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Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out- 07.06.09

flipped0.jpg On really fun packages to receive ~ Ben & Jerry’s sent over some of their new Flipped Out ice creams. Basically they are like ice cream upside down “cakes” ~ you peel the top, flip it over, and stick your thumb in to push them out onto your plate, and within moments they get a little gooey and fudgey… honestly its more fun/yummy than it is pretty. There is brownie, peanut butter cup, and cookie dough ~ peanut butter and cookie dough were def the best! Strangely of our panel of 3 ~ brownie was not living up to expectations!

BUT, for the SUPER fun part, it came packed in a big styrofoam container with DRY ICE! So as we unboxed, ended up playing with the dry ice for a bit until it was all gone! So some silly videos of that were inevitable… check out a look at the unboxing, dry ice playing, packaging, and more on the next page!




…. but first we had to play with the Dry Ice!



… now on to actually eating it!

As you can see, when you actually open them up there are little cubes of the brownies/cookies/etc on the top (which becomes the bottom)…

Stick your thumb in the bottom to push it out…

Remove the paper disc…

And your crushing strength might have already started the oozing process… but the thin magic shell like coating melts off pretty quickly as well…



All in all ~ its kind of fun, not all that pretty ~ excessive and intriguing on the packaging front ~ and if you’re not feeling like lots of fudge, you can even eat it right side up! and not get to the bottom? (which should become the top?)

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Not to be a killjoy, but so much packaging for a few little cups of ice cream (and Styrofoam to boot!) I guess they won’t typically be shipped but rather sold in a retail environment.

----- Eleanor Reagh 24.07.09 01:02

Ummm..yeah. Inhaling dry ice can lead to death. Not a good idea to stick your head in it.

----- Claudia 13.07.09 18:19

You totally reminded me that I had tried this almost a month ago and forgot to write my own post! http://blog.tiffanywan.com/ben-jerrys-flipped-out/

It really is a fun way to eat and connected with my childhood memory of Hoodsies :)

----- tiffanywan 12.07.09 09:35

Wow! That’s so cool. When I saw the preview image, I was wondering how it was shipped without melting!

I’m not a fan of ice cream, but these actually look really good!

----- Wesley Yendrys 11.07.09 21:14

Great post!! You made me smile all the way through with your dry ice playing. Although Ruben has a point!
Your post is definitely making me want to try the ice cream more than their street ads I saw in NYC (even though it had caught my attention).
It looks very fudge-y but still I wouldn’t mind one for desert right now!!

----- Juliette Merck 09.07.09 10:54

Jason - really? “Ben & Jerry’s sent over some of their new Flipped Out ice creams” ~ but more importantly, please understand that i only write about things i love for some reason or another. In this case, its a fascinating product concept, and the dry ice was good fun. If they hadn’t sent it, and it’s also probable i’d have bought some and posted about it anyhow… personally, i’d like to think that readers care more about how i feel about a product or design than how i got it, and i always mention when it’s been sent over. Keep in mind I write about stuff i buy all the time as well. And likewise i don’t write about stuff people send over for my consideration if it isn’t of interest to me once i play with it too.

Sorry if that got babble-y ~ BOTTOM LINE: i write about what amuses/inspires me in my every day life! =)

----- jean/NOTCOT 08.07.09 14:34

I wish you would make more of an acknowledgment of when you get free products for review.

It isn’t clear enough in this entry that you were given this stuff for free so that you would blog about it.

----- Jason 08.07.09 14:22

Oooh I just made brownies! Reading your post makes me want to eat it with ice cream! I wish they had one with brownies and mint ice cream!

----- eat me outta here! 07.07.09 21:46

this has left me to drool…u probably see me trying to eat my computer screen lol

----- Charito Joy 07.07.09 06:07

This was a cool post. You guys played too much with the dry ice though, luckily nothing bad happened, not something to play around with. Tisk, Tisk. I’ll never get to taste that ice cream because I am vegan, but the packaging and concept looks good.

----- Ruben T. 06.07.09 23:48

does not look appetizing at all.

----- m! 06.07.09 21:17

These look amazing!!! I hope to see them out in stores soon, since I eat ice cream on the frequent.

----- Nichole M. 06.07.09 20:02

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