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Samsung LED TV - So thin!- 09.01.09

ledtv1.jpgBeauty in Technology post series sponsored by Samsung’s new LED TVs! Post #5 of 6 in this series exploring random beauty in technology, NOTCOT style.

I know, we’re not supposed to propagate the beauty myth that thinner is better, but i just can’t stop walking into the room, and pausing for a moment to look at how ridiculously thin this Samsung LED TV is! As i mentioned before, while working with Samsung on this sponsorship, i fell in love and bought one! And in all honesty, it’s been amazing! Beyond the little pebble remote i showed you ~ my dad even remarked that it was “frighteningly clear”, which i completely agree with - you almost feel like you can reach out and poke the people in the tv! (who are definitely larger than life on the 55”).

But on the tech side of it ~ its just gorgeous ~ ridiculously thin (Wunderland War Monkey Assassin will help give you some scale… especially compared to my previously thin panasonic)… seriously its the kind of thing where it may actually be thinner than some canvases i have hanging… talk about that future where we’d have moving pictures as hanging artwork? AND widgets! the UI on these Yahoo! ConnectedTV widgets for things like twitter and youtube are just stunning… See the pics on the next page!













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----- dano 02.09.09 00:32


Just wow.

----- Raul 01.09.09 22:28

Console table is Karim Rashid for Omnimount - http://www.notcot.org/post/12460/

----- jean/NOTCOT 01.09.09 20:02

The TV is awesome. The Monkey is killer. Where can I find that Trapezoid console table?

----- unoakable 01.09.09 19:07

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