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Chikuno Cube- 04.15.09

chik0.jpg Chikuno Cubes ~ gorgeous, tiny (see next page for a pic of it in the fridge!), and apparently it sucks up odors! With its fascinatingly delicate structure ~ these ultra fine bamboo powder/charcoal cubes absorb moisture, odor, gas, ethylene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and more… apparently its made from water soluable powder so you’re supposed to keep it away from water. Every month it says to place it in direct sunlight for 6 hours to release all that it has trapped ~ does it work? I’m not sure yet, it just arrived yesterday! BUT, it is pretty cool looking, and had some adorable very japanese, gift boxed packaging. (Got mine at Delight!)







And for how tiny it REALLY is? Well here it is in fridge context ~ with an egg!

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That whole baking soda thing is a myth created by Arm & Hammer.

Charcoal is what you really want. This product looks like a totally legit product of science.


----- contraption 19.08.09 23:58

Baking soda does nothing in your refridgerator. Arm and Hammer are just making a quick buck on old false knowledge.

----- Conrad 19.04.09 10:11

The popular “open box of Arm & Hammer in the refrigerator” simply provides an adsorbent material that can soak up odors - but not very effectively. For example, if some of the odoriferous materials floating around in the refrigerator are acidic, the alkaline baking soda can absorb and neutralize the acid. Even in that regard, it is not all that effective because, as the powder in the box contacts water vapor, it tends to crust over an lose a great deal of its already limited surface activity. It all sounds quite nice, but it does not work very well. Far better would be a canister of activated charcoal because it can indeed adsorb vapors that contact the charcoal, however this also is not ideal for a refrigerator.

----- alexcourt 17.04.09 20:49


What is the etc.? From and eco perspective we want to trap as much methane and pollutants and contain them the way that plants, peat marshes, bogs, yadda yadda do. By exposing the cube to sunlight you’re just releasing those to the atmosphere which is what we need to avoid. Granted this is small but still it isn’t really that eco.

Sorry but I have a thing with people labeling something as ‘green’ when it really isn’t.

HOWEVER, regardless of the above, the design of the piece is lovely.


----- CTdO 17.04.09 19:15

Much as I appreciate the alternative cost-conscious ideas posted above, has everyone forgot that this is a Design oriented blog? Just curious, beautiful pics as always!

----- The Slapster 16.04.09 16:23

well i am really interested in knowing how well it works, i have this stink in my closet that i can’t seem to get rid of.. and this sounds like the perfect solution if it works… for 28.50 ill take it.

----- Jennifer 16.04.09 15:35

Or, more simply, buy some activated charcoal, easily found in a pet-store, and hang it in the back of the fridge, or from a lamp, in the toe of an old pair of pantyhose. It’s beautiful design—but the price is obnoxious.

----- iptydafu 16.04.09 06:05

charcoal is actually way better than baking soda for eliminating odor - it’s the same process, but charcoal has better odor sucking power. billions of micro pores or some shiz. And this one is perdy.

no foolin.

----- ash 15.04.09 17:12

Keep it away from water. Everyone knows if you get it wet it transforms into a much larger and meaner cube which then eats everything in your fridge.

Don’t feed it after midnight either.

----- Robin 15.04.09 16:16

Reminds me of Bonnie Paddles Inverse Square; http://www.bonniepaddle.com/page3.htm

----- Ina 15.04.09 16:16

Look cool, but haven’t we seen this before and isn’t baking soda better?

----- markus 15.04.09 16:06

I’ve had in my fridge for 1+ year, and it seems to work (or else I keep my fridge clean enough that it never smells…) however I didn’t know about the “solar charging” part, so my cube is now catching some rays outside.

BTW The Tortoise General Store on Abbott Kinney Blvd used to carry them, which is where I bought mine

----- oO 15.04.09 12:45

$28 bucks for something a box of baking soda can accomplish?! It might look cool, but seriously, it’s going in the back of the fridge where nobody would see it.

I’ll stick with my arm and hammer thanks.

----- Andrew 15.04.09 12:44

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