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NIGHTLIFE: California Academy of Sciences- 09.07.09

calsci0.jpg So now you’ve seen the creatures of the California Academy of Sciences ~ ready to see what the scene was like for NightLife (their Thurs late night party/events ~ with drinks, food, djs, and more)… basically imagine going to an incredibly awesome museum/science center… but no kids! and the scene is like a 25-55 singles/date night! and as the evening progresses, the drunkeness runs a bit rampant… definitely have to feel for the poor museum folks who had to chase a few inebriated folks through the rather steep planetarium… and those starfish in the tidepools where it’s one hand in the tank and the other holding your beer with your arm around your girl… Interesting scene. And BEAUTIFUL space! Definitely worth doing the VIP tour if you’ve never been, since you get some behind the scenes sneak peeks, checking out the roof in a tiny group of about 15, skipping the rainforest queue, a look in the Vault, reserved passes for the planetarium show (and they let you in first!)… oh, and open bar too. Anyhow, take a peek at the experience!




























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incredible photos!! Simply wonderful!!! It has left me speechless

----- abby 20.10.09 14:39

i went to the C.A.S. i thought the old one was better. where was that skull at because i was told all the old stuff was put in storage.

----- max 10.09.09 08:27

Jason - Relax! She wasn’t cheering at the absence of children but simply observing that none were permitted in the premises. The Nightlife event isn’t designed to steer kids away and prevent them from going to the museum. It’s to allow others of a different demographic to visit a place they otherwise may not go to on a Thursday date night.

Jean - I am with you on your comment about the expressions kids don when they become fascinated with something they are seeing for the first time. I went to The Ex / CNE just last weekned, and while I found it overcrowded with children, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They bring the joy and laughter. It’s just a different experience with them around.

----- Jane 09.09.09 09:40

Jason - RUDE?

oh dear. so sorry my sarcasm was lost on you. Let me state it more clearly. I MISSED THE KIDS. The idea of beer + tidepools and turning an aquarium into a bad singles/date night of a club was appalling. How are cameras (even with no flash) going to traumatize certain tanks of creatures, yet loud music and people bumping against the glass wont? Museums are about the kids ~ and the one thing i dearly missed were those delightful moments of kids seeing things for the first time, that genuine look of fascination.

hope that clears that up!
~ jean

----- jean/NOTCOT 08.09.09 11:10

As a long time reader of your blog I have to say that i found your “no kids” comment rude. I know that as a single person you do not have the perspective of a parent or As a designer and a former museum designer i can tell you that science museums and aquariums are by nature designed with kids and family groups in mind. If it were not for that draw then none of these museums that you love so much could even afford to exist. Families with kids are the bread and butter for funding the operations and programs that you so enjoy. As a dad i have to say that i find your comment insensitive.

----- jason 08.09.09 10:46

I really really miss San Francisco.

----- Brittni 08.09.09 07:31

mmm…. a dream. my state sucks.

----- Doug 07.09.09 19:34

awesome photos!

----- taj 07.09.09 19:29

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