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Nathan Jurevicius Peleda Owls- 01.01.09

owl0.jpgOn recent obsessions ~ Nathan Jurevicius’ Peleda Owl Wind Up Blind Box Toys by Toy Tokyo!!!! You saw the original version as .org #17153… and alyssa mentioned that there was a special urban outfitters exclusive edition as well… so while the new Space 1520 in Hollywood, i finally saw them in person and was so taken by the packaging as well as the windups owls themselves! (Mean urbn guy wouldn’t let me trade whatever was in my box for the demo black one that was just sitting out!!!) Sooooooo, as a result i started researching them all and rounded up all the pictures i found of them as well as close up photos of our glowing and magenta ones and they great packaging graphic design! See it all on the next page!

Nathan Jurevicius’ may sound familiar because he’s the aussie illustrator behind Scary Girl.

Here’s the pastel original series ~ available at Toy Tokyo and sold out at Kid Robot… and also some pics at Scary Toys!

Here are the two limited edition SDCC 08 colorways over at Toy Tokyo

Here are the ones at Urban Outfitters ~ they charged us 9.99 in store… they are 7.99 online… and all things on sale are 25% off, so the are down to 5.99 in the cart!

How awesome is this box?!?!?!?!?! Even though we didn’t get the black or silver ones (though definitely do love the Glow one! and the red one we’ve decided is like little red riding hood but as an owl/roach/beetle…), i’m still super giddy about the box! Maybe i’ll add a scan in when i get home later…

Here are the other two sides….

And the bottom!!!

Here are some random pics of the two we got…





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6 Notes

I love owls so so so much and these make my brain hurt with excitement and glee!!!!

----- Sarah Phillips 29.12.09 17:33

4.99 now at urbn.com

----- mark 11.02.09 09:49

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!

----- Jen 07.02.09 18:24

Jurevicius and peleda- are very Lithuanian! Love Lithuania!

----- alisa 02.01.09 21:38


----- Christine 02.01.09 10:24

Those are adorable. I love the aqua barn owl, and the silver one.

----- cole 01.01.09 22:02

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