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Mixko Here Comes The Sun Necklace- 08.22.09

ribrainbow.jpg What could be more perfect for a gorgeous saturday post? Mixko first gave us the rain cloudy English Summer Necklace… and freshly launched is the Here Comes The Sun Necklace (are you hearing the beatles in your head already? Or is that just me?)… “7 layers of ribbon rainbow and the last drop of rain on your back. Silver plated findings and chain, czech crystal bead, polyester ribbons, plastic dove object.” SO pretty, so simple, and i don’t think you can help but smile when you see it… their concepts are always so elegant as well… AND, they even have an etsy store for easier shopping for the americans… see more pics of it on the next page!



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8 Notes

These are beautiful! I especially love the cloud with the raindrops it reminds me of home, Seattle.

----- Chelsea 18.06.13 12:25

Wow your jewelry is so creative and beautiful…I could look at it all day!
love everything you do xoxo

----- Alexandria 17.03.10 08:40

Hate to be the negative one but this necklace was very disappointing :(

----- Tiff 30.09.09 07:40

Love this colorful rainbow necklace named “Here comes the Sun”.
It is light,colorful,imaginative!

----- Irith 29.08.09 08:33

I love this necklace! It’s gorgeous! I wouldn’t normally wear something like that, but I really like it! I think I would actually wear that! Awesome!

----- Tanzanette 25.08.09 05:51

So in love with these!! Hooray for payday on Friday!

----- Ms. Pants 24.08.09 09:19

Wow! That is a beautiful necklace. I love them both. How original! Do you sell them on Etsy? you should!

----- Bethany 24.08.09 00:07

Just one word. Amazing!

----- Richard 22.08.09 18:37

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