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La Confusion Des Sens- 09.27.09

senses0.jpg Firstly, who WOULDN’T want essentially a “mood wall” ~ a thermochromatic wall of sorts ~ sure you’ll have to clean it regularly, never know who’s been rubbing up against it or licking and kissing and breathing on it… painting with their heat… I know part of me has been dreaming up ideas and places and colors to do something like this since…

But back to the subject at hand! While swinging back through Paris with Veuve Clicquot after adventures with harvesting in Reims, we had a chance to take a look at the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in the penthouse above the Champs Elysees Louis Vuitton store. It totes stunning views of the city, with a nice wood planked walkway around the perimeter, and a beautiful gallery space. Freshly launched is “La Confusion Des Sens”. You arrive in the space after experiencing full sensory deprivation in their completely dark silent elevator ride up (a permanent part of their collection) ~ only to emerge to a large open space looking out over all of Paris… and surrounded by fascinating artworks focused on throwing your instinctual sensory reactions for a loop at every twist and turn… whether it’s tactile, auditory, visual, or a combination of senses, it’s an incredible show! Take a look at a few of my favorites on the next page…



I love these doors that initially look like paper facades… but are in fact thick silicon/rubbery feeling panels you have to push your way through…


See? They are pretty thick!

And just to make sure you know you’re going through a facade, they beautifully constructed the backside as well…

My absolute favorite, the thermochromatic wall! “Orange” by Veronique Joumard ~ i love the idea of how a wall like this can play with heat/cold emitting interior design pieces… imagine it near laptops/monitors/tvs/fridges?


A blindingly white room with a ceiling covered in florescent bulbs ~ and walls covered in braille… “Ecriture nocturne” by Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil - “the light reveals as much as it conceals in the piece” for in braille are encoded the code names of military operations during the 20th century by the 5 great powers… like “Desert Storm” or “Moonlight Sonata”



Perhaps my new favorite image of paris… the clouds were just so perfectly lit, and to look out on the never ending city after quite a weekend was just awe inspiring.

Inside their kitchen/office mixed use space, i love the curvature of their bookshelf! (And their collection of books!)

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