretty much it, intimate conversation, firelight, jazz, and talking until 3 or 4 in the morning. Then we made love and fell asleep. It was the sort of mundane experience that still finds a way of conveying an awful lot of meaning on a personal level.

----- Andrew 12.12.08 06:14

It was a cold october night, we had a flask of whiskey, and the keys to any room in this super amazing building in downtown Detroit. (he worked as a carpenter and had access.) We spent all night exploring, and I got total goosebumps when he would hold my hand to go through the dark rooms. I thought we would kiss that night, but standing on the highest balcony with our hair flying in the wind toghether was way better.

----- JB 12.12.08 06:12

Sitting on a lawnchair together in the veranda on a very cold late, late evening / earling morning, listening to Muse on the laptop. & holding hands, warm warm hands.

----- Kathleen 12.12.08 05:31

Out of town evening weddings are actually pretty hot dates - you are together for hours, everyone is dressed up, lots of friends, open bar, with a cab ride to a comfy hotel at the end of the evening.

----- Ray 12.12.08 05:21

I was supposed to meet this guy at the local club for a couple of drinks and to chat. I had never seen the guy before, even though he has seen me before apparently, and I was a little nervous. So I dragged my roommate along with me and he insisted that we drink to calm our nerves. We bought a handle bottle of Parrot Bay and ended up downing the whole bottle between the two of us. Mind you, we aren’t huge guys…try like 150 lbs each. So the liquor hit us like a mack truck. Next thing I know I am stumbling through the club and ended up outside next to a nice pair of trees. I calmly reached around the tree and ducked behind to throw up. I guess I wasn’t covert enough because the security guard saw me and told me I had to go ‘cause I was sick. I tried to make up the excuse that I was sick because I had bad food and then drank but he didn’t buy it. So as I’m being escorted out of the club the guy I was supposed to meet sees me and tries to say hi but I’m too busy kicking and screaming and then being thrown over this guy’s shoulder.

After sitting in the car for a half hour outside of the club with my roommate we realized that we weren’t going to sober up anytime soon. So admitting defeat we called our friends to come pick us up. She drove over with her boyfriend in no time. She took me in her car as her boyfriend took my roommate in his. My roommate was so drunk though that he tried fighting my friend’s boyfriend because he thought he was trying to hijack his car. I on the other hand couldn’t remember my friend’s name and called her random ones in place. Oh, did I mention I’ve known this girl for almost 3 years. So on the way home her car starts smoking and we had to pull off on a busy highway and see what was wrong. I pop the hood in the delirious state I’m in and a plume of smoke floods out of the damn thing. Next thing I know I am in the ravine saying hello to parrot bay…but not down the hatch this time. A cop ended up stopping while we waited for AAA and deemed that a pretty girl like her was safe ‘cause I was there. Ha, I guess he couldn’t smell the alcohol fermenting in my mouth.

So we get towed back to my place and find my roommate and her boyfriend passed out on the couch in a very awkward position. Pictures follow suit and they leave once she wakes him up. The guy is still texting me throughout the whole ordeal to meet up with him still. I invite him over to my place and we end up sitting on the couch talking all night. We walk outside and I find it necessary to try and jump over a hedge of bushes…let’s just say I didn’t make it and end up with a two foot scratch up my back. He rescues me, bandages me up, and kisses me on the forehead.

I found him to be so nice and the sweetest thing ever…we are dating to this day…a year and one month later.

Best date…EVER.

I’m entering not for myself but my friend who picked me up. I never fully thanked her enough for coming and rescuing my ass, getting her car towed, and finding her boyfriend and my roommate in a very compromising position after passing out. So a vibe would do the trick I think.

----- Andrew Chang 12.12.08 05:20

I would say the funnest dates we have are all the weddings we go to over the years. Lots of food, wine, friends and family all to celebrate love and union. All of them contribute to some of the sweeter memories in life.

----- Rick 12.12.08 05:13

my wife is always so sceptical when it comes to these things. Maybe we could add another element to our night life, gold!! (Au, ha ha ha)

awesome stuff though

----- James 12.12.08 04:46

Best date…probably just making out on the roof of a library in high school. Simple simple.

----- J 12.12.08 03:59

My head is spinning.

A loud bar is somewhere behind us now ignored.

Pumpkin ale (yummy, yummy, newly discovered pumpkin ale) has been consumed and the glasses sit unattended.

Televisions everywhere, tuned to random sporting events but nothing is being watched.

Music blaring and not a note is being heard.

All of it evaporated into nothingness as the focus is centered on this man I am kissing.

There is electricity in the air as our lips brush together for the first time. A hint of his tongue on my lips. Ever so slowly at first. Exploring the plushness of each others lips. Tongues timidly darting into each others mouths. Probing, tasting, exploring. Building until it is a frenzy of lips and tongues moving together. His hands reach up to the back of my neck, pulling me in for a deeper and slower kiss. I hold onto his arm as he pulls me in. He kisses my lips, centering on my lower lip as he pulls it into his mouth. He forcefully but gently bites it. Teasing me, testing my limits. He slowly drags his teeth across my lips.

I moan into his mouth as the warmth spreads throughout my entire being.

This was a year ago… and happily I can tell you that this same man is still able to make to lose all bearings, concepts or time and space with his kiss.

----- Rapunzel 12.12.08 02:53

My one year anniversary with my boyfriend, we had a pick nick and went canoeing on lake Washington. Later we went for a walk in the arboretum and spent the whole day together.

----- Gabriela 12.12.08 01:08

It STARTED with watching the sunset over the water, holding hands and talking about the colours and how we’d paint them.

Then a delicious vegetarian Sunday roast dinner and ale in a hole in the wall little English pub

Then a 5-hour adventure wandering around the city, outside of the city, into a neighbouring town, down all the tantalizing underexplored alleyways and forest paths we could find, up muddy hills, getting lost and canoodling around corners.

And it was a first date too! Swoooooon

----- Meaghan 12.12.08 01:03

sneek away secret lunch date with sushi on the balcony, intense afternoon pleasures and all of that was the beginning of all that is now.

----- Johan 12.12.08 00:58

I think of this date when the girl got this messy chicken parmigiana sandwich, and how charming it was to watch her make a terrible mess, and attempt to deal with it.

----- James 11.12.08 23:10

i’ve never been on a date…that is why i need this. :(

----- Aurie 11.12.08 23:10

For Christmas last year, I took this girl I liked (who’s my girlfriend now) to see the National Christmas tree in DC. It’s like 50ft tall with 50 smaller Christmas trees around it to represent each of the states, each decorated differently. We held hands, walked around, then got some hot chocolate to warm up.

Even though it was simple, it was enough to get my smiling.

----- Jasper 11.12.08 22:58

best date? How much space do you have for me? *chuckle* Though Sylvanus and I have had many fabulous dates, the best one would be our first, of course. Cuz that’s where it all started.
At the time he lived on the east coast and me on the west coast. We both wrote blogs and that’s how we began to know each other. He and I realized we were both unhappy in our current relationships and for pretty much the same reasons. Emails and IMs were exchanged and eventually phone numbers. We began to fall for each other. But… so many miles apart.
As luck would have it, he came out to the west coast for a job interview. It was just 2 days after Valentine’s Day. My current boyfriend at the time was gone and left me alone for work. I decided I wanted to meet Sylvanus.
He picked a fabulous restaurant in Long Beach, right by the water. The restaurant was more than an hour from where I lived, but I wanted to make the drive… on a Friday night.. during rush hour… through Los Angeles! It took me more than 2 hours to get to him and he actually thought I had ditched him (even though I kept calling to let him know my progress, or lack of).
Eventually, I did get there. It was so wonderful to see him in person for the first time. It was almost as if we had known each other for years. yet, both of us were nervous, he was so nervous, he had the shivers. We talked, we laughed, he held my hand. The food was excellent, the drinks plentiful. It was a perfect, romantic setting.
After dinner, he took me outside and we walked around the docks. He put his coat over my shoulders to keep me from getting cold. We stopped, facing each other, knowing that the moment was upon us. He leaned in closer and our lips met. We kissed and his coat fell of my shoulders and to the ground. he broke the kiss and I wrapped my hands around the back of his head and pulled him in for more. Passion enveloped us and we knew right then and there our lives would never be the same again. We made love that very night, 4 times in fact.
Not long after, he accepted the job out here on the west coast and today, we live happily together. It’s been a year and a half now and we are still the same two loving and passionate people we were back then. And instead of writing two separate blogs, we now share one together, where we have documented our relationship to share with others. There, you can see many of our dates… but our first has to be the best one.

----- mina 11.12.08 22:44

We were in Mexico and I flipped our rented jet ski in the ocean about 100 yards out going about 25 dumping us both in the ocean, and drowning my cell, his wallet and both our cameras (the “water proof” bag leaked) I had to swim back in while he followed me on the jet ski because my shoulder was out of socket and I could not pull myself up and he could not pull me out of the water with out making it worse. So I swam in, my boyfriend following me and trying to keep me safe, all our stuff ruined. I pulled myself up onto the sand sobbing as he beached the jet ski and gave it back to the rental guys. He bundled me up, got me a hot shower and never said a word about me destroying our cameras, and phones. That night he took me to a sunset dinner on a lovely overlook and we laughed about it all. That was when I knew he was the one.

----- Christina 11.12.08 22:18

My best date was to an aquarium where my man had set up a private touring and had everything candlelit…it was amazing!

----- Lisa 11.12.08 22:06

Best date would have to be Thai food, followed by a visit to Chicago’s Too Much Light Makes a Baby Go Blind. We laughed, we cried, ate chocolate covered strawberries and watched the skyline.

----- k.k. 11.12.08 22:01

The best date I had was red, sweet-scented, and by now digested.


----- whitespace 11.12.08 22:00

Best date was with a bottle of wine, downtown Vancouver halloween night. Wandering around seeing all the costumes…

----- Cheryl 11.12.08 21:58

He was my first everything. That perfect first innocent love where you never believe he could break your heart. He could never afford to do much for my birthday and I never expected him to. I was out of town the few days before with my family. When I came home I found a note. He had a key to my house, and had remembered the night when I told him about the treasure hunts my parents would make for me on Easter. He remembered when I told him about how much I missed it, and how they had to stop because it took exponentially more time to make than I spent figuring it out.
I opened that note and was lead on a three hour chase, from clue to clue, all based on my art or on key elements of our relationship. He quoted poems he would read to me and the next clue would be in the book from which they came. He made plays on words of my paintings, and had me seek the canvas in the depths of the basement.
I called him at the start, so he could watch me in my journey. He came, and grinned, and laughed at my glee. He had, however, spent so much time working on the hunt itself that he never got a grand gift for the treasure itself. I finished the last few clues without him, under the assumption that he had gone to ‘fix something’. When I reached the end, I found him sitting on my washing machine with a hug and a dandelion and a kiss.
He eventually broke my heart, as all such things must come to an end. Nothing has ever compared to that day.

----- Sara M. 11.12.08 21:26

I was moving out of my current house to one about an hour further away from my boyfriend. I had fully moved but still had the place for a couple months so I would come down on weekends to visit him. I would bring a bag of clothes and all that was left in my room was a mattress.

My last night there we went out for a dinner at our favorite pho place and came back to my place to watch a movie. At somepoint he sliped upstairs and placed LED tealights all over the floor of my room and placed my mattress right in the middle.

It was the sweetest thing ever for my last night living that close to him.

----- Danielle 11.12.08 21:24

Making dinner at home with my girlfriend, watched a movie, baked cookies, talked. These are the best dates of all!

----- Matthew K 11.12.08 21:14

the best date i ever had was when i asked my wife to marry me, it was my birthday and i knew since it was my day it was perfect. so i wanted to buy a lunch and eat it in the park. i had hidden the ring in the cars glove compartment (she never looks there) but just before we began to eat she went to get ketchup from the glove compartment. she got really exited and thought it was a present but when i asked her it was so much better. im so glad things turned out the way they did. best date ever

----- levi montez 11.12.08 21:01

Hmmm… the best date I ever had?
Wow, it has to be a night where my girlfriend took me to a choral ensemble, a local event where I had been expecting something rather mundane, and was instead mesmerized by a complete rendition of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with a choir of over 150 voices. The beauty of it, after being so skeptical, made it so lovely, and we sat for the entire performance, playing with each other’s hand, of which is for the both of us an erogenous spot. After, we went to a vegetarian/vegan cafe we love that’s open to midnight or later, and shared desserts, sipped hot chocolate, and played scrabble until closing time. And after that, we went home, and made love. Not fiery and passionate, but slow, tender, and playful, enjoying the sensations. It was all so gorgeous, and I will never forget how softly beautiful that day, and her, felt to me.

----- Ayla 11.12.08 20:56

Honestly, and quite sadly, the best date I ever went on was on a blind date. It wasn’t the date himself, the place, or anything like that. It was the way it ended so outrageously.

We seemed to be hitting it off very well, up until the very end when he told me he was in a long distance relationship and seeing six other people. He then also told me that he was only looking for fun until his long distance girl could move in with him.

Can you believe he then had the balls to then tell me that if I ever wanted to learn anything that I should give him a call. He ended up calling the next day wanting to go out again, but I never responded.

----- Tashamber 11.12.08 20:34

He bought me ice cream, we sat on a bench, and I had no idea it was a date until the very end.

----- EMILY 11.12.08 20:22

Even though it didn’t work out with the guy, this is still the best date ever.
I had never been to DC before, and so I drove the 2 hours there to meet my date. Online thing, this was our first meeting and it was spur of the moment. All of a sudden we decided to quit saying “we should meet!” and thought hey - we’re both bored, no plans, and antsy to get out and explore. I left within the hour.

He took me on a 1 hour driving tour of the city in his Porsche 911 - pointing out everything cool and old and pretty and giving a little story to many things. Not just “that’s the XYZ building”, but telling me something about it. Personalizing it. Something that I might know about it, or something that very few people know about it.

When he asked me about dinner, he wanted to know my favorite cuisines - and then declared we wouldn’t be having that sort of food! DC is a multi-cultural mecca of food, much like NYC. So for the first time ever I went to a Greek restaurant. I tried foods I might never have tried and we sat outside at a sidewalk table at sunset.
After dinner was some nighttime sightseeing to places that look cool all lit up. We got out and explored a few of the monuments. The first kiss was movie-romantic and right in the middle of the Jefferson Memorial, in a rare quiet empty moment there. It was so romantic and special being at these places away from the hectic craziness of daylight. Hushed reverie. The only thing to marr it was that he got a parking ticket outside one of the monuments. He was great about it though and barely complained.

We went back to his place and watched a great movie, Love Actually, and cuddled like pros. Later, after an hour of hot n heavy making out, he told me to stay. To have breakfast in the city with him and head back after a good nights sleep. Ever the gentleman, he took the couch.
Breakfast was at a tiny unknown place with an amazing view from their babysized back porch. Heavenly food.

By the time I left, I felt like I knew the city, and knew him. It was the best intro to a new famous city that I have ever had, and the best first date I have ever had (not to mention the longest!).

----- DangerousLilly 11.12.08 20:15

Going to the Boston Arboretum. We had a picnic with japanese food from a supermarket. It was May and half the trees were still dead but it was still beautiful to be outside. We also lamely scratched our names inside a heart on a bench.

----- kareno 11.12.08 20:08

At a playground with coffee, stars and swings!

----- Emilie 11.12.08 19:48

I remember walking downtown holding hands on a night while snow fell around us. Covering the sleeping town. We built a snow man on the steps of the cathedral. Drank coco while we watched the sun come up. I loved you then.

----- Oh Yes 11.12.08 19:42

August 22nd, my boyfriend told me to meet him outside at exactly 6PM for a date! What I didn’t know was that two of my friends were outside, who proceeded to pull me into their car and blindfold me. I was so afraid! They just dropped me off in the middle of town with a piece of paper. The paper had a clue… “Behind the trash can.” I looked around, and noticed the trash can my friends had left me close to. Of course there was a piece of paper taped to the back of it, holding another clue! I could go on about the series of clues I had to find, some of which even included meeting up with my friends in their car again (and being blindfolded again) and taken to many different locations around town… Hahaha, my favorite was when one of the clues was in a Kmart, and it said to “find the refrigerator with the heart drawn on the tag.” There was a man next to me in the fridge aisle, and I can only imagine what he thought when I opened the fridge, pulled open the meat drawer, took out an envelope, and left. XD

I swear I was going around for an hour or two, and right when I wondered when it would end (it was getting dark!) my travel agent friends dropped me off in a park. My next clue was to “follow the music,” and I heard my favorite Beethoven symphony playing! When I got to the source, there was my boyfriend, with a gorgeous candlelit dinner (he made himself!) set up under a tree. I don’t think I was ever so happy before in my life.

He later explained that the reason for sending me on my adventure was to take me through the town where we fell in love. That was the perfect date.

----- Lorien 11.12.08 19:34

On the first date, I had a wonderful dinner with Joe in a Thai Restaurant (uk). 9 months later we had it in Bangkok, Thailand.

----- jet 11.12.08 19:31

Sneaking into the dollar theatre and movie-hopping the entire night, each with a 6-pack of beer!

----- Mariko 11.12.08 19:26

my best date included something a lot like that up there, but a lot less shiny.

----- morganne 11.12.08 19:24

My best date was a 5 day trip to a tiny tropical island.
The first morning that we woke up there was our 2 year anniversary and he gave me a beautiful piece of jewelery. We spent the whole time snorkeling, hiking, eating, getting to know each other in a whole new way and embarrassing our elderly neighbors by being a little too loud in bed!
It was more than just my best date, it was one of the best times of my life.

----- Emily 11.12.08 19:18

My best date: my girlfriend called and said she’d like to run out for coffee late one night while we were studying for exams. She said to grab my coat and come outside. She was waiting in her car with blankets, a thermos and a picnic basket.
We drove to a grassy square where the city had decorated a huge Christmas tree for the holidays. We walked over to bleachers that were set up and sat together huddled under blankets to watch the stars and look up at the lights. She had made Mexican hot chocolate (in the thermos) and warm banana bread. We snacked and snuggled and then went home.
Best date ever.

----- Ashley 11.12.08 19:06

The best date ever for me…SO FAR…was my first valentines day with my now fiance. He surprised me at the beginning of the night with a Tiffany’s Elsa Paretti silver “bean” ring. I had a trip to Chicago the year before and had been raving about Millenium Park and the big “BEAN”. He then surprised me with dinner at Morton’s and as the night went on…2 more Tiffany’s boxes, one with the matching necklace and one with the bracelet.

LOVE those pieces and I wear them almost everyday.

----- Danielle 11.12.08 18:58

I took my date to the Long beach grand prix(huge car race), where I snuck in a bag of tallcans, avoiding the 9$ beers. After a bag of 22’s we were feeling a bit frisky so we headed to the top floor stair well of the Hyatt over looking the whole track. We quickly got to work, when my date noticed the entire pit crew of the Penzoil Le mans team was watching through binocs and cheering us on. The cars flying by, the team cheering on, it was pure romance!

----- Evan 11.12.08 18:53

I’ve never had a good date. That’s why I need this.

----- The Dour Salmon 11.12.08 18:43

My best date? Just a simple meeting for some dinner and some light conversation. Nothing stressful. Just a pleasant time.

----- Dominic 11.12.08 18:30

My first date with my husband!

----- Christina 11.12.08 18:22

The best date I’ve ever had. I picked the girl up, she was a bartender at the most expensive bar in town, I was a broke ass student.

I laughed off most the night, I described my car a navy BMW, it was a 1994 rusty ford van. I took her to a grocery store, we walked around chatting about the food and took part in the great appetizers they had for us (free samples) from here we went to a greasy arcade and then I told her that it was time to get serious and we were going to go for a harbour cruise on my boat. She was shocked that I had a boat but was extremely excited. When we arrived at the Bay Ferry Terminal she was less than impressed. Total cost for the date $8.25. Her final reaction: Amazing. She had been out with every single pretend millionaire in the city. Expensive dinner, drinks, flowers and never actually had fun. Maybe some LELO’s would have helped step the night really out of the ordinary.

----- Josh 11.12.08 18:19

The best date I’ve had: The first two years of friendship with my partner, before we realized we had been crushing on each other for a while. The anniversary of the first year of our relationship and third year of our friendship happens next month. A Lelo would sure keep things spicy for our one year mark!

----- Sarah 11.12.08 18:06

I made her a home made pizza and we drove to a jetty at night, enjoying the view, quietness and the pizza.

----- David Levi 11.12.08 17:48

My freshman year a boy had a huge crush on me but I wasn’t ready to commit to anything (freshman year of college! come on!) and by the end of sophomore year I had settled down and was worried I’d ruined any chance I had with him. I asked him over to watch a movie, thinking we’d just watch something from my library. He asked what my favorite movie was and at the time it was ‘Wonderboys.’ After I told him he didn’t show up for two hours. I was worried that I’d been stood up (since asking him out was nerve-wracking enough). He showed up at my door, soaking wet, with my favorite movie in tow. He’d walked four miles in the rain to the nearest movie store to get my favorite movie. At the end of the night we sat there, in the dark, waiting for the other one to make a move. I finally worked up the nerve to quickly kiss him. That was three years ago and we are still together.

----- Alexington 11.12.08 17:40

My favourite date is February 29th. Only happens every 4 years, but keeps me young despite my driver’s licence!!! Opps! did you mean “DATE?” that would be my boyfriend’s, although it is a bit hairy! ;-)

----- Kylie Suttor 11.12.08 17:39

best date was when i got engaged after hiking for 3 days to reach the top of a large outcropping to witness the billions of stars above our heads.

----- Lux Lund 11.12.08 17:36

My girlfriend knows I have a sweet tooth and she wanted to surprise me for our 1 year anniversary, so she told me to meet her at her place one Sunday afternoon. So I get to her house and I see her door covered in green paper, with a sign that says “welcome to candy-land”. I knock on the door she opens the door dressed up as a “sexy” willy-wonka. The living room was completely covered in tulips and everlasting gobstoppers spread all over, and in the coffee table she had placed two glasses of cognac and a heart-shaped tiramisu (which is my favorite dessert). However, the spoons were nowhere to be found. I asked her about this and she said they were hiding in the bedroom. It was one of the funnest afternoons ever.

----- sam 11.12.08 17:34

My best date was canoeing with my girlfriend from Denman Island to Hornby Island on the west coast of British Columbia… It took hours longer than we planned, we paddled until three am, under the milky way, our paddle strokes lighting up the bio-luminescence in the water. We were followed by a trail of dreamy stars sparkling slowly in the water behind us. Beautiful.

----- Katie 11.12.08 17:33

That would be my first date with the man that is now my husband. We only ate pizza in a carpark, hiding from the rain, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off eachother so it didn’t matter where we were. ;)

----- Emxero 11.12.08 17:21

lets face it some of us want this for reasons unmentioned, I am not one of them but i sure would place it on a pedestal, inside a glass case, front and center of my mantel, well lit as it should be. so when people ask i can just grin, then precede to fill them in.

----- -G 11.12.08 17:12

Going camping, getting soaked while climbing up the mountain to watch the sunset, drying and cuddling in the tent all night with the sound of the rain

----- sherry 11.12.08 17:11

i got taken to the cinema by a hot older woman, only to knock a full coke into her lap in the middle of the film. that said, we ended up leaving early and she had to shower at my apartment…

----- Nik Riviera 11.12.08 16:56

Best date ever was a first date that started with a group date. We tried to ditch everyone discreetly, but in the end our friends waved us off with wide, snarky grins. We walked around a neighborhood, holding hands, and played the question game about what our favorite X was. Upon finding out we were super cool people who loved really lame creature features and eating raw, weird foods, we had our first kiss on a bench.

Then the bushes next to us rustled and out popped the heads of our friends. There was a chase, laughter, a sudden lawn water fight, and we all fell asleep in a backyard that we later found out did not belong to either of us.

----- freefallen 11.12.08 16:55

It was my third date with my now husband and we started off going to the art galleries for First Friday in Phoenix, then watched the last Matrix movie and ended it with eating Taco Bell and watching WildBoyz till 4 in the morning. It was also the night of our first kiss; )

----- SuzyCat 11.12.08 16:48

My favorite date ever was probably around this time last year, we went for a walk in a park nearby that was impressively lit up for christmas. We sat on a bench with roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate to keep us warm and watched the lights. It was just one of those beautiful nights where you are out in public, but it feels like it’s all been put there for you so that your own private moments are even more special.

There’s been a lot of good ones since then too. And if I win this, it’ll probably end up in a couple good ones too :)

----- Arezu 11.12.08 16:47

GIMMIE IT. then I’ll have my best date.

----- Katie 11.12.08 16:47

It happened in Savannah on the fourth of July. My boyfriend and I paddled kayaks out to the ocean just before sunset. The tide was moving out and we stumbled upon our own private sandbar island. We watched the sunset while laying on our little island and we made love under the fireworks. It was amazing.

----- Melissa 11.12.08 16:43

I think my best date would have to be my worst, because it left me with such a great story to tell my friends.

I had managed to meet a cute backpacker on the street while doing some events promotions work. We chatted a bit, decided I could show him around and exchanged numbers. A few nights later we went out and I took him to a few bars in the area.

However, to my dismay he turned out to be a deeply boring and humorless individual. First I offended him by asking his age, then received only serious remarks when I tried to joke or make a cheeky comment. I gave up when I realized I couldn’t lighten the mood and after listening to his conversation for far longer than I would have liked, I started to drift off…

With my head in hand I must have slowly started to droop in his direction. I don’t think he realized I’d actually fallen asleep, and neither did I until I was startled awake again to find him going in for the kiss!

Finally I had to call it quits and go home. My house was only a few blocks away and feeling too guilty to make a backpacker catch a taxi I agreed to let him crash at mine. He obviously took this as an invitation into my bed because when we got there his clothes came off as fast as Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty! I was Shocked and couldn’t be bothered dealing with it so climbed into bed looking as uninterested as I possibly could. While he tried to get his groove on and seduce me, I was so tired I quickly let myself fall asleep again to avoid awkwardness.

I don’t know at what point he realized that the girl he was trying to get it on with was so uninterested she’d fallen asleep. but let me just say it was damn awkward waking up next to him. I would have much preferred a date with a Lilo that night!!

----- Jess 11.12.08 16:31

My best date ever was my first date with my husband. We went to the mystic aquarium, and walked around at all the outdoor exhibits, even though it was below freezing - it was a good excuse to hold hands. Later we went for a walk in the woods, with a full moon and snow on the ground. In the middle of our walk, he kissed me for the first time and I just melted. What a guy!!

----- Emmie 11.12.08 16:30

sweetest date ever - a cold night at the top of the Empire State Building (so it was empty) and I just chatted the night away with the man I now love. Who would have thought? The perfect first date.

----- Nadia P 11.12.08 16:29

I’ve been seeing this guy and one day we decided to go for lunch at a very high end Italian restaurant. He’s always respected my taste, and invited me to go condo shopping for himself after lunch. After several places where the realtor assumed we were moving in together we decided to go along with it just for fun. We spent several hours strolling through expensive condos downtown, joking and winning over the realtors or home owners. I have to say it was the most fun I’ve ever had with a guy. We have been together for eight months now, and as weird as it would sound to all of my friends because I’ve always been the “independent-I don’t need a man” kind of girl, I hope someday we’ll be doing the same thing except it’ll be real.

----- Vanessa 11.12.08 16:29

The best date I ever had was the first evening my partner and I spent together. We’re both painfully shy about making moves, and I had to invite him over to see a movie (he said he’d never seen the Godfather if you can believe it). He’d asked if he should bring anything, and I love candy, so he brought bags and bags of candy, and walked all the way across town. And wore a t-shirt with the Super-Mario mushroom on it. And was adorably kind to my then-pregnant roommate. I had to keep explaining what was going on in the movie. We’ve been together 3 years now :P

----- Katie 11.12.08 16:28

My first date with this girl we stopped at the bar she worked at for a drink after dinner, which then turned into a bottle of Jameson. A guy in an ascot attacked us, bit somebody else and the cops called us “pirates”. Needless to say it was a goodtimes and we have been together ever since.

----- Vin 11.12.08 16:25

She showed up.

----- COREY 11.12.08 16:20

A surprise weekend in the Bahamas for my wife (then girlfriend) for her birthday because her parents forgot about her birthday the year before. We couldn’t afford it but it was worth the debt and a few months of lean living afterward.

----- JD 11.12.08 16:10

Best date ever: when I was in Istanbul, the night before my 7AM flight home. We had “dinner” at a delicious bakery, then drove to a hilltop on the Asian side (I had been staying in Sultanahmet) to look out over the water at all the lights and New Year’s decorations for a while. Afterward we went to a jazz club, danced, and stayed until 4 when I had to go back and pack. No sleep, but it was still a beautiful night.

----- Lemons 11.12.08 15:45

The dirty dozen and a bottle of yoohoo… did I mention the dirty dozen?

----- Sean Lee 11.12.08 15:44

i had been with a guy for 4 years and he basically lived on my couch and bled me dry of all my money. when it finally ended, my boss (who i only worked with for a few days) had a coworker ask me to meet him at his house for lunch. when i got to his house, he told me it wasn’t just lunch, it was a shopping spree and he was buying me whatever i wanted. he felt that i hadn’t taken care of pleasuring myself with luxury items (like a nice handbag & newer clothing) because i had spent so much time taking care of my loser ex-boyfriend, and that i deserved to be treated better. after we got lunch and wrapped up the day, he didn’t even try anything creepy or shitty like trying to get some sort of compensation for all that he had just spent on me (although a few dates later, he def. got paid back). needless to say, we are still together a year later and he still spoils the crap out of me. but a shopping spree as your first date?? as any female would probably agree, how can a date possibly be any better???

----- bombs 11.12.08 15:39

the ones i cant remember

----- joe 11.12.08 15:24

I took a girl I was dating to SOB down in the Village for a night of samba, which neither of us had ever heard live.

The band was amazing, the music surrounded and embraced us, and the booze was great (and free that night, compliments of my uncle who happened to be there also).

We used the backseat of a cab as a daybed en route to my apartment, and I can say without a trace of doubt that I had the best sex of my life that night (don’t tell my wife…).

We broke up a few months later and I moved from New York years ago, but I will never forget that night.

----- Dave 11.12.08 15:04

I asked this pretty acquaintance of mine out on a date a few years back. I had just seen her in an athletic modern dance that included elements of various sports. I was training for boxing at the time, so I offered to take her to dinner and give a boxing lesson if she would help cure my shin splints (she was in school to be a physical therapist.)
We had indian food and aftarwards, we went to the dance studio. I taught her how to stand and turn and punch. I taught her a couple of combinations and she punched at my hands. At one point, she asked me to stand in one place for a second. I said OK, and she took five big steps backwards. ‘Ready?’ she said. ‘Uh…’ I responded. She then ran full speed towards me, lifted into the air, spun, and landed straight into my arms.
Now she’s my wife!

----- dave 11.12.08 14:45

The first day I met my husband we went to the beach and drank beers watching the sunset and talked. He kissed me out of nowhere and I knew he was the one.

----- awolf 11.12.08 14:43

Even though we’re not together now, my ex-fiance took me out on our first “official” date to a very posh downtown restaurant. We scrounged up our best “nice” clothes and still felt out of place. It would have been perfect- every pain was made to make the meal spectacular. There was a food critic at the table next to us so the staff was on their best behavior. The waiter spent a lot of time matching our wine to our meals. Unfortunately, we were both sick as dogs but wouldn’t admit it. Neither one of us was hungry enough to do anything but pick at our food, which we couldn’t taste anyway because our noses were completely stuffed up. Afterwards, we had our leftovers boxed up and went home and threw up together, which was oddly romantic (ok, *very* odd). It was hilarious and sweet that we both sucked it up to make a nice evening, but we just couldn’t wait to go out, haha!
Not exactly the “best date ever” but quirky enough to be memorable :-)

----- Lauren 11.12.08 14:41

a tightly packed bowl, a crisp sunset, a salty breeze, close crashing surf, and a tiny fire.

And ribs. That evening would never have tasted as good without the barbecue ribs.

----- Wyatt 11.12.08 14:41

ooo those are so nice, great giveaway! my best date was with my husband, we love to plan out stay at home dates where there are no problems. pizza, movies, all in the comfort of our pjs, cant get much better than that.

----- Anna 11.12.08 14:41

It was July 7th, 2007 (luckiest day EVER). It was our first date and I met him in Brooklyn (my turf). It was a beautiful day and I took him to the promenade and he spotted the Brooklyn bridge.

I asked, “are you hungry?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “Let’s walk over the bridge and go to Chinatown to get a bite. I know a good spot.”

Did I mention it was a beautiful day? Going on, after lunch we walked back and to our surprise there was a festival going on at the Brooklyn Bridge Park….”77 Drums” it was called. There was a line to get in and it was JUST as long as the bridge we just crossed! Believe me, we tried to reach the end but was unsuccessful. So we found a spot further down the park, sat on the steps and watched the sun set on that warm afternoon. We talked about life..and things.

As the day turned into the night, we walked back to the promenade. Held each other and had our first kiss. The Empire State Building was lit green that night. Since then, he still holds me the same way he did that night.

It will always be my luckiest day ever.

----- Lazarou 11.12.08 14:25

The best date ever was at the Red Fez. She was in a blond with big boobs in blue dress, we ate grilled cheese and talked all night. Now we call it the 3 B’s. HAHAHA!!!

----- Paul 11.12.08 14:25

The best date I ever had was with my life-long love, the only person who truly understands and appreciates me: someone who grasps my genius, who feeds my ambition, and invests every bit of time and energy possible to encourage my spiritual growth.

Someone who has paid a premium for me to enjoy needles in 90210.

It began with a wet stare, melted into a wet kiss…

And then I washed my right hand, closed YouPorn.com, and got back to work.

----- KRISTOPHER DUKES 11.12.08 14:14

The best date I ever had was an entire weekend where I visited my boyfriend at the time in Ithaca during the summer. He took me to this huge waterfall, and then to a small creek with a really deep pool in it that was so fun to jump into. Al in all we had a really great weekend together!

----- B 11.12.08 14:12

My boyfriend of 2 years and I went to the local seaside for our anniversary. It’s a really run down town with all sorts of arcades and the kind of casinos that smell of dogs. We ate burgers then took to the 2p machines and won each other key-rings … then proceeded to win key-rings for all our friends and family. At the end of the evening we only had enough money for a taxi half the way home. We walked the rest of the way across fields - drunk on happiness - apart from a brief stop off in a field where he chivalrously put down his coat and we had really fabulous sex.

----- Jo 11.12.08 14:11

Went out to dinner, then drinks and dancing. Chatting underneath the stars. Fantastic night.

----- Zoe 11.12.08 14:11

Black Crow restaurant after I proposed to my (now) wife.

----- ben 11.12.08 14:11

My best date didn’t start out as a date at all. Started with a book publishing party, went on to dinner, then drinks, then… well, we are married now.

----- Elizabeth 11.12.08 14:00

Best date ever..my boyfriend picked me up and took me bowling and out to dinner. We had such fun talking and joking all night that I never wanted it to end. 15 years later, we’re still going strong.

----- Michelle 11.12.08 13:59

My best date was yesterday. But it won’t be anymore.
My best date will be tonight.
But tomorrow it won’t be anymore.

My best date is the day I stay with my girlfriend!
It doesn’t matter if it’s in a fancy restaurant or drinking a beer at home.

----- rafael 11.12.08 13:53

Fondue and a midnight swim on the beach. No complaints here!

----- Allison 11.12.08 13:52

Best Date was when I took my future wife rock climbing when we were only 18. Even though we were young and inexperienced it was then that I knew that we would end up together.

----- Razz 11.12.08 13:51

I felt really close to this person. I felt appreciated which is something that I don’t feel very often. We didn’t do anything exciting or expensive. As a matter of fact, we got to do something which totally pampered me. The conversation was good and there were a lot of laughs. At the end of the night, it was by far one of the best dates I’ve gone on in a very long time.

----- Ron 11.12.08 13:34

We were actually friends first and he invited me over for coffee. I sat facing him in his sofa, drinking the best damn coffee I´ve ever tasted and then out of no where he rested his hand on my knee and smiled and it felt like being inside a cloud …and my whole body tingled. It wasnt a date first, but ended up being on of the best and most exciting time of my life.

----- Emma 11.12.08 13:24

after going to a hockey game with great seats, we got to take home one of the players sticks and just made a great night out of it. (last week)

----- gnc 11.12.08 13:23

The best date I ever had was when I took two beautiful, blonde sisters for pizza and a movie, just as friends of course. One of them told me she was really into me while her sister was buying the drinks and then the other one said the same thing before the movie started. Of course, I knew it couldn’t possibly be true and told them both to stop messing with me and that I now felt awkward. They both feigned genuine surprise and started to have a fake argument about how I ‘was their’s’ and then they had a fake fight and fake scratched and screamed at each other in front of a hundred other movie goers. So TAKE THAT WORLD!I WAS TOO SMART FOR YOU SO HA!

----- Glenn 11.12.08 13:13

Dinner on south beach. We got there by limo. Alot of wine was ordered. It was a really good night

----- Vadhym 11.12.08 13:05

2 year anniversary dinner, when he told me he couldn’t remember the last time he felt happy. It was the first time he opened up. We’ve grown a lot since then.

----- Kim 11.12.08 12:40

Best Date?: stripping down and jumping into the ocean at 3am for the hell of it!

----- t 11.12.08 12:40

My best date was a simple walk around a tree lined college campus, we talked all night on a bench, then ate breakfast.

----- joey 11.12.08 12:38

Valentine’s day last year: my boyfriend took me out to a restaurant which looks out onto the Hudson directly at NYC. Our view was amazing and so was the food! It was incredible, I’ve never been to a nicer restaurant! (I felt so fancy)
After, we went back to his place and he had candles and white wine set up for me, it was so romantic!

It was a surprise coming from the sweetest (but usually not romantic) guy I know!

----- Cait 11.12.08 12:37

A bunch of us moved from the East coast to LA to work on a campaign, after the election a friend(v. dishy friend) from work called to see if I wanted to do something - I thought because he didn’t know many people in town. We started at a pub that served the random cider I like, had a great casual dinner - but then walked across the street to a very fancy restaurant for very good scotch. He ordered some strawberries and whipped cream - I don’t even think it was on the menu. It was so comfortable, because we were just friends, no pressure. When we were walking out he looked at my smile and asked “What?!” and I said “god, that would have been a perfect date.” He looked at me like I was crazy - and then he kissed me.

----- Elizabeth 11.12.08 12:34

i’ve found that the best dates are the ones that are the least planned.

this summer i went on a first date to see the movie wall-e. afterwards, we walked our bikes over a beautiful bridge that spans the mississippi and ended up rolling down a large hill where we lied for at least an hour watching the meteor shower.

he walked me and my bike home across the city and we listed to a man on a corner play the score to summertime on his saxophone on my corner.

----- lauren michele 11.12.08 12:24

lunch cruise in chattanooga followed by a stroll through the aquarium and downtown area.

----- jacob 11.12.08 12:10

Best date ever involved my sick friend (now girlfriend), lots of Chinese food and a bad rip of office space. I later found out she never liked Chinese.

----- BETTER OFF TED 11.12.08 12:10

hmm, it must have been thanksgiving of last year… we went to prospect park and met these guys who had gotten a remote controlled helicopter stuck in a tree, so i climbed it and shook it out. we spent all day wandering around soho and then got “thanksgiving dinner”… turkey sandwiches, beer, and a can of cranberry jelly from a deli!

----- xue 11.12.08 12:06

My best date was one that could have been sour. I was waiting on a blind date (okay, it wasn’t really a blind date, he was semi-famous so I knew what he looked like, a mutual friend had set us up). I was getting ready painting my nails and bleaching my upper lip. Gasp! I don’t really have a girl-stache but I like to be cautious. There was a knock on my door, I thought it was my friend bringing over earrings for me to borrow for my date. WRONG! It was mr. semi-celebrity! SO I open the door and he sees me with bleaching cream smothering my upper lip. Horrible right? I just about fall over from humiliation. He smiles, but says nothing. I was tempted to cancel the date, but I’m glad I didn’t. We ended up going to to Six Flags, dinner, and then playing Laser Tag. We acted like kids the entire night, it was fun, and we’re still friends to this day!

I. Need. This. Vibe.

I am a huge LELO fan, and have four of their toys. I have been drooling over these new pieces for the past week or so! I review sex toys on my blog, so if I win I promise to write a shining review of this item and NOTCOT. Thanks!!

----- amber 11.12.08 11:59

haha best date had to be with a girl i met through a friend. We met in westwood and had pizza, then took a stroll through the UCLA campus. It was sunset and was nice. We then told each other ghost stories which was really fun!

----- james park 11.12.08 11:48

those aren’t cuff links!

----- rstevens 11.12.08 11:47

Well my best date was a surprise picnic on the beach with a good bottle of wine and a blanket.

But if I were a women I would say a night of pleasure after winning this prized toy

----- Jason 11.12.08 11:45

I love that the matching cufflink and butt plug set is named EARL.

----- guffman32 11.12.08 11:41

Best date was my first date with my current partner in crime. What started off as a typical dinner and a movie turned into a 7 dessert sweet fest, as we missed our reservation (but not the movie), and then spent the rest of the night parked ontop of a hill overlooking the East Bay talking well into the late night, drawing on the steamed car windows, and just getting to know each other after months of chatting online.

----- Gregory Han 11.12.08 11:35

beers, pizza, wii, and the office marathon. I love my geek.

----- Aaron 11.12.08 11:30

The last time my ex and I went for coffee was remarkable.

We discovered that I had dumped her because of my insecurities and my inability to trust her. I cried and she embraced me. But she still makes me suffer.

It was at some crummy Tim Hortons by York Mills TTC station in Toronto.

I will never forget that night nor will the scar on my heart heel.

----- Jaime 11.12.08 11:30

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