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1st Ave Machine Samsung Hummingbird- 04.18.09

Samsung has their new LED TVs out ~ you’ve probably seen the ads just starting here at NOTCOT, and i have a new surprise to show you related to that soon (more to come when i can share!)… but all you need to know for now is that Linhchi and i have been closely getting to know the hummingbird in their ads the last week, and i kind of love it, even as much as it spreads quickly from tv ads to our online ads to magazine spreads and more… I just spotted the advert at FEED and they highlighted that the CG was produced by NY based 1st Ave Machine who has done some very awesome work worth checking out. So, happy saturday, and enjoy this gorgeous CG spot ~ its like a crazy iridescent hummingbird with insect like wings and a mesmerizingly drippy gooey quetzal like tail?

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Simply stunning. I only wish I could afford just beauty of a television…

----- Khoa Phan 20.04.09 02:10

Can you use the tv to cut cake/cheese/pizza/bread? Sure the colors are fantastic, but if I cant use it while preparing food, then whats the point?
Im just waiting for the day when they turn an entire wall into plasma tv, with settings to change its colors, and art images. Maybe like a giant vertical Microsoft surface. Imagine everyday you could change your wall colors in your family room, and all the art, and change the size and shape of your tv, and with a move of the arm drag your tv/art/graphic from one side of the wall to the other.

It doesnt even seem that far fetched. In the mean time, this tv should do.

----- hrhkat 18.04.09 04:34

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