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Oliver Peoples ZOOEY- 03.04.09

zooey1.jpg Oliver Peoples collaborated with Zooey Deschanel on her “Zooey” sunglasses ~ while i’d been hearing this around the fashion blogs ~ i missed that they also created a special napkin looking cleaning cloth!!! I’m a sucker for the details, but i totally want one of those ~ and love the playful nature of it! More pics on the next page!



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aw i love how the concept is pulled through the whole design… really nice touch.

----- marize engelbrecht 29.08.09 18:41

wow, not only is Zooey Deschanel beautiful but she had excellent taste as well.

----- sedf45 05.03.09 00:16

love zooey, but these are a little too similar to wayfarers to catch my attention.

----- nicolette 04.03.09 15:07

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