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Fox Barrel Hard Cider- 03.17.09

fox.jpg Ok, you already know i’m an impulsive packaging based shopper often… and really Whole Foods is one of the WORST places for that (particularly if you combine that affliction with being starving!)… so today’s Whole Food stop between traffic, i couldn’t resist the adorable Fox logo of the Fox Barrel Hard Cider! AND it’s delicious, pretty light ~ like champagne colored apple juice with a twist. But check out the packaging! Larger pics on the next page…




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This is lovely. It’s not overdone and for some reason I just love the cap. Maybe it’s because of the gold against the black that makes it stand out. I can see myself collecting those bottle caps.

----- R.T 25.03.09 21:52

Love your photos. I’m going to have to go look for these this weekend.
Great label.

----- thadd fiala 20.03.09 11:49

The first photo. Great shot.

----- Liza 18.03.09 06:05

Ooh… cute! Packaging based shopping doesn’t work here in Malaysia. although i did buy a box of licorice because it was pretty. so i guess it does work here… kinda like those sexy OralFixation mints…

----- Marcus 17.03.09 19:54

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