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Shrine and Kofie Live Painting- 02.15.09

shine1.jpg There’s something magical and completely mesmerizing about watching incredible artists live painting ~ in addition to the Live Painting auction for charity happening at Lucent L’amour last night, within the gallery space of Mike Russek was the live painting of Shrine (who is also a Lucent Dossier performer!) and Kofie… the juxtaposition of watching those two next to each other was fascinating ~ the free flowing brush strokes of Shrine on his bright yellow canvas alongside the vintage-futurist architect-like meticulous concentration of Kofie… Also noteworthy, you have to check out Shrine’s Shoes… more on the next page! It got sooo cold, i ended up getting distracted by other gallery openings downtown, sucked into a movie, then some late night 3am churros, so unfortunately didn’t see how these finished up…





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This is so beautiful. The juxtaposition of both painters is so intruiging. Im moved by Shrine’s piece. I love it!! Great post!

----- mui 16.03.09 10:53

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