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Too Late Watches- 01.05.09

toolate1.jpg Remember the Too Late watches that surfaced as .org #16568? Well a few were sent over, and the packaging and product itself was pretty interesting…. firstly, i LOVE that they package these little watches in adorable screw top jars! And then, instead of replacing just the battery, you actually purchase a whole new tiny watch mechanism, which is micro-blister-packed! The watches themselves were thicker than i imagined from the website, being just shy of 1 inch wide, and there isn’t much stretch to them, so make sure you get the right size, or else it might be a bit rough on your hand getting it on! Being waterproof ~ i suppose these are perfect for swimming/diving or even working out? I could totally see stretching one to use as a grip on my water bottle! Only issue i had with them is the buttons are pushed and time reset far too easily ~ the slightest bump and they seemed to be flashing and changing modes! They come in quite the range of colors ~ and it seems like they are constantly adding new ones! Apparently these Italian watches are taking off in the younger circles ~ and kids are wearing them in bunches! (Also perfect for the multi-time-zone jetsetter?) Take a peek at the pics on the next page to see closeups of the jar, the watches, and the tiny mechanism running it all!

Here are the cute jars…

They show the Too Late logo on the side

Close up to see the Mode and Set buttons…

The small versus the large size!

Popping out the watch mechanism… you can see the pen there to give you some scale…

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the Too Late watches to me… the tiny blister packed mechanism! So tempted to cut one open! Although you can pretty much see all there is to it through the plastic…

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hi, i bought a too late watch (the white) and was just wondering how long the battery lasts for? its been about a year! uhm i live in australia so its kinda hard to get a new watch!

----- Alia Khan 06.11.10 22:34

I ordered one… but it has not come for over a month. :(
I emailed the contact, and tried to call (not even an answering machine)
I was planning on buying my boyfriend one, he’s allergic to metal, and is also chronically late, when I got mine… but alas.

----- Rose 11.12.09 12:40

just back from holiday in Italy.
still very fashionable these “too late”, and the latest trend seems to be some face plates to apply to the watch. “Popochos” is the name, they are really cool.

----- kate 25.06.09 15:56

LOVE the item, and ADORE the packaging!!
And they actually fit small wrists too!

----- Juliette 10.04.09 11:00

Love the colors and packaging.

----- EarthtoBella 20.01.09 23:49

“And then, instead of replacing just the battery, you actually purchase a whole new tiny watch mechanism, which is micro-blister-packed!”

Is that a bonus? In my opinion is not a soo nice thing.

Would be not cheaper to just replace the battery?
Would be not also more “ecological”?

----- Andrea 06.01.09 02:33

Mine’s in the post at the moment…
Ordered a black one, but I might have to go for a grey one too…

If you’re in the UK, then maybe check out
as well, they’re simmilar in design and stocked in a lot of shops.
I don’t know if you get the same great packaging though…

----- Hugh 06.01.09 00:39

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