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OXO for Staples- 06.03.09

oxostaples9.jpg So, as i’m sure you may have picked up by now, i’ve been back in NY at a not so designy conference and checking out some random events (like polo and Aston Martin) ~ and some guy wrote in criticizing my lack of “quirky posts about cleverly designed knick knacks” ~ while personally, i find the cut in half aston martin very quirky and cleverly designed… i also found some pics just before i left of my little Staples shopping spree with regards to their new OXO for Staples exclusive line of office products! You may have seen them over at NOTCOT.org #21648 earlier, but you’ve got to check them out up close too! I love the line, particularly the little magnets ~ all products have the signature OXO rubbery grippiness, and clean solid designs. The scissors i hadn’t realized have a little switch where upon flipping it they can close till the tips CROSS - switching into BOXCUTTER mode! Genius really… also, watch out if you ever see someone running at you with closed scissors… So take a look on the next page to see close ups of the ones i purchased, as well as the POS displays… apparently pens and highlighters are even on the way!

Here’s a $5 off $15 coupon too! expires 6/15/09.















Here’s the full product list ~ see the OXO for Staples microsite!

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*sigh* My love of office products overwhelms me at times… :P The pins are a lovely shape; makes me want to give them a little squeeze!

----- Louise 26.08.09 19:05

I am more interested in your Tetris magnets! Those are totally my next purchase!

----- Beatface 21.06.09 15:16

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