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NEW!!! NOTCOT.org Gallery- 03.04.09

targettease.jpg NEW!!! Did you see it yet? I’m so giddy to share this new feature we’ve been crunching on ~ in fact, dan’s still working on getting things ready for NotCouture ~ but i can’t contain myself, so you can take a peek at NOTCOT.org while that gets going…

Did you find them yet? The dolls? We’ve tucked them in around the site ~ you never know exactly where they will pop up next~ and we’re so lucky that Target *gets* our playful side to sponsor the first instance of this new NOTCOT.org/NotCouture gallery! And where do they take you? Well you’ll have to click to find out…

Ok, well more to come on all of this in the morning perhaps ~ will let you play with it first!

How awesome is the Target McQueen Collection? And the Blythe Dolls? SO fun to work on the last few days!



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2 Notes

Amazing images. I love the bag with the Lagerfeld image on it.

----- Jenna Lang 11.03.09 14:18

Very cute idea! Love the simple but creative way you are incorporating your sponsors!

----- Alice Yoo 04.03.09 09:41

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