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Canon D10- 02.18.09

canon1.jpg Quickly, move past the fugliness, i’m really hoping that’s just how it feels in the product shots, and that in your hand its smaller and less bloated seeming (4.08 x 2.63 x 1.92 in./103.6 x 66.9 x 48.8mm) …. ANYHOW, moving along, firstly, it’s about time Canon has an everything-proof camera ~ the new Canon D10 waterproof to 33ft, freezeproof, and shockproof! We’ve had those little pentax optio waterproofs of various generations around for random adventures for some time now, but i’ve always preferred Canon… And thank goodness you can “customize” the casing and swap off that turquoisey faceplate… perhaps that’s their brilliant way to convince most to buy the accessory kit? BUT, the real feature i wanted to show you… did you see the way the various strap options attach to the body? I’m really curious to see how that feels in person and how it works exactly… glad to see Canon branching out with the design details, with the crazy weather we seem to be having all over the world these days this sounds like the perfect “have on you at all times” camera. See the detail shots on the next page!

Canon, why no HD video?







Camo pic found via Dvice!

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I got Canon D10 for my birthday!!! it’s worth every penny

----- ally 20.10.09 14:33

This camera is bulbous. We do not know how secure the grip is. The things we know so far are Canon reputation, the hip and fun shape, ruggedness, and underwater capability. Reading the press release re specs, there are a lot of things to be desired like wider lens angle, longer zoom, physical size, HD video capability, larger LCD, etc. However, due to Canon’s image quality and if you are a Canon fan and don’t mind bulkiness, this should be the camera to lug anywhere. I shall wait for the hands on tests and result.

----- Db Bm 15.03.09 11:38

i don’t understand the body design. it’s a cam made for active people and rugged terrain. and all you get is a smooth egg shaped thing. can’t imagine how this should work in any way while wearing gloves for example… good that it’s shockproof :-D

----- benjamin 19.02.09 05:33

The PowerShot D10 IS Digital Camera is scheduled to be available in early May for an estimated retail price of $329.99.
…. according to the press release

----- Jean/NOTCOT 19.02.09 03:24

The whole camera in Dull Black would look nice.
The Price-tag will be 369 Euro.

----- sancess 19.02.09 02:56

So how much for it?

----- Liam 18.02.09 23:01

I wonder how it compares to the new Olympus Stylus. Maybe you can pull off a side-by-side review of looks/features/price ;)

----- tommy pez 18.02.09 21:27

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