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Alien Fresh Jerky- 01.10.09

alien1.jpg This has been a strange strange trip ~ in a nutshell, its been the least CES-y ces trip ever ~ and to be honest, we never made it to the main show floor (just ran around the sands part for an hour or two) ~ but with the extensive coverage just about EVERYWHERE online right now (yes, we too are lusting after the Palm Pre), i feel like we’ve been seeing the best of’s all over! Instead we ended up indulging in some exploring of vegas, meetings/dinners/etc… so to everyone i never got a chance to meet back up with at the main show floor ~ apologies! Next time, perhaps?

So back to the random adventures around Vegas ~ i’ve seen the highway signs for Alien Fresh Jerky for years… so we went on the way back to LA! It is like a highway stop Alien 7-11 filled with jerky, alien paraphernalia, honey, nuts, hot sauce, you name it… there was a ufo crashing into it, and a family of aliens parked in the parking lot… and clearly they’ve been having a LOT of fun with their packaging/branding! So see the pics on the next page… and you can even order online for the next time you need some Alien stocking stuffers…














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I LOVED this place when I was heading out to go to Coachella this last year. Pretty damn good beef jerky, but I was very impressed by the total brand IMC package. Even the employees were a bit quirky… of course that could have been my mentality at the time

----- chasen 12.01.09 16:22

How goofy! I like it!

----- Natalie 12.01.09 06:36

we stopped here about 3 years ago and it was not so hip & cool they must have had a design overhaul

----- tali 10.01.09 17:30

Hilarious concept, and a bit creepy at the same time.

----- Masa 10.01.09 16:16

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