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Peek at Tord Boontje for Bisazza- 04.21.09

bisazza1.jpg As promised ~ i just got an email filled with the images of the full Tord Boontje 2009 collection for Bisazza. So, while i won’t be able to make it in person, on the next page you can see the 3 new pieces that Tord Boontje designed with the beautiful Bisazza tiles. I must admit i’m a huge boontje fan for his usual beautiful nature inspired clean vectory patterns ~ and this is about as pixelated as you can get from that. I love how they look like mosaic blocks, you wouldn’t necessarily guess that there are drawers and shelves and goodies hidden within them! Don’t hate me for saying this (or blame the heat) ~ but the vertical pieces do remind me conceptually of that IKEA Malm headboard with the hidden roll-out shelves ~ of course with more beautiful materials and mosaics applied! I’d love to have one of these as a side table, or behind the couch… and the coffee table, filled with spirits is just breathtaking as well…

Take a look at all three pieces from various angles on the next page ~ as well as the full press release!








The full press release:

«Digital Memories» by Tord Boontje for Bisazza Home.

Milan, 22-27 April 2009
Bisazza Flagship store
Via Senato, 2

For the Milan Design Week 2009, Bisazza presents the collection “Digital Memories”, three new pieces of furniture designed by Tord Boontje for Bisazza Home.

For this debut collaboration, each piece expresses a romantic and poetic style, inspired by the shapes and colours of nature, which has become Tord Boontje’s unique trademark.

“When I look at mosaic patterns, I am immediately reminded of a pixelated image, a digital image. We use digital images from cameras and video to capture moments of life, these become our memories. The collection of mosaic for Bisazza is based on the idea to use images that trigger memories when you look at them. A pattern of sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees can remind you of a nice summer day, a picnic in the park or daydreaming in the back of a car and watching the landscape going by.
These patterns become personalised memories for each viewer, we all share these memories.
I applied some of these patterns, Summer Trees, Dark Waters and Night Vision, to a coffee table and a commode in two sizes. The pieces have a large surface area for the mosaic to work optimally and an innovative sliding mechanism that opens the intricate volume inside.”
Tord Boontje

The three storage units in lacquered wood are distinguished by functionality and essential lines, whilst enhanced by new decorative mosaic patterns designed by Tord for this collection: Dark Waters, Night Vision and Summer Trees. These innovative and refined motifs bestow exclusiveness to each piece: a coffee table and two cabinets in different sizes.

Suitable for all living spaces, this latest collaboration further increases the Bisazza Home collection - an assortment of furniture and decorative accessories combining mosaic and other luxury materials, offering a complete range of products for interior decoration.

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2 Notes

Very nice, I can imagine these pieces in a high-end hotel.

----- Ruben.T 30.04.09 22:00

Wow! Those are genius! love them!

----- Lydizzle 22.04.09 10:18

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