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IKEA Sandig- 03.07.09

toysmain.jpg I have an impulsive need to indulge my inner child… especially when shopping… like when wandering through IKEA, i got terribly distracted by the kids toys, particularly how fun these new Sandig beach toy sets are! And the 99 cent shovel/super scooper claw thing… great quality, and adorable ideas ~ i picked up three of the four 2.99$ sets with the justification that i needed to take pics of them to show you. Granted, i don’t think kids should be encouraged to eat sand/dirt, i think these are quite fun for those who know better. First kit ~ Ice Cream! A little bucket with an ice cream scoop, 4 cones, and 4 cups… Second kit ~ Baking! Three pans that would be so fun to incorporate into sand castles… like a bundt cake castle? Compete with cake knife, etc… Third set ~ Bricklayer! The mold to make bricks, smooth out the cementy wet sand, etc… can you imaging the possibilities? And the Fourth set i passed on was the gardening one… usual bucket, rake, shovel… not too exciting, but still cute. Anyhow, take a peek at the pics of these sets close up on the next page ~ i was impressed with the quality and design details ~ and for the price was tempted to buy up a bunch and run around the beach giving them away to kids…










I love this thing ~ i saw it ~ and knew that little kid me would have totally found this to be my favorite shovel to dig giant holes at the beach… really you’d need one for each hand like giant claws i suppose…

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The ice cream set is my work, glad u like it!

----- Designer 23.10.10 14:26

you didn’t happen to pick up an extra ice cream “sandig” set from ikea did you? looking to buy if so…

----- Vanessa 29.07.09 10:25

So much color! Kids will love it!

----- Vika 10.03.09 01:12

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