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Designed For Dell- 04.19.09

designedfordell00.jpg Finding a nice laptop sleeve or bag has usually been no easy feat (granted, i’m extremely picky too!) ~ and there has certainly been a major trend towards designers making more and more gorgeous accessories as these devices have become core aspects of our everyday… but i must admit i’m a bit blown away to find Tumi, Mandarina Duck, Acme Made, Timbuk2, Built NY, Kenneth Cole, and more at DELL… and to have them have some really sweet exclusive
Designed For Dell products just kind of floored me tonight. How long has this been going on? Why didn’t anyone tell me? Is it bad i feel weird to have Dell becoming a possible go to for slick bags? And even worse, because of some of these bags i’m getting more and more tempted to indulge in a little necessary black netbook as a new toy? (Justification? Ummm… cross browser checking machine?)

I think its safe to safe that Dell has definitely embraced the “lifestyle” of mobile computing with all of this. And honestly, all these exclusive accessories are just making my late night shopaholic come out in full force wanting not only accessories, but perfectly sized laptops to stick in them as well. And as much as my hardware may say i love apple, Dell just earned major points in my book with these offerings. See my selection of the best of the Designed For Dell collection on the next page ~

Keep in mind, these are in no way ALL of the exclusive
Designed For Dell products or brands, but they are definitely the ones that grabbed me most!

Mandarina Duck for DELL!!!

Timbuk2 for Dell! I’m particularly loving this tiny quilted netbook zippy ~ matched the old big one i used to have, SO CUTE.

Acme Made for Dell! This bag and sleeve are both tempting me as well…

Built NY for Dell! So playful! My former jr. high self is wanting those sleeves…

Belkin for Dell! Sleek and simple.

Kenneth Cole for Dell! I didn’t see that one coming…

TUMI! for DELL! I must admit part of my love for the Adamo is that it has its own special accessories by Tumi and Mandarina Duck…

More research seems to show the first 7 brands were launched back in summer 08? Here’s the Designed For Dell older microsite:

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Yana ~ the last pic are all TUMI ones!
here’s a search for tumi on dell: http://search.dell.com/results.aspx?s=gen&c=us&l=en&cs=&k=tumi&cat=all&x=0&y=0

----- jean/NOTCOT 20.04.09 15:24

What are the names of the bag & the case on the right in the last picture, I’m assuming it’s Mandarina Duck, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

----- Yana 20.04.09 14:32

Dell’s little netbooks are actually sort of nice… and Gizmodo has really good step-by-step instructions for hackintoshing them to get OSX.


----- podzilla 20.04.09 05:42


Thanks for the positive feedback!

Along with our Designed For Dell product site, take a look at our Dell Design Studio site, which now includes over 100 custom designs for your Dell Laptop. =)

Let us know what you think.


----- ChrisBatDell 20.04.09 05:29

ah :O wow.

----- trobs 19.04.09 20:45

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