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Singapore Garden Moss- 03.31.09

moss0.jpg Singapore’s landscape is this crazy juxtaposition of incredibly lush green rain forest with a fascinatingly modern/urban shopaholics dream mixed throughout… for some reason, this latest trip i’ve been completely drawn in by the beautiful color palettes - staring upwards out of the car windows into the trees on every drive… and while taking a breather between things, i started noticing the tiny details like the incredible textures and colors of the MANY types of moss found in just one part of the yard… so here are some close up looks at some of my favorite mossy details (and my grandmother’s tiny orchids) on the next page!













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Most of these are Lichens, not moss.

----- kenrith 28.10.09 16:00

That’s a nice little Oncidium orchid, if a I’m not mistaken, it’s a species from Florida.

----- Sean 11.04.09 19:22

thanks for posting the moss photos! a nice change of pace from all the man-made stuff we normally see (and love). glad your trip went as well as could be expected :)

----- jen+tommy 06.04.09 14:29

yeah the images are of lichen. which are fungi. but nice pictures

----- misun 01.04.09 11:23

Sorry to nerd out on you, but just fyi - the picture on the main page, and a few of the others are of lichens, which are a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae. I think thats pretty awesome - and your pictures are beautiful! Hope Singapore just gets more incredible!

----- Elizabeth 01.04.09 00:38

these are amazing!!

----- Ysidro B. 31.03.09 21:52

Totally surprised to see ‘Singapore’ mentioned on notcot this morning!

Are you from around here?

Well, all I can say is that the humidity that’s so conducive for moss-like lifeforms ain’t that enjoyable for humans. :)

If you dig the moss, I think you’ll fall IN LOVE with Bidadari - it’s this old cemetery that’s been exhumed and now resurrected as a park of sorts.

Do visit her out if you can :)


I was so smitten I indulged myself with a project about her.

Photo essay: http://www.coroflot.com/hozea/bidadari_l_photo_essay
Photos: http://www.coroflot.com/hozea/bidadari

----- kowcher 31.03.09 20:33

Moss makes great PS textures :)

----- chernwei 31.03.09 19:15

Always loved moss. I have a terrarium full of ‘em. Its like having your own portable private forest. Try making one soon. Thrive!

----- Armand 31.03.09 14:05

i’ve taken a photo of that tiny orchid before too, in an orchid garden in belize. anyhow, you need to show the orchid’s relative to something else so your viewers will know how tiny it really is!

----- silence 31.03.09 11:36

wow I’m from Singapore and I’ve never looked at it this way :)

makes me miss Singapore a little! especially the food!

----- Tony 31.03.09 05:46

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