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Wannabe - Steel/Box Table- 02.11.09

box1.jpg Been doing a lot of moving lately, and one of my pet peeves is being stuck with piles of boxed up stuff that isn’t unpacked, there’s something so unsettling about living amongst a pile of boxes, as if ready to bolt again… but more often than not, those boxes during transitory times serve as places to sit, makeshift tables and more… so i couldn’t help but smile when i ran across this new piece at PID ~ the Wannabe by Llotllov which is a powder coated steel table that comes with a box… so when you moving, or if you never want to unpack, that box becomes a functional piece of furniture, and the box nearly disappears! See more pics on the next page!




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I saw the notes on this from one of the retailers in europe and it kind of cracks me up - the product itself costs about $266 (you could get about 4 tables from IKEA for that) and it includes the cardboard box! Fun statement though.

----- carrie @ bloomacious.com 06.03.09 08:29

to bob: thanks for the great tip! i also move a lot (about once for year) and always run into that same dilemma. now i’ll know what to do next time we hit the road.

----- tommy pez 16.02.09 14:16

That is a fantastic way to take that box and give it a longer useful life. It’s amazing how some people just take a box that’s been used once and throw it away or recycle it. That box is good for use beyond one move.

That’s why I buy from UsedCardboardBoxes.com, where they take used boxes that are still in great shape, package them up into moving kits and sell them as moving kits for cheaper than new boxes cost. And the UPS delivery is FREE! I was one of those that used to scrounge for free boxes, but who’s got the time for that anymore? UsedCardboardBoxes.com sent me a kit with boxes that I would’ve sworn were new, and saved me a ton of time and hassle. It made the stress of moving much easier to deal with. Check them out!

----- Bob 11.02.09 18:22

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