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Incase Monochrome Sliders for iPhones- 08.25.09

incase0.jpg Freshly launched today ~ Incase’s latest incarnation of their classic iPhone Slider cases ~ Monochrome Slider Cases ~ this time with glossy tops and soft touch bottoms… while at first i wasn’t sure if the color palette was for me (the colors do have fun names like celery green)… when they sent samples over, the PACKAGING just blew my mind. again. as usual. I don’t know, those Incase guys are pretty much my favorite packaging folks out there these days. This time it is a clear/black matte plastic sleeve with a molded black cardboard tray that slips into it, but due to the molding won’t slip all the way though… And the way the contours of the white plastic liner really highlight the case so nicely! Also, the super simple subtle little S stand is awesome ~ holding up your iphone for perfect desk viewing both horizontally and vertically. Anyhow, enough with the text ~ just go see the pics on the next page already!


See the bump on the far left? it keeps it from slipping through!

I love that the hang tab is built into the tray such that you can just pull it to pull the tray out…






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I just last week got one of these for my iPhone. I was about to buy a dock too, so that I could keep the phone where I could find it near my bed, when I saw the little S stand inside the package. Talk about ingenious! I almost like the stand more than the case. I wish more companies threw in little extras like this with their products…

----- Gene 26.08.09 06:34

Looks very very good. I really like the way they made it so it kind of resembles the first/second generation iPhone and their back design (metal/black bottom).


----- Raul 25.08.09 18:43

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