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Operation Window Seat: Changi to LAX- 04.05.09

changi0.jpg I’m back to real life now ~ 18 hour direct flight was surprisingly less painful than expected… also the all business class flight with lay flat beds certainly didn’t hurt… 4-5 movies and like a 10 hour nap… and i am home! (You can take a peek at some of the pics on the LAX-Singapore flight here) Took off at 4:15pm landed in LA at 5:00…

It was a good trip, putting in some family time to pay my respects to my grandmother and help with family affairs… nice chance to step out of my NOTCOT life for a few days… but of course i couldn’t help myself and i have a little pile that just jumped out of my suitcase waiting to be photographed and shared! With the perfect timing on the flights this trip back the views were so gorgeous i couldn’t help taking a few snapshots and mini videos with the point and shoot… so check it out on the next page! Also some fun details of Changi airport… i love the backlit walls of hanging plants and the giant robotic flower fan!

(ok videos are taking forever on Vimeo ~ will add those when they are up!)



















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I have done that flight a few times as well! Changi has absolutely wonderful dim sum and a bar where you can meet people who have Blackberries before they hit the market and people who correct you and say “Rhodesia” when you say Zimbabwe. I also believe you can get day rooms there and all kinds of wild things. Plus Singapore Air is a luxury even in coach.

----- Westsiderider 07.04.09 10:42

Hope you liked Singapore! Though it’d be awesome if ever you could come down to attend an event or something where I could actually get to meet you. Hope all’s well now that you’re back at home! :)

----- Eileen 05.04.09 21:34

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