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IWG Sleepy Bear Series- 05.02.09

iwgbear.jpg Coming in June from IWG Sleepy Bear Series. WITH SPORK!!! “They love eating with a spork; its a very handy eating utensil. This new IWG Series includes a sleeping bear, spork, combat knife, and a human skull trophy. Price to TBA.” See more pics of these new guys on the next page…




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4 Notes

omg…this is so cutee!! i want this..!

----- verie 16.07.09 01:01

Aww, they look so cute =)

----- Sanna 03.05.09 09:50

HAHAHA,so cute “killers”~

----- xiaofengzi 02.05.09 23:28

this is fantastic! such a cute design!

----- qwux 02.05.09 19:07

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