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Puma + Foot Locker = Awesome Typography- 03.09.09

pum1.jpg People are always asking me what ads i wish i had on NOTCOT ~ well… this latest campaign from Puma and Foot Locker: “Foot Locker Unlocked - Puma Archive” TOTALLY fits! I was so jealous of Gizmodo when i saw these! The typography is just so so awesome! See more screenshots on the next page ~ including the fun giz placements ~ and if you know who made these, leave a comment!









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first of all why would you reference a tutorial? they’re up there for a reason, they wouldn’t be doing their job if people didn’t use them. over-used type? mario hugo? you should focus on the handling of the piece, the “E” yeah not right, perhaps designed by committee… but overall i think the retro-mordern feel of the sneakers the campaign is introducing, the designer did a pretty good job evoking this sentiment. stop hating and do something

----- jaime 06.06.09 13:38

Cot red handed!!!

Original ideas are so hard to find.

----- David 16.03.09 13:12

Ouch, i wouldn’t want to be the guy/girl/firm that puma/foot locker paid to do those - although I wouldn’t be anyways because for a client that large you better believe i would be doing some original work.

----- erit 16.03.09 06:51

Hmmm, and I so was hoping it was actual paper vs a digital version. I’ll still believe it is paper, makes me feel better to think people haven’t forgotten how to use scissors:)

----- Evelio 12.03.09 15:40

I think Mario should take legal action, this is just blatant. The worst part is that the type is like a sad, crippled version of his type. Foot Locker would have done better to just hire him from the get go.

----- Neil Heinrich 12.03.09 10:55

Too bad the site/banner is a blatant rip off of Hugo’s type. Despite that, I do enjoy the design.

----- Jason Tiernan 11.03.09 14:27

Mario Hugo created this type technique for Accept & Proceed and Wired Magazine 15.02 back in 2006, and he was asked back to Wired last year to create the page slugs in the 2008/2009 redesign.

----- Jennifer Sims 10.03.09 05:51

I wrote the Photoshop Roadmap tutorial mentioned in the first comment, based on the Mario Hugo design from Wired (as it is clearly credited on the tutorial).
The problem relies on the gradient. It lacks contrast and thus the shadow effect loses strenght. Also, the “cut” in the letter “R” should be lowered down a bit. Anyway, that’s a matter of personal taste.

----- Enrique 10.03.09 00:39

mario hugo of loveworn did the wired bit…

----- be 09.03.09 16:51

Yeah too bad everyone and their mother is doing it now. The PSD tutorial has been around for a little while now and every is doing it. It is cool just over used. Probably the best use of the conical gradient I’ve ever seen.

----- Chris 09.03.09 13:24

Wired did a redesign using this typeface a few months ago.

----- cbarning 09.03.09 12:19

to bad that the person that made this/these ads did mess upp the E on many places. and could not folow the tutorial. btw the “font” is not a real font yet what i know). its made of this tutorial http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/Photoshop-blog/2008/10/31/papercraft-text-effect/

still the effect is sweet

----- Anjuna 09.03.09 12:17

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