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WIN IT! $4500 of NVIDIA/CS4 Goodies!- 12.29.08

contestpost2a.jpg CLICK HERE TO ENTER!… Ok guys, seriously? Even if you don’t want to enter, can someone win this for me? I never even knew i needed/wanted/craved a $2000 Graphics Card… but with promises to make all things CS4 lightning fast, how can any of us resist?!?!?! Even if you don’t have a desktop, having this might be reason enough to get one… mmmm, blazingly fast Adobe Creative Suite ~ super video editing/encoding…. product model renderings in real time! *swoon* So that’s the NVIDIA Quadro CX Graphics Accelerator… on top of that they are throwing in a copy of Adobe CS4 Master Collection (small print: its usable only until CS5 emerges, but that’s still pretty awesome)… Master Suite is the one with EVERYTHING: InDesign CS4, Photoshop CS4 Extended, Illustrator CS4, Acrobat 9 Pro, Flash CS4 Professional, Dreamweaver CS4, Fireworks CS4, Contribute CS4, After Effects CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Soundbooth CS4, Adobe OnLocation CS4, Encore CS4, Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Device Central CS4, Dynamic Link, and Version Cue CS4. You want. Trust me, even if you already have both of these, you totally want it, or give it to me! =)

This is the NOTCOT prompt this week, so hope you have fun with it! PLAYING WITH SCALE: So you took your shrink way and aimed it at… well, you tell us! Better yet, SHOW us! Share images of videos of unexpected proportions to win!

So what do you have to do? Just SUBMIT an image or video at the contest page! But first, here are a few quirks i’ve found with the NVIDIA gallery that i thought would be helpful (and also show you why it really doesn’t take much on your part to enter!)…
1. Maximum display size of artwork in the gallery: 512px x 387px
… tinier than most NOTCOT post images
2. You lose about 71px off the bottom of that for their pointy bit
3. Title can only be up to 18 characters
… many full names are longer!
4. Description can only be up to 111 characters
…yes, less than an SMS/Tweet
5. Post approval person seems to lag, so don’t worry, they should eventually show up!
6. Pay little attention to the posts showing in the Contests Gallery ~ they are still showing the ones from the first prompt *sigh*

For more info ~ mostly visuals of what entering looks like, more ideas, and some crazy toys attacking a gingerbread house as my example mini photoshoot of messing with scale… check out the next page! or ENTER THE CONTEST!

So here’s another image i made as an intro post image, but decided sharing prizes with you first was more fun!

Here’s what to expect from the submit form ~ super simple, just as i told you above, don’t expect to get much space to describe your work… and add extra buffer on the bottom of the image since it will cut off quite a bit!


Here’s how the gallery looks…

Here’s what a final entry looks like in full view…

And for some perspective… here it is in actual size… see how much that arrow chops off? and how tiny it is?

I had a bit too much fun with this not at all yummy gingerbread house that has a cardboard foundation… so took it out into the moss with some toys and played with photographing it ~ basically, if i could submit, i’d probably upload some of these snap shots! It’s all about keeping it fun really! Whether you show us your cat attacking a small micro-city, or photoshop up some craziness with toys so large they attack humans…. or pull an alice in wonderland and shrink yourself down as if you’re trying to climb on top of your laptop… HAVE FUN!!! You only need to make a 512px x 387px for a chance to win!




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11 Notes

Where is my card and CS4? Any news about the winner?

----- Hashim 16.03.09 07:31

Who is the winner? Any updates?

----- Anaska 10.02.09 19:03

Have they announced the winner yet?

----- Alexis 17.01.09 14:21

Well, one surely can’t win if one doesn’t enter. For the curious, my entry here.

----- Chris 14.01.09 15:43

The colors on the jpg I uploaded are inverted when I select my entry in the gallery. Can I reupload a web safe jpg for my entry?

----- Nathan 09.01.09 14:40

Do you know if we can enter more than once? And, I can’t find any copyright type of info on the sight, it says that the winning pic will be shown at some show.. but will it be available for sale? i can’t find a contact.

----- Whitney 01.01.09 10:20

I had a lot of trouble entering the last prompt in Firefox. One browser switch & everything worked fine.

----- Sam 30.12.08 12:43

THECOSMICKIZ ~ hmmm the “SUBMIT YOUR WORK” button at the top *should* take you to the form… try again? its working for me now? maybe there was a bug earlier (its a bit wonky unfortunately)

Becky ~ i can’t wait to check out the mini flan!!!

Kirk ~ all the winners have been announced in the various giveaway posts

----- Jean/NOTCOT 30.12.08 02:58

Did you already send out all giveaway prizes?….Im still waiting for mine…..

----- Kirk 29.12.08 23:46

How do I submit my work? I entered contest page, but I couldn’t go to submission page. help. please.

----- thecosmickiz 29.12.08 21:45

oh my gosh I just entered! I hope Tiny Flan does the trick :)

----- Becky 29.12.08 18:13

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