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Welcome to 2009!- 01.01.09

newyearMAIN.jpgHappy 2009!!! I must say i’m extra giddy about this year starting ~ it feels like a good one! To kick it off we decided to do some of the things we’re hoping to do more of this year! So Dan, Linhchi and i started it off by sleeping in… waaaaaay in… then cooking fluffy delicious waffles, eggs, and veggie sausages that we enjoyed out on the deck… and then off to an adventure wandering on a trail in Topanga for a few hours… with our cameras, random ideas, and not much else… So now as we relax (they are playing Little Big World + i’m posting this!) ~ i think we’re ready to do 2009 right! Basically my resolution is to do more of what i love, and less of what i don’t. What are yours?

And as for adventures ~ check out the massive number of pics to see what we found on our wander ~ amazing sunset and fun crazy darkness pictures playing with our led flashlights… as well as closeups of teeny tiny flowers and moss… and more!

I have a fascination with the gorgeous glowingly green moss…

… playing with dramatic shadow typography…

… love the colors of the rocks…

… dewy!

… shoes!

… tiny flowers that i kept running across!

… we don’t know what this is… i thought it was fuzzy, possibly feces, strangely crystallized?




AMAZING colors at sunset, i could stare at for ages…







I think this is my favorite very bizarre shot of the day… they were just walking too! Not running away from me!


Then we went back to the car…

…. and off we went!

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“More of what i love, and less of what i don’t.” I like it, sounds like a great resolution to me.

----- ben 05.01.09 16:26

Gorgeous photos - makes me wanna pack up and move to LA :)

----- chernwei 03.01.09 19:20

I don’t think I have any hard & fast Resolutions, but I’d sure like to give back more locally, get an entry level camera kit so I can get back to just getting out & shooting - anything. I spend WAY too much time in front of various screens, no matter how HD it becomes, it’s no replacement for the real thing. Looking forward to 2009 on the ‘Cot too!

----- The Slapster 03.01.09 15:53

2009 looks beautiful already…

----- mb 03.01.09 11:22

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