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Florence Deygas and Veuve Clicquot- 04.18.09

Deygas1.jpg Ooooh a behind the scenes look at the work of Florence Deygas for Veuve Clicquot. Deygas is also the creator of the adorable Caprino & Peperone, those two doggies that are the Colette mascots!!! I love the beauty and simplicity of her brushstroke paintings ~ and it’s no surprise that she’s collaborated with Veuve Clicquot so many times. (Here’s a peek at an installation video she did with them in 2007 ~ where her work looks nearly like lipstick on floor to ceiling windows illustrating the skyline below… See the video!) She has also collaborated with brands such as Fendi, Yves Sain Laurent, Nokia, Vogue and Lacoste.

I was initially torn to have so many Veuve Clicquot related postings back to back ~ but realized i feel like i’ve found a kindred spirit in the VC brand ~ and their collaborations and support of incredible artists and designers consistently has proven incredibly inspiring time and time again. As far as brands go, i suppose i’d love to have NOTCOT take a similar route someday, finding new ways to not only help share incredible works we discover, but also help inspire, support, and collaborate with artists and designers we love! But until then… click through to the next page and see more of this latest collaboration between Florence Deygas and Veuve Clicquot, as well as a peek at the artist at work!






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I really enjoy looking at her paintings. It’s so simple but with it’s beauty.
It kind off reminds me of these old movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So classic and out there! I just love it!

----- Sara 12.07.09 11:46

I think that art really captures the spirit and feel of champagne. Flowing, bubbly, elegant, soft … I love it!

----- marcia 19.04.09 13:26

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