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Talking Shuffle- 03.15.09

shuffle.jpg For scale… check out the size of that shuffle next to all the randomness under my monitors… its about the height of that veuve grand dame cork… So as you can see, i gave in and got one of the tiny gum stick looking new buttonless ipod shuffles. And it’s so tiny, and adorably simple, and comes with mini apple stickers! So take a peek at the unboxing and the cute instructional graphics too on the next page…

Yes, it does suck that you can’t use other headphones i suppose, BUT it’s pretty fun to make it talk to you… my latest addiction is having RadioLover download streaming radio i miss (it even breaks it up into songs! I’ve been dling lots of Indie 103.1 lately)… so this is perfect! I can load up radio i missed, and when i dont know what song it is, it can tell me!










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This is awesome! I do not like the current Ipod nano design. I think it has been the worst. They need to stick to more appealing and minimal designs like these. This is easy on the eyes and love the color you chose.

----- R.T 25.03.09 21:55

I don’t like the headphones either — I don’t like the idea of buying $30 or so headphones to replace them once they’re shot. I have a shuffle now (1st generation!) and I’m looking for a new ipod and this won’t be the one!

----- Corey 16.03.09 09:36

I have not seen nor used the new ipod shuffle in person only through pictures but going with gut instincts I dislike this product but it doesn’t mean it’s not good. Visually it look extremely attractive, it is very basic but the way in which the details come together is what makes it a very strong piece of designed aesthetic. Functionally for me the controls are flawed, squeezing almost everything onto one button and having to press the button 3 times to skip track backwards is less intuitive than what I would like. Lastly what i dislike the most is having to listen to a computerized voice talking back to me and having to wait to select the desired playlist as though I were listening to an automated system similar to those used over the telephone is a big turn off, imagine having 10 different playlists and having to wait to select the very last one, it’s okay for the first few times but once you know the order and without having the freedom to skip ahead it becomes frustrating. Although it’s probably not made to have many playlist.
ultimately I am not an ipod shuffle user so the way in which i would use the product is probably not the way in which it is intended to be used but I do occasionally use my brothers gen2 ipod shuffle and I like it. People are always skeptical to begin with for example the absence of keys on the iphone, eventually people manage to jump the hurdle and warm to the idea if the design is progressive enough and overall well thought out.

----- Bona 16.03.09 08:41

While I’m just not that impressed with apples latest line up as a whole, this is the easily the worst of the bunch. it’s not significantly smaller than many other mp3 players, including the older shuffle, but it is considerably bigger pain to use.
Since it’s best use is for while your working out, and it needs special headphones, you’d think they would at least include a par that will stay in your ears when you move around.

----- peshue 16.03.09 07:27

ooh, very cute! although i’m not a fan of the headphones that they included. i like to run and even though this would be perfect for running, i would need to fork out more money for the more expensive headphones that has a remote.

i guess i’ll be sticking to my 2 generation nano for now!

----- Marcus 15.03.09 22:33

It’s a better iPod for the blind! think of it: no buttons, so easy!

----- Maia 15.03.09 22:25

Ah, thanks for the pics! This was just what I needed to convince me, especially after your radio download idea. The headphone issue bothers me because I go through a new set each few months, but the player is just too minimally beautiful. Please let us know how you like it after a week or so of usage.

----- aymarius 15.03.09 22:17

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