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Trader Joe’s Culinary Compendium- 03.26.09

tj0.jpg Perhaps a NOTCOT first ~ scanning my junk mail? But flipping through this Trader Joe’s mailer was hilarious, you could just imagine how much fun the lucky designers were having as they put this together! The octopus on the cover is just priceless, and hilarity continues within as well! Take a peek at some of my favorite pages… on the next page!

Just found the pdfs of the Culinary Compendiums are online! Check out my socal one here.






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Agreed! These are totally fun. I was just reading the etiquette tips with my breakfast this morning. Rules to live by!

At my local TJ’s in Royal Oak, Michigan, they even have the little octopi as name tags for the compendium items. Is that similar in your neck of the woods?


----- Natalie 27.03.09 06:07

The cover reminds me of the children’s book Cowboy and Octopus by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, which I think is hysterical and gorgeous, even though my son doesn’t think it’s funny. At all. Apparently, we still have to work on his aesthetics + amusement.

----- Kelly Caldwell 27.03.09 05:09

Ha, and I thought I was the only one who thought this was cool! Junk mail just got awesome.

----- Mike 26.03.09 21:53

There are some in the Atlanta area in GA. My wife and I get those Gone Bananas all of the time. The Lime bars are incredible too.

----- Burton 26.03.09 19:53

Trader Joes Seriously Rocks!

----- Peat 26.03.09 13:32

This is SO awesome! We need Trader Joe’s down south.

----- Lix 26.03.09 11:50

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