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Whisky Rocks + Balvenie 21- 09.10.09

scotchrocks0.jpg A winner has been notified… i’m waiting to hear back from him!

I know you’ve always wanted to throw some rocks in your favorite scotch. Chilled perfectly these Teroforma Whisky Rocks are handmade in Vermont out of soapstone will cool your drink down just enough to take the edge off without “closing down” the flavors according to the lovely ladies of Delight.com. In fact, they are even generous enough to GIVE AWAY ONE SET of these WHISKEY STONES! All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite Scotch/Whisky… be specific! And i’ll pick a winner on Monday Sept 14th.

As for the stones themselves, they come beautifully packaged, and were a lovely reason to pick up a bottle of the highly recommended Balvenie 21yr Portwood (omg. so delicious.) ~ while i wasn’t sure whether they chilled it enough at first, i’ve been enlightened that “They do not replace ice - it would ruin the whisky or any other fine spirits to be taken down to a temp much lower than 45F.” And the only dillemma i’ve run into ~ if you only get 9… and about 4 go in a glass… and you have a drink with a friend… and you want refills… you need more rocks! Right? Anyhow, go take a peek at the pics on the next page!

Don’t forget Delight.com is also giving you a 20% off all items through Sept 25th with the code “DelightRocks”.









The Delight.com ladies are generous enough to GIVE AWAY ONE SET of these WHISKEY STONES! All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite Scotch/Whisky… be specific! I’ll pick a winner on Monday Sept 14th.

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585 Notes

Maker’s Mark, please. Although, i wouldn’t turn down Glen Farclas!

----- venus 14.09.09 20:40

It’s gotta be Johnny Blue straight from the distillery - I was there a decade ago and i still remember the taste of it today!

----- Kevin McMonagle 14.09.09 16:48

Jameson for me! Thanks for the chance!

----- Nick W. 14.09.09 16:09

On a student budget I usually roll Chivas for scotch and CC for Rye. When some chips come across the table I’m a Macallan 18 man. Hailing from the frozen north and with winter on the horizon I feel more than anybody I will require a way to keep my drink cold!

----- Ryan 14.09.09 15:56

Highland Park - any age variety works.

----- G. 14.09.09 15:01

I have to say I’m partial to the Bourbon and that my “go-to” would be Makers Mark. However, if I feel like something a bit spendy, I’d have to go with Booker’s.

----- Chris 14.09.09 14:41

It has to be Springbank

----- Sophie O Hare 14.09.09 14:34

I would love to use these rocks in a bottle of 21-year-old The Glenlivet — now that’s a whiskey that should never be diluted!

----- Mark Ramadan 14.09.09 13:32

Naked Grouse is delicious…you can find it in Minneapolis MN

----- Joseph Sunder 14.09.09 13:28

LAPHROAIG! Once you’ve tried it you will understand…….If I may suggest a small hole drilled into the cubes to fill with with just a touch of water to release the true body of such a masterpiece.

----- Marius 14.09.09 12:56

I know you love things from Japan, and my favorite whisky comes from the land of the rising sun: Suntory HIBIKI

----- Erik 14.09.09 12:35

Caol Ila 18yr

----- Ivan 14.09.09 11:41

When I am not buying Johnny Walker Blue label.

----- Gabrile Reyes 14.09.09 11:26

is it too late for a Johnny Black on the stones?

----- Andrew Pistella 14.09.09 11:23

Lagavulin 16 yr. for sure.

----- Rob Cordosi 14.09.09 10:44

Talisker please!

----- Joe 14.09.09 10:27

Maker’s Mark. Affordable and reliably drinkable. Good for juleps.

----- Matthew 14.09.09 09:35

glenlivets has been my choice of poison on some lonesome nights, and joyous occasions. cheers ;)

----- noah 14.09.09 08:41

Balvenie Doublewood 12 does it for me.

----- matt 14.09.09 08:34

I always liked Johnny Walker red label…

----- Alejandro Ispani 14.09.09 08:23

Well, I prefer Bourbon and my favorite is Booker’s!

----- Francisco 14.09.09 08:01

For everyday drinking I prefer Knob Creek. For special occasions I always go with Glenmorangie.

----- Mandy 14.09.09 07:58

I love the peat. Laphroaig, lagavulin, oban. I sip it…. it tastes so good!!… i sip it again…..

----- Tony 14.09.09 07:48

Glenlivit 25 year single cask

we’d love some for the house.

----- Milly 14.09.09 06:55

Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15 year for me

----- Ragnar Ragnarsson 14.09.09 06:16

Paddy whiskey— an Irish whiskey. its soft but to the end has a nice sweet kick to it!

----- Faye M Farrales 14.09.09 02:08

Suntori Yamazaki 18yr. New old world whiskey!

----- Caspar 14.09.09 01:54

Aberlour a’bunadh.
A bit hard to come by and surely not very cheap, but very much worth the trouble!

----- Clara 14.09.09 01:44

If The Balvenie could talk then I would need to get a room right now as it has just asked me out for dinner and drinks, with nothing else to do but to get to know each other a little better. What a flirt..!

----- Julian 14.09.09 00:54

Very cool idea for a product + giveaway. My fav is Johnny Walker, black label.

----- Connie 14.09.09 00:24

bacon-infused four roses bourbon, specifically the bacon-infused old fashioned served at PDT in NYC. delicious.

----- ellen 14.09.09 00:14

Look at all these comments. I never really had whiskey but this is fantastic! Wouldn’t mind trying whiskey with these lovely rocks.

----- Ja 13.09.09 21:58

Jim Beam is fine with me!

----- Emily 13.09.09 21:57


----- Emily 13.09.09 20:55

Balvenie double wood 12 year

----- Ian 13.09.09 20:13

I like a whisky that has character, is aged, and has some international flavor to it. And if you ever get the chance to travel to Japan, you NEED to try Yoichi! Yoichi is 20 years old, and has an amazing mix of big smoke and sweet blackcurrant, explosive aroma and a big, long and sweet finish. I savored every sip! A true find.

----- Johnny Vice 13.09.09 19:50

Jameson is the best!

----- Courtney 13.09.09 19:41

Talisker 10 year, thanks!

----- Jeanne 13.09.09 19:37

glenmorange or glenfiddich for me

----- james 13.09.09 18:57

A nice 12 yr single malt Bowmore or Oban.

----- Iggy 13.09.09 18:41

Basil Hayden’s Small Batch for American, but if we’re talking Scotch, Glenlivit 25 year single cask.

----- Kevin 13.09.09 18:38

Nothing cleanses the palette like the velvety peat stylings of the Balvenie 12 year doublewood Scotch.

----- J Lingley 13.09.09 17:59

Hudson Baby Bourbon sure is pretty. But when it comes down to drinkin’ whiskey and playing guitar only Booker’s will do.

----- Kyle 13.09.09 17:47

Now, when it comes to mixing whiskey, I tend to lean to Knob Creak or Maker’s Mark. ALSO: I happened across history of Mt. Dew - it was originally meant to be a whiskey mixer. Definitely worth a try. Definitely enjoyable.

However, I would have to say, the best whiskey on the rocks, or straight up is Bulleit Bourbon - Frontier Whiskey. It has never let me down.

----- Jason Tyler Burns 13.09.09 15:22

Willett Single Barrel pot still reserve is my favorite at the moment.

----- Sam Walker 13.09.09 12:28

18 year

----- Arthur Furman 13.09.09 12:25

Macallen 12 year!

----- Kirsten 13.09.09 12:21

j’adore me servir un verre de Glenfiddich pour marquer la fin de la journée, mais celui que je préfère c’est le Bushmills…I Love pouring myself a glass of Glenfiddich to stop my working day but my favorite is the black Bushmills. This Irish one has a very special “peat” taste that instantly moves me. It’s killing me to add one or two ice cubes into this perfect drink.

----- dominique 13.09.09 12:05

Ancient Age. Of course it’s not as fancy and prestigious as the other fine whiskeys mentioned in this thread, but c’mon now, I’m a poor student that has perfected the art of drinking on a dime. Please, please pick me and give my mediocre whiksey and I a touch of high class.

----- Melissa 13.09.09 11:15


----- Michael 13.09.09 10:38

If I were to be stranded on an island for the rest of my days I would only need Ayn Rand and a butt-load of LAPHROAIG QUARTER CASK. Smoky, oaky and peaty — it is like sipping on the rebirth of a forest. Cheesy, I know; but this stuff is deliscious.

----- Jaime S 13.09.09 09:57

I’m going to have to go with Edradour Straight From the Cask. I brought some back from Scotland for a friend and wished I brought myself a bottle after a taste.

----- delia mayoff 13.09.09 09:51

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a favorite around here.

----- dangle 13.09.09 09:41

Glenrothes 15 is hands down my favorite… But The Yamakazi 12 (Japanese, so not really scotch… But created in the spirit of scotch) and Oban 14 are great too. Highlands are where it’s at. Stronachie is a good cheap alt to Oban.

----- Danny 13.09.09 09:35

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is just the best of the family.

----- Rafael Ospino 13.09.09 09:31

Try Clontarf Irish Whiskey! That’s the one that I started on!


Or Jameson!

----- Kiki Karpus 13.09.09 09:28

10 star (not year) Ancient Ancient Age. Best $20-a-handle whiskey in Ohio.

----- Nicko 13.09.09 09:27

I’m a big fan of single malts from the highlands. Right now, Glenlivet 12 or 18 year is my go to: smooth, slightly grassy and refreshing. Yum.

----- Melanie 13.09.09 09:22

love, love, love balvenie. second choice would be glenlivet.

----- deb 13.09.09 09:22

I would have to say that my favorite whiskey was a 23 year old Rye single barrel by Willett called “The Velvet Glove”. It had such a soft and supple texture to it that I was almost tempted to drink it straight from the bottle- though that would have been to my detriment as it clocked in around 120 proof. Currently I have a little tipple left of the companion barrel to the Velvet Glove- and it is “The Iron Fist.” I think these are just what I need to tame the authoritarian whiskey.

----- Michael K 13.09.09 09:19

Michter’s is excellent.

----- David Barton 13.09.09 08:57

currently the aberlour 10yr - great for its price-range of a poor grad student. i’d LOVE a set of these stones myself :D

----- lindsay 13.09.09 08:54

Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky please :)

----- Brian 13.09.09 08:52

On very rare occasions, I do enjoy the very smokey and deeply textured Islay single malt Lagavulin, but on a more regular basis (and more palatable for those without the taste for peaty smoke), I’d have to say my favorite is the smoothly nuanced Oban.

----- Mark B. 13.09.09 08:23

Lagavulin Single Malt 16 Years

----- Sascha Timplan 13.09.09 08:17

Bushmills 1608

----- Aaron 13.09.09 08:16

The Macallan 21yo
always pick one up at the airport.

a rich smooth flavour that has yet to be beat. on my tongue at least by any other whisky

----- Hann 13.09.09 08:15

the Japanese Hibiki Whisky is the best :)

----- ana 13.09.09 08:02

I am partial to Jameson 18.

----- Andrew of HV 13.09.09 07:22

Taketsuru, 21 Years Old, after drinking one glass, a romance was started.

----- Mattijs 13.09.09 07:09

Glenlivet. Versatile and great in baking too!

----- Aria 13.09.09 06:18

Glenlivet. Seems like a typical choice but I like its versatility. Great in baked goods too!

----- Aria 13.09.09 06:17

Let’s get a Woodford Reserve on the rocks mate!

----- Jacob D 13.09.09 05:39

Well first I started drinking J&B before going out. But one day, a friend came by me and brought a bottle of Ardbeg. It was malt heaven! So now I can’t stand J&B anymore, because now I realized how crappy it tasts..

But I can enjoy practically any Ardbeg… It’s my most favourite way to finish a late working day in my library. Though it’s expensive, it’s a scotch you enjoy every sip at a time.

----- Nathalie 13.09.09 04:21

OLD GRAND DAD 114-Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon holds me gently after i’ve been scraped clean across it’s raspy cat tongue.

----- sarah 13.09.09 02:12

gimme gimme

----- Joshua 13.09.09 01:51

my current fave would be Ardbeg Uigeadail mmmnm nnmmm nmmmmnm

----- Scott 13.09.09 00:29

Bruichladdich on the isle of Islay make a really amazing pure malt called Valinch, if you visit the distillery you can even draw your own bottle from the cask. Perfect on the rocks! (But not with ice). Choose me!

----- lloyd jerome 12.09.09 23:17

Evan Williams black label, for a college student on a budget.

----- John Charles 12.09.09 23:14

Lagavulin 16. It’s from Islay and has the classic peat flavors from the lowlands. Only on the rocks.

----- Nathan Blair 12.09.09 22:55

my favorite scotch is 1989 Tullibardine

----- Matthew Kaner 12.09.09 22:44

Suntory Hibiki!

----- Mia Chuang 12.09.09 22:01

I love my Crown Royal, neat and tidy. And when its there, some Crown Royal special reserve. Its expensive at times when I’m out at the bars, but who cares when the classy taste outweighs the classy spending.

----- Francisco Salazar 12.09.09 21:50

I just returned from scotland and the Isle of Skye and I feel in love with Talisker. I brought a bottle back to open when I really start to miss the Quiriang.

----- Emma 12.09.09 21:36

I saw these on NotCot a couple months ago, and wanted to buy them for my dad. He drinks a glass of whiskey every night. I would love to give them to him as a present. I asked him what his favorite kind was and this was his response: ) Thanks !

Macallan. No younger than 12 yrs. It’s a single malt scotch aged in
sherry casks. $40-$50 per.
One sip and you can feel the cool, gray blanket of fog role across the
scottish moors and
hear the haunting moan of the bag pipes waft gently among the heather.

----- L. Mychal 12.09.09 20:25

Balvennie Doublewood. Yum.

----- Matt 12.09.09 20:08

My friends like Jack and Jim, but I’m more of a Crown Royale kinda gal.

----- Lisa 12.09.09 19:53

I would say Balvenie 21yr Portwood neat but with theses sweet babies Balvenie 21yr Portwood on the ROCKS please!!

----- Reza 12.09.09 19:39

Maker’s Mark all the way, though I find myself ordering Jack when I’m out.

----- Adam S 12.09.09 19:28


----- Ryan 12.09.09 18:47

Makers Mark would have to be my general go to drink.. Love these rocks though!

----- Mike D 12.09.09 18:06

gentleman jack! Smooth and delish!

----- Briana Apps 12.09.09 17:36

Bulleit. Cheapish and decent.

----- Kink 12.09.09 17:30

Woodford Reserve or Bulleit Bourbon. I left a bottle of Bulleit at the family’s house, need to get another actually.

----- Tucker 12.09.09 17:10

Jameson, neat… bet it would be great chilled by these!

----- Matt Pierce 12.09.09 17:06

Gotta be Glenrothes 1991. one of the only scotch houses making vintage scotch. great complexity, almost citrusy. YUM!!!

----- Howell Williams 12.09.09 16:55


----- josh 12.09.09 16:05

Johnny Walker Gold. Better than Blue, in my opinion.

----- Spencer 12.09.09 15:45

if you’re looking for a big islay taste with a nose full of smoke without breaking the bank, the compass box peat monster is an excellent choice.

----- Sherwood 12.09.09 15:11

Only one? Balvenie probably, but any single malt will tick the box. But its never the whisky that makes it’s drinking special. It’s the company you keep or the company you don’t. thirty minutes of you, your nose, earthy red warm and whom ever if any you want to share that with.

----- richie 12.09.09 14:57

I would love the chance to try Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve on the rocks!

----- Helen 12.09.09 14:51

at this moment, Maker’s Mark hits the top of the list..

----- William 12.09.09 14:45

As a FEMALE that drinks ONLY whiskey/whisky, I had my first taste of my new favorite in Japan. Bars here (in Hawaii) typically only carry a few different but generic types in which, if I’m feeling girly, I’ll have Jameson for it’s fruity taste. But if I had my choice, it would be the Japanese single cask Yoichi 10 year. :)

----- jamie g. 12.09.09 14:37

makes a new start better.

----- gabia 12.09.09 13:42

Laphroaig Quarter Cask served in the Holy Grail, accompanied by a single bite of Peter Luger’s porterhouse (rare).

----- Kate 12.09.09 13:19

These look amazing. Anything to not dilute my precious Macallan 15 year.

----- Kate 12.09.09 13:08

Redbreast whiskey is the breast.

----- Darrough 12.09.09 12:47

Jameson, oh yeah…

----- Clay Hefner 12.09.09 12:19

The best whiskey I’ve ever had is The Tyrconnell, a single malt Irish whiskey. It’s a great whiskey, but adding ice waters the flavor down too much.

----- Elliott 12.09.09 12:11

I love Jamison Irish Whisky. It’s the only drink for me.

----- Joshua 12.09.09 12:10

Recently discovered Knockando, it’s a beautiful Strathspey single malt, incredibly delicate, absolutely wonderful.

----- Alex 12.09.09 11:48

oben or tobermory scotch whiskey

----- Bethany 12.09.09 11:46

Bushmills ten-year-old Single Malt.


----- Mark Langford 12.09.09 11:29

Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve is what my boyfriend loves the best! (I’m sure he’d love these stones!)

----- Linda 12.09.09 11:19

Glenlivet 12 year old Single Malt Whisky. For someone who wants a mellow, smooth taste on a budget. I love trying different brands but I keep coming back to this one. I’m only 26 so I don’t have a ton of cash to buy the most premium bottle but this is perfect!

----- melissa 12.09.09 11:05

oban, 18yr.


----- RJ Horeski 12.09.09 11:03

Haig and Haig Pinch always hits the spot. It puts out he fire but leaves the warmth.

----- Will Newman 12.09.09 10:27

Oban 14 year! Delicious! These rocks are a brilliant idea.

----- Natalie 12.09.09 10:07

JW’s blue label … exquisite !

----- souleimane 12.09.09 09:57

Balvenie 12 - not the 15 (too much) nor the 10 (not enough) - neat. Though maybe with a cold rock or two, we’ll see…

----- Johnny Cee 12.09.09 09:48

Blue Label, because it creates long lasting memories…and sometimes, naked nights.

----- Drew 12.09.09 09:25

Talisker 10 years! Smokey and heart warming, just as I like it!;)

----- Magnus 12.09.09 09:18

Laphroaig Càirdeas! it kicks ass! :D

----- Emma 12.09.09 09:16

my favorite is 12 year old Glenlivet

----- Richard Lee 12.09.09 09:15

Jack Daniels… just because I conformed….

----- Ricardo 12.09.09 08:27

BASIL HAYDEN is fantabulous on the rocks.

----- bob ewing 12.09.09 08:15

Makers Mark! Flavor, Design, Quality. This Whiskey has it all!!

----- Andrew Haynes 12.09.09 08:11

Peatheads unite! Anything from Port Ellen - Lagavulin, Laphroaig, or Ardbeg.

----- Ryan Clark 12.09.09 08:07

I like Redbreast whiskey. I haven’t found it many places, but it was recommended to me at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis. And it is SO good.

----- Angie 12.09.09 07:59

Oh, Jameson. Mmmmm….

----- Devon 12.09.09 07:22

My first [legal] official drink was Midleton shared with my Grandfather. Something about the caramel notes and nuttiness really kick started my admiration for Scotch.

----- James L. 12.09.09 07:10

The Glenlivet 18 year old.

----- Jay 12.09.09 07:04

I enjoy Johnny Walker Black Label. This is exciting.

----- Shon Mogharabi 12.09.09 06:58

Bulleit bourbon w. great bottle design, for the win.

----- Reuben 12.09.09 06:25

I’m on the hunt for the perfect bourbon. Right now Blanton’s is in the lead. YUM!

----- Danny 12.09.09 05:44

I like JB’s !!!

----- Timan 12.09.09 05:11

Hirsch (A.H.) from Pennsylvania. Pot still bourbon 16 years old 45.8%

----- ottomagic 12.09.09 02:40

Oh, these would have to be served with Laphroaig for sure.

A single malt is such a gorgeous way to end an evening… shoes kicked off, wide solid glass in hand and the glow of anticipation in the air…

The best part, for me, will always be the magical moment before the first taste, as the peaty vapours rush up from my glass, kissing my nose and warming my lips… mmmm, restoration of sanity, relaxation, good things, heaven…

How could you not love to end a night with Laphroaig? :-)

----- Ian Cleary 12.09.09 01:25

Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 year please!

----- Bonnie 11.09.09 23:37

Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 year please!

----- Bonnie 11.09.09 23:29

When I wanna get angry I kick back with a glass of Evan Williams

----- Robert 11.09.09 22:30

mcallen on the rocks!

----- Kim 11.09.09 22:23

jim beam. can i say that? is that horribly american, tacky and/or unworldly to the finer whiskey tastebuds?

even so, still my favorite. beam me up, scotty!

----- Marian N. 11.09.09 22:00

mcallen on the rocks!

----- Kim 11.09.09 21:55

Jameson 18 year-old Whiskey.

----- David Zavertnik 11.09.09 21:01

I’m more into bourbon than scotch, but as far as straight whiskey goes, I love Pendleton.

----- Apo 11.09.09 20:59

Glenmorangie, of course

----- Capitán Intriga 11.09.09 20:48

maker’s mark

----- jen 11.09.09 19:47

Dewers aint bad.

----- Sam R. 11.09.09 19:36

Both me and my Dad drink whiskey.. Im hoping to win the rocks for him. Mine would be the most common being Jack Daniels, My Dad’s fav is normally Glenfiddich. Although he tends to change whiskeys in different seasons. Hope I win.. ^_^

----- Ande 11.09.09 19:31

Lately I have been really diggin Stranahan colorado whisky though I did enjoy Rogues whiskey on vacation up in portland, or last month… Its a shame it couldn’t make its way to NE yet… I’ve been lucky having a wife working at a whisky bar recently, really expanded my tastes.

----- corey 11.09.09 17:39

Johnny Walker Black Label is my scotch whiskey of choice

----- JT Hamrick 11.09.09 17:13

McClelland’s Single Malt Scotch Whisky for me please

----- Aaron 11.09.09 16:58

No doubt my favorite Scotch is Lagavulin pronounced Laga voolin for its smoky rich peat and a general warmth over the fire of lesser distilled spirits.

Equally unrivaled in the world of Bourbon is my small batch companion Knob Creek although distilled by Jim Beam it packs more punch with a smoother body than its parent product could ever claim. Great chilled but never watered down, I usually have to order it neat. Waterless rocks would be a treat.

----- George Caruso 11.09.09 16:53

I feel so ghetto after reading your responses :S

----- tricky 11.09.09 16:35

You can never go wrong with some Johnnie Walker black label.

----- Beatriz 11.09.09 16:21

basil hayden’s and wathens are my favorites

----- Anna 11.09.09 16:18

Gotta be Glenfiddich 18.

----- Sam 11.09.09 15:55

johnny walker red has recently become a favorite.

----- lauren michele 11.09.09 15:50

oooh! I would love to win these for my husband’s birthday. he’s a poor law student right now and is pretty partial to Trader Joe’s blend. :)

----- Brooke 11.09.09 15:44

firey noah’s mill. normally I take mine neat because I don’t like to dilute the fire but these could change that.

----- isa 11.09.09 15:43

Basil Hayden!

----- Ian Petty 11.09.09 15:41

Tuttlehilltown Government Warning Rye.

Love it. Love the bottle. Love the label. Love the wax sealed cap. How do you beat that? http://tuthilltown.com/wp-content/uploads/rye_whsk1.jpg

----- Gerrit 11.09.09 15:32

Talisker 18yo
Island Single Malt Whisky
So very awesome, my grandad traveled and brought some home and game me a taste, blew my taste buds off! give it a whirl!

----- Nono 11.09.09 15:19

ooh.. soapstone… I used to carve things out of this stuff when I was a kid. Never anything quite this clever, although I do use frozen grapes to cool white wine, using this exact concept.

My favorite bourbon would have to be Pappy Van Winkle, 20 year. The 23 is also nice, however I prefer the taste of the 20, and it’s less money to boot!

----- Zach 11.09.09 15:07

bulleit, mostly at room temp

----- winston 11.09.09 15:07

bulleit, mostly at room temp

----- winston 11.09.09 15:06

My favorite scotch would be Bunnahabhain.

----- Jason 11.09.09 15:03

I’m a college student so I’d have to go with the somewhat affordable Johnnie Walker.

----- Robert Zeman 11.09.09 14:52

lagavulin single malt, and for everyday, Chivas 18

----- Yaqui N. 11.09.09 14:44

Jameson is what I keep around the house but I’ll never turn down a glass of something new to try!

----- Adam 11.09.09 14:42

Venezuela is among the highest consumer of whiskey, and the hihgest rank belongs to Swing

----- Gabriel Gomez 11.09.09 14:04

okay so i can’t afford this on an everyday (or -week or -month) basis, but laphroaig 40 year is uuuuhhhhmmmmazzzing. it’s amazing. it’s so smooth and almost liquorice-y. which is weird because i don’t even like liquorice, but they just make it make sense! i don’t even know… in the mean time, i’ll be happy with anyone in the laphroaig family of whiskeys… yummz

----- jleigh 11.09.09 13:53

I’m a Jack Daniel’s kid. I’m pretty sure I’m just in love with the label. I’d love the whiskey even more if these rocks were swimming in the glass.

----- Zacharoo 11.09.09 13:51

My mistress is Oban 14. It is so yummy in my belly. Uh oh, I think I poorly blended imagery there. It would have sounded smoother if I had been sipping from my Sagaform rocking glass.

----- Brian 11.09.09 13:48

i am a makers mark girl through and through. loyal till the end…….xo

----- libby smith 11.09.09 13:40

Pour me some Basil Hayden in a nice glass and then get me a PBR in a champagne glass, please!

----- Jonah 11.09.09 13:37

nothing is as satisfying as a cup of knob creek. one word; smooth!

----- felipe gonzalez 11.09.09 13:22

I’ve inherited the preference for The Famous Grouse from my father..

----- Jonathan 11.09.09 13:20

I love Johnny Walker’s Blue Label… yum

----- Lise M T 11.09.09 13:12

Learn to drink Laphroaig. Don’t bother with any single malt scotch if you can’t appreciate a Laphroaig.

----- Izzy 11.09.09 13:08

Knob Creek, on the rocks. With a PBR in the other hand.

----- Adam Jossem 11.09.09 13:05

this is such an amazing giveaway! a coworker turned me on to Macallan. I’m a bourbon girl at heart though :)

----- Rachel 11.09.09 13:02

Pikesville Rye, of course.

----- Matt 11.09.09 13:01

It is by far The Macallan, Sherry Oaks series, 18-year. It just rolls itself around your tongue, exuding those heavenly flavors of Highland’s single malt perfection.

----- Sean 11.09.09 12:52

Stranahan’s Whisky from Denver Colorado. Expensive, but local and very very very good. Now gimme some stones.

----- adam r. 11.09.09 12:51

I was very lucky to enjoy an Adelphi Glen Elgin 1991, and dream of investing in another bottle. Speysides are always a treat, and the almost toffee quality is extremely decadent.

----- Mike B 11.09.09 12:47

Highland Park Scotch 18yr. Would love to try the 25 or 40yr sometime…

----- Cameron B. 11.09.09 12:46

Balvenie 12 year

----- Steven 11.09.09 12:46

My personal favorite is Jack Daniels. Yeah i know its generic but its good. On the rocks is amazing but with a little diet Coke, Mmm… Perfection!

----- Armen 11.09.09 12:41

Parker’s Heritage Collection Bourbon Whiskey 27 year old

----- Christine F 11.09.09 12:41

Laphroaig- Tastes of wet Band-Aids burning over an open flame, stoked with peat moss. And I love it.

----- Adam 11.09.09 12:41


----- Kimba 11.09.09 12:35

Bushmills Original…soooo niiiiice

----- cheryl 11.09.09 12:33

Rittenhouse Bonded Rye. There are better whiskies in the world, I suppose - I tried a single-barrel Buffalo Trace at the Violet Hour recently which was superb - but Rittenhouse 100 is a staple of my liquor cabinet in the same way that garlic is in my kitchen.

----- AK 11.09.09 12:33

Jameson on the rocks! love these!

----- shaun 11.09.09 12:28

Hi There, I a would LOVE some of these little fellas to enhance my drinking experience!

I would have to say I really love a nice Oban Single Malt with 2 small cubes on a Friday evening after work. Oh yea! My lady really likes the Makers Mark and when we break out the guitars around the campfire, nothing better than hits of Jack Daniels right from the bottle - just like rock stars. Woot!

----- Mac Brown 11.09.09 12:08

I’d love to try these with a 20 Year Old Pappy Van Winkle.

----- Scott Rogers 11.09.09 12:07

i have no money, do Canadian Club? sad face inserted here.

----- Barclay 11.09.09 12:05

Johnny and Jack are what I drink the most. I would like to try Macallan 18yr old though.

----- Jesse Scroggins 11.09.09 12:00

Knob Creek kentucky straight bourbon!

----- Julia 11.09.09 11:59

It’s a tossup, in no particular order: Glenfiddich 15 yr, Glenlivet 15yr french oak reserve, or Mcallan 12 yr.

Scotch Scotch Scotch-I love Scotch-Down it goes..In to my belly..MMM MMM MMM

-Will Ferrell, Anchorman.

----- Ian H 11.09.09 11:58

Johnny Walker Gold. I’m kinda new to whiskey, these stones would be a great aid in my journey to understand these fine spirits.

----- Jose P. 11.09.09 11:56

I really love Glenmorangie. ( :

----- Tucker 11.09.09 11:52

Paddy’s from Cork, Ireland

----- Jeffrey 11.09.09 11:24

Talisker 10 yr

----- Adam 11.09.09 11:23

Knob Creek with two cubes…. Hopefully the ones I win?? Please..

----- Tom Aiello 11.09.09 11:17

Jameson. Especially in Irish Car Bombs ;)

----- Gemma 11.09.09 11:06

Crown Royal

----- Ed Rock 11.09.09 11:05

maker’s mark. *crosses fingers i win”

----- frank 11.09.09 11:05

The Macallan 18, every time.

----- TM 11.09.09 11:01

Glenlivet was the first scotch that really struck me and will always remind me of a youthful trip to the UK. Although if someone offered me a bottle of Johnny Walker blue, I would not decline.

----- Lindsey 11.09.09 10:48

Glenlivet 18 is the last one I bought. Duty Free coming home from Costa Rica, what a deal.

Normally, Single barrel Jack Daniels.

----- Yaold Benavides 11.09.09 10:45

I was very strict with my scotch: Johnny Walker. I have been improving quality with my income. Red label while in college, now black label… and on very special occasions green label.

As for bourbon, I go with Jim Beam, but mostly because Marker´s Mark is not available in my area :)

Me and my partners really like to have a whisky/whiskey on the rocks on friday evenings, to close the week and celebrate our achievements (or errors) of the week.

I NEED this stones.

----- tricky 11.09.09 10:44

Drinky time!

----- Matt 11.09.09 10:38

Aberlour scotch has been my favorite for years.

----- Paul Hamblin 11.09.09 10:34

i’m good with dirty ol’ J&B or Green Label

----- Carl W. Heindl 11.09.09 10:28

Red Breast Irish if I’m just sipping.

But Old Overholt Rye if I’m making a manhattan - or a Palermo (rye, carpano vermouth, and Averna)

okay, now i’m thirsty…

----- Paul 11.09.09 10:28

18 yr Jameson is tuff to beat… So Smooth

----- Timothy Goodrich 11.09.09 10:28

Port Ellen 1983 Old Malt Cask—22 year old.

It’s a hard to find treasure, but so smooth, spicy and smoky. Such an interesting color and nose!

This is a scotch that you definitely don’t want to water down with ice!

----- Christina L. 11.09.09 10:27

I prefer Carlton Club Scotch… well rounded.. smooth.. just like me!!!!

----- Juliana 11.09.09 10:26

pappy van winkle for me.

----- eric rueli 11.09.09 10:20

My fav is Mccallam 10 years!

----- Nicholas Braddy 11.09.09 10:12

Jameson EA

----- Luke 11.09.09 10:11

I gotta go with the light and buttery taste of Basil Haydn’s!

----- Rochelle 11.09.09 10:10

For Special Occasions:
Port Askaig 17yo
Islay Single Malt Whiskey

For Every Day:
Oban 14yo
Highland Single Malt Whiskey

----- Jonathan C. 11.09.09 10:10

balvenie doublewood 12 year. nothing over the top, but a delicious flavor.

----- matt 11.09.09 10:05


----- Frank 11.09.09 10:02

Local is the best! That is if you live in Colorado. Stranahans Colorado Whiskey. Pretty design too! http://www.stranahans.com

----- Adrienne 11.09.09 09:58

I am going to have to go with Oban 14year as a must-have. Short of that, I will always enjoy a Glenlivet 12.

----- Jonathan 11.09.09 09:57

The moment Laphroaig 30yo hit my tongue was the moment I knew true happiness.

----- chesh 11.09.09 09:57

Gotta be Oban 14!

For funzies I also included my FAVORITE quote about SCOTCH:
“I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my “belly…” Ron Burgundy

----- Heather 11.09.09 09:55

Makers Mark. One or two cubes of ice, slightly melted.

----- Mat 11.09.09 09:53

Maker’s Mark. Always.

----- Phil 11.09.09 09:52

Knob Creek and I have had a long, tumultuous affair; it had me at the wax seal. While it’s too dangerous for any sort of regular consumption, what better way to indulge then with Whiskey Rocks.

----- Kegan 11.09.09 09:48

Blantons bourbon. very tasty

----- xander 11.09.09 09:47

Makers Mark, of course!

----- Annie 11.09.09 09:47

OBAN…for sure.

----- Tracy 11.09.09 09:45

Johnnie Walker Blue Label & Glenfiddich 18yrs

----- Marcos Colmenares 11.09.09 09:44

Dickel. Nothing fancy. Maybe a lime wedge or a cherry if I DO feel fancy.

Word to the wise though - those Bodum glasses are fragile and have been known to break when you drop ice cubes in them. Be gentle!!!

----- john s 11.09.09 09:42

Usually a Basil Hayden’s kind of guy—but lately I’ve been into that prohibition Templeton Rye.

----- M Neigh 11.09.09 09:42

Oban 14 year old single malt scotch whisky

----- Lisa F. 11.09.09 09:35

Count me as a Lagavulin man too. Nearest thing to Heaven in a glass.

----- Luke 11.09.09 09:34

Jack Daniels. Still in college.

----- Dan Kandy 11.09.09 09:34

Balvenie Portwood 21 and some whisky rocks please.

----- Brandon James 11.09.09 09:32

Knob Creek on the rocks(no pun intended) with a PBR in the other hand.

----- Adam Jossem 11.09.09 09:32

Buchanan’s 12yrs!!!

----- Carlos 11.09.09 09:29

Glenmorangie - 18yr… switching it into sherry casks = deliciously smooth and sweet.

----- Littany 11.09.09 09:28

Bruichladdich 15 year (the first)

----- Eli 11.09.09 09:25

Knob Creek is my absolute favorite!

----- Tony 11.09.09 09:24

Lagavulin 16. Tastes like fire and oh so warm for your belly.

----- Matthimself 11.09.09 09:21

Has to be Laphroaig. Reminds me of going to Cafe des Artistes on the Upper West Side with my cool uncle and eat hard-boiled eggs.

----- Andrew 11.09.09 09:20

Laphroiag 12yr, followed by Caol Ila 18.

----- Zach F 11.09.09 09:20

A 1991 Oban Single Malt Whisky

----- Mori 11.09.09 09:16

Give me a good Laphroaig with a couple of these rocks and I’ll feel like Alistair Cooke smoking a pipe hosting Masterpiece Theater!

----- Cody 11.09.09 09:11

These are fantastic! Jameson for me ;)

----- Johanna 11.09.09 09:10

My favourite whisky is the one I haven’t tried yet. Sure, there are plenty I like now, but who knows what liquid brilliance might be out there that I, in my ignorance, have yet to discover?

----- Jon 11.09.09 09:04

I love the Ardbeg Uigeadail, though I’m contemplating actually going back to Scotland just to bring back a case of Ardbeg Very Young. Good lord, it’s wonderful.

----- Matt K 11.09.09 09:00

Jameson. That is all.

----- Brian 11.09.09 08:37

I love the Aberlour A’bunadh. Gotta love a recipe they made from a bottle of scotch they found in the wall at the factory.

----- jake tompkins 11.09.09 08:37

Glenlivet 12, smooth…..

----- Nic 11.09.09 08:27

OBAN single malt :)

----- Mike 11.09.09 08:25

Hah I agree with Joel Marquez. The whiskey from LOST would wonderful to try! Awesome concept.

----- Kacie Manzo 11.09.09 08:23

It’s all about the Jameson!

----- R083R70 11.09.09 08:19


----- Joshua R. 11.09.09 08:17

The Glenmorangie (rhymes with orangey) 18 year old is amazing. It spends the last 3 years in a sherry cask which makes all the difference.

----- Patrick 11.09.09 08:15

I am a fan of Makers Mark although a nice single malt is always nice.

----- Paul 11.09.09 08:15

Hudson 4-Grain Bourbon.
An upstate NY Hudson River Valley beauty.

----- Justin 11.09.09 07:59

9/14 is my 21st birthday!!

As a law abiding citizen who would never think about drinking until the fruitful age of 21, I would like to enjoy a Jameson on the rocks on my birthday.

Please help me to do so!

----- Steven 11.09.09 07:58

Yamazaki 18 Year Old Whiskey by Suntory. Whether I win the prize or not, I won the tasters choice.

----- Zack Jerome 11.09.09 07:55

Poit Dhubh

----- Bartal Djurhuus 11.09.09 07:42

Basil Haydens!!! One of the smoothest most delicious whiskeys you can put in your mouth.

----- Phil 11.09.09 07:41


----- Scott 11.09.09 07:40

Obviously I can’t buy a bottle, but every once and a while if I’m feeling really good I’ll have a glass of Laphroaig 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky when I’m out and about. At home I drink Balvenie 15 Year Single Malt Scotch. Those rocks are really cool and I’ve been thinking about getting them for a while now!

----- Dustin Schwartz 11.09.09 07:38

Crap. I meant the 25 (or the XXV if you are particular) not the 23. I just knew it was the one over the 21.

Although the 21 is ok too. (I really did not like the French reserve that much though)

----- MORK 11.09.09 07:36

Bushmills a taste of home,

----- Snowy 11.09.09 07:31

Knob Creek bourbon. excellent.

----- Marcus S. 11.09.09 07:28

Oban 14

----- Micah 11.09.09 07:27

Crown Royal

----- Herika 11.09.09 07:23

The juicy campfire flavors of Lagavulin makes this fine single malt a top favorite amongst Whisky aficionados. Throw some Whisky stones in this one and you’ve got yourself a holiday!

----- Rafa S 11.09.09 07:22

Johnny Walker Blue. mmmmmmmm

----- TrebleStauter 11.09.09 07:17

The Glenlivet 23 is one of my favorites. However, it must be taken into consideration that this should be accompanied by the 1976 Tom Waits album “Small Change”. I find that it has a specific match to “The One That Got Away” at the initial taste, with a smooth mellow closings of “Alice”, from “Alice”. If allowed to breathe for too long, it then takes on a bit of “The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me”

Seriously. Listen to that and tell me that I am wrong. Actually, I would imagine that all types of single malt go a bit better with Mr. Waits. Well, that is unless you are a Cohen kind of person… You should probably be drinking port anyway then.

----- MORK 11.09.09 07:16

Jack Daniels FTW! You can drink it, you can cook with it!

----- Chris Ly 11.09.09 07:16

I’m a big fan of Glenlivet

----- Patrick 11.09.09 07:15

Maker’s Mark Whisky for me… I heart the red wax

----- C Wilson 11.09.09 07:12

Jameson whiskey is pretty much the only whiskey I drink straight. While it’s good all year round, it’s the best at 8AM right before a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

----- Tim Stienstraw 11.09.09 07:09

Four Roses Single Barrel. Best Bourbon around.

----- Emily A 11.09.09 07:07

Four Roses Single Barrel. Best Bourbon around.

----- Emily Arden Wells 11.09.09 07:05

OBAN 14! ill sing you a song for those rocks of yours!

----- justin arsenualt 11.09.09 06:56

For my money, I haven’t found anything better than a Laphroaig Single Malt 12 Year

----- Danny 11.09.09 06:47

Glenlivet (or whatever the bartender thinks I need!).

Woo hoo!

----- DJ 11.09.09 06:47

Woodford Reserve is usually my sipper of choice but I have recently acquired some bootleg Templeton that is very nice and will satisfy nicely until that runs out. :)

----- Jeff 11.09.09 06:44

monkey shoulder is my fav.

----- Gemma 11.09.09 06:38

My everyday is Woodford Reserve but my favorite whiskey or scotch to ever cross my lips is a Macallan 30 year old.

----- Kris 11.09.09 06:36

people drink with friends? who knew. anyway i can already invision those lovely whisky rocks chilling my glenlivit 12 in a classic crystal tumbler

----- slater 11.09.09 06:30

‘91 glenrothes

----- mig 11.09.09 06:30

I’ll always love Maker’s Mark. That wax packaging gets me every time.

----- Natalie 11.09.09 06:30

12 Year Old Dewar’s for sure!

----- Mike Rogers 11.09.09 06:30

Macallan 15 or 18. It’s like the angels when for a jog and bottled up the sweat from their gym socks. Or something like that.

----- Tony 11.09.09 06:24

every good Canadian knows that Crown Royal is the bomb.. and if you can’t afford the Crown.. you can always settle with Canadian Club.

----- Randy 11.09.09 06:23

A dram of the macallan fine oak 10yr. I’d get the 18 is I could, but I’m broke

----- Tim 11.09.09 06:21

Always Jameson!

----- Jordan M 11.09.09 06:17

Specific occasions call for specific single malts: 1. To have ONE to celebrate a moment or just an awful work day before slipping into bed? Bruichladdich 40 Year Old. 2. To have at a fun dinner or out with the boys? Laphroaig 10 yr. I like my Islays.

----- anthony 11.09.09 06:17

Well, I’d have to say it’s a 2-way tie depending on the season: Jameson for the warmer months - makes a mean whiskey sour - and Laphroaig when it gets cold out. No joke, Laphroaig tastes like campfire, and I love it!

----- Susan 11.09.09 06:16

Johnny walker gold label is the best

----- nathan bassett 11.09.09 06:04

I prefer Tequila, so I would chill a nice anejo over a Bourbon, malt, or Scotch to please this Bees.

----- Bees 11.09.09 06:01

maybe not a scotch whiskey, but good ol’ jack daniels, after all it’s what momma puts in the sweet potatoes!

----- joshua t 11.09.09 06:01

Best value for money - laphroaig quarter cask. Original is delicious but the size of the oak cask makes all the difference.

----- Alexander Groenert 11.09.09 05:56

Honestly, I haven’t sampled enough Whiskey/Scotch to know what I like and what I don’t like…but with the help of these great rock cubes I would have what I need to stylishly find out! I’ve been eyeing these things since I first saw them on NOTCOT.

----- Melanie 11.09.09 05:30

fav: AUCHENTOSHAN, single malt, triple distilled, 12 yr….if only i could pronounce it, if only i could say, “Auchentoshan please, no, not on the rocks. on the stones!”

----- diana 11.09.09 05:28

I’m pretty new to whiskey, but really loving it. I just recently tried Maker’s Mark and it was great.

----- James 11.09.09 05:25

I’m a seasoned jack drinker. but i’m also cheap.

----- karla anne 11.09.09 05:17

Glenmorangie. These stones are the loveliest things since a free glass of whiskey.

----- Dave Neal 11.09.09 05:13

Though the 21 is fantatic, I use the 12yr doublewood from Balvenie as my “go to” scotch.

----- srik 11.09.09 04:59

Talisker and Cragganmore, in the Scotch category.

Woodford Reserve in the - still much to be discovered - American category.

----- Camiel 11.09.09 04:55

Laphroaig (La-froyg) 10yr Old

Such a lovely idea and would make the perfect gift for my father
who got me into Laphroaig whisky!

----- Drew Robertson 11.09.09 04:54

Makers Mark!

----- Terri C 11.09.09 04:41

Usually Oban or Scapa 14yr. Though I am partial to something peatier now and then.

----- Dan Bartley 11.09.09 04:28

Definitely the Powers Irish Whiskey! So smooth and easy to drink

----- Patrick 11.09.09 04:27

Imaginary - The GlenWonka ‘100 years old’
Real - Chivas Regal 25

----- Sam Jackson 11.09.09 03:50

I’d love to have my absolute favourite: Paddy Irish whiskey on the stones!! ;-)

----- Finbarr G. O'Sullivan 11.09.09 03:18

Talisker 18 years old because the best whiskey is always more than half your age old!

----- ryan 11.09.09 03:06

I’ve tasted lenty of whisky and generally favour peaty, smoky Islay malts like Laphroaig.

However I recently travelled down to sunniest Wales on honeymoon and toured the Penderyn distillery.

Welsh whisky? Mad? Genius? Misled?

It’s actually a refreshing single malt with a powerful impact, round development and an achingly long sultana-and-caramel finish more reminiscent, almost, of a cognac than a whisky. I’d recommend it!

----- Mr Jim 11.09.09 02:48

If it is good enough for Prices Charles it is good enough for me. It has to be Laphroaig 10 year old - a perfect end to the day or start to the weekend.

----- conor 11.09.09 02:41

Johnny Walker black label chilled. I used to drink it on the rocks but when ice melts, it waters down my drink. I need to get my hands on some of these whiskey rocks!

----- Jasper 11.09.09 02:28

I have two at the moment: Ardbeg Blasda and Arran cask strength. Both lovely :)

----- Joey Coleman 11.09.09 02:22


----- JOON LEE 11.09.09 02:18

“Tell me what brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.”
Abraham Lincoln.

If you couldn’t pick up what I was putting down….I drink Grants on the rocks.

----- Clifford K. 11.09.09 02:11

maker’s mark!

----- travis 11.09.09 02:10

Bulleit Whiskey always hits the right spot.

----- Chris 11.09.09 02:08

Lagavulin 16 year… would *never* put ice with it, just a few drops of water, but it would be nice to see what it’s like chilled with these! Thanks!

----- Ayric 11.09.09 02:00

Lagavulin rocks!

----- edmund dorf 11.09.09 01:40

Glenmorangie 18. They’ve gone off a bit with new blends (seemingly for mktg pruposes) but Simone and Annie are bang on with their choices. Does that mean I like Girl’s Whiskey???

----- Aidan 11.09.09 01:14

Monkey Shoulder - a triple malt blend and what a cool bottle too. Couple that with my concrete tumblers and it’s a good night

----- Chris Mc 11.09.09 00:56

chivas. no doubt.

----- Allannn 11.09.09 00:36

Jack D. … woodford Reserve isnt bad but i cant afford that… jack is where its at

----- kyle 11.09.09 00:02

The one whisky that always make me shiver with excitement is the 15yr old Bruichladdich Islay Single Malt. Even just seeing that packaging immediately takes me back to some of the finest moments of my life :)

----- Mark Visbeek 10.09.09 23:28

Bells on the rocks (ice, so far).

----- Tim 10.09.09 23:22

Years ago.. I was living in Paris. I was a poor, semi-starving, architecture student. The closest bar to my apartment was a whiskey bar. It was a good thing too, because a beer cost 10 dollars (in 1995 prices) while a simple Scotch only cost $5. Obviously, I drifted toward what I could afford. The guys at the counter would laugh at me for trying to order ice (in French) with my whiskey. They would say i might as well piss into the glass first.

They gave me quite the lesson. Most of the bottles on the shelves there were hand written, from family run distilleries, that were only available to a very select few. I’m honored to have had my first taste there, and learn the valuable lessons in the many flavors of whiskey that the ice would have only hidden.

So.. my favorite brand.. I can’t say. But my favorite place to drink. It’s here (god bless you google maps!) http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=paris+france&sll=38.015333,-122.55475&sspn=0.011546,0.026436&ie=UTF8&ll=48.849482,2.374617&spn=0.000603,0.001652&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=48.849525,2.374369&panoid=qbUJaaJzY6g657tkpSJ3Kw&cbp=12,195.76,,0,-0.33

----- Dave Waldorf 10.09.09 23:12

I’ve been a big fan of Sazerac Rye Whisky since my last trip to New Orleans.


----- Erich 10.09.09 23:11

Favorite whiskey is Bulleit Bourbon…easy to drink, affordable, delicious.

----- yenn 10.09.09 23:08

The one that got me started enjoying whisky in the first place. Old Potrero Rye from Anchor distilling.

----- Sketchp 10.09.09 22:59

Johnny Walker: Black Label.
Can’t drinking anything lower grade than this on the rock. Plus it won’t break the bank. And IMHO, has a slight lychee aftertaste to it. delightful….

----- Charlie 10.09.09 22:46

My favorite whiskey is George T. Stagg bourbon.

----- Jared 10.09.09 22:32

Knob Creek

----- Sean 10.09.09 22:32

macallan 21 when i can get it! :-)

----- Farhan 10.09.09 22:31

Any kind of Kentucky Bourbon. Jim Beam!

----- Bernadette 10.09.09 22:29

Just got back from a trip to Scotland… Auchentoshan Three Wood is where it’s at with Scotch

----- Alex 10.09.09 22:28

Maker’s Mark. Live in Cincinnati but I grew up spending summers in Maysville, Kentucky hearing about the history and stories of Bourbon. Fascinating history for the name Bourbon. I highly recommend a search online.

----- Blake Fox 10.09.09 22:26

It has to be BUSHMILLS, IRISH Whiskey, oldest functioning distillery

----- Brett Capron 10.09.09 22:26

It has to be BUSHMILLS, IRISH Whiskey, oldest functioning distillery

----- Brett Capron 10.09.09 22:26

It has to be BUSHMILLS, IRISH Whiskey, oldest functioning distillery

----- Brett Capron 10.09.09 22:26

Good old Jameson for me.

----- Ron 10.09.09 22:26

knob creek!

----- Lally 10.09.09 22:21

glenmorangie la santa!!!!!!!!!!!

----- nicolas roldan 10.09.09 22:11

Well, Jack Daniels…of course…

----- Liz 10.09.09 22:06

Oh man, Talisker 18, easily. There’s nothing better than tasting the sea, smoke, and earth in a glass. I’ve had no other Scotch like it.

----- Adrian Chadwick 10.09.09 21:57

Gibson Sterline rye whiskey for myself.

----- Mat N. 10.09.09 21:55

We are extremely partial to Macallan and these whiskey rocks would do well on a hot and humid summertime porch here in Western Massachusetts as well as in front of a roaring fire during a snowstorm. Vermont granite in a glass with the best malt on the planet is a fantastic combination.

----- Thomas Attila Lewis 10.09.09 21:50

I was in Scotland, backpacking through Europe and was encouraged by the barman after I told him that I fond of Speyside whiskys to try a Mortlach 16. I fell in love…

I promptly bought a bottle, which I kept safely away in my backpack through my trip, somehow keeping it from breaking or getting lost (enjoying many fine Scotch whiskys, French wines, and Belgian beers along the way), and brought it home with me.

Next time I’m back in Scotland (next year, hopefully) I’ll be looking to get together some friends and the money to rent a classic car (I’ve found some rentals that are pretty decently priced!), and tour the country properly. And in the evenings, settle into a nice whisky.

----- Johann Kwan 10.09.09 21:48

i’m a relative newbie to scotch, but i’ve enjoyed glenmorangie original!

----- erica 10.09.09 21:44

Ok I am a student in Canada with parents who tried to train me to appreciate good scotch and wine. Since iI am a student and I am somewhat cheap but still appreciate good taste my favorite Scotch out there is Té Bheag. Made in Scotland this Gaelic Scotch whiskey has hints of toffee and peat that is extremely smooth and very enjoyable to drink on any occasion. I am pretty sure you can buy an 8 year to an 11 year at the LCBO in Canada and its only listed at $36!!!! Crazy cheap price for an amazing scotch. Definitely recommend this scotch to anyone who is experienced or is looking for a smooth drink to start off their scotch experience.

----- Spencer Sawell 10.09.09 21:41

Maker’s Mark! It’s delicious. And also lame, I know, I should probably like something more obscure, that does not have a crazy giant billboard in times square on new years eve, but, as I said, it’s delicious.

----- Annie 10.09.09 21:36


----- Stoney 10.09.09 21:28

I have to say Glenlivet 12 will always hold a special place in my heart. As delicious as it is, I’ve had better in my time, but Glenlivet was the first delightful and affordable scotch that I could call my very own.

----- Shelby 10.09.09 21:27

Maker’s Mark

----- Chad Wasser 10.09.09 21:19

i love my islay scotches. if i have to pick one, i’d pick LEDAIG 20 year old. for all of you islay lovers, give the ledaig a shot. (no pun intended) :) cheers.

----- rodney 10.09.09 21:14

Age: 6 to 8 years
Proof: 121 to 127
Color: Deep, rich, smoky amber
Aroma: Big oak, vanilla, smoky charcoal
Taste: Intense, fruit, tannin, tobacco
Finish: Clean, long, intense
Booker’s Bourbon is the only uncut, unfiltered, straight-from-the-barrel, sipping bourbon available today. As Booker himself puts it, “This is the way it was a hundred years ago, the way my grandfather, Jim Beam, made Bourbon before Prohibition. Back then they didn’t go through all this chilling and filtering. So Booker’s Bourbon is different, it’s got more natural barrel flavor in it.” It goes straight from the barrel into the bottle.

----- Paul 10.09.09 21:14

Laphroaig. Gets me through the winter. Also, I like that when you buy a bottle, you get assigned a square foot of land on Islay. I’m working up a quarter acre so I can retire there…

----- Eileen 10.09.09 21:07

I’m a simple man, Jameson is my standard go-to; be it straight or with ginger ale.
Although Johnny Walker Green is wonderful if i’m feeling like dropping the money. Blue is heaven in a glass, but ive only been lucky enough to try that once :(

----- Mikey 10.09.09 21:06


----- Clare Flower 10.09.09 21:05

winning these would give me an excuse to purchase whiskey (with an e) for whisky stones. thanks for another brilliant review with killer graphics!

----- matthew harrison smith 10.09.09 21:02

Professor McT’s. My dad makes it and it is about as good as drinking piss. Maybe the rocks could make it palatable when he forces me to go rounds on Christmas eve. Cheers

----- Cody Taggart 10.09.09 21:00

I am a big fan of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban! They age the Scotch in bourbon casks, then mellow it in ruby port casks. It has a wonderfully smooth taste with notes of mint and chocolate.

----- Tom 10.09.09 20:58

I love Jameson. And i love it even more now that everyone in mad men drinks it too.

----- Matt 10.09.09 20:49

If it comes in an over the top glass bottle and a purple velvet bag it’s for me.
Give me that Crown Royal any day.

----- Bailey 10.09.09 20:49

Personally I am partial to Aberlour 12 Year. I love the look of those rocks, what a cool idea (no pun intended)

----- Guy Trowbridge 10.09.09 20:24

johnnie walker blue for the occasional sip. makers mark for the rest

----- g 10.09.09 20:22

Crown Royal for the adorable purse. However, please pick me! I’m sure Balvenie is good as well.

----- Kirsten 10.09.09 20:19

Caol Ila 12 year old + whisky rocks + cold weather + down comforter = HEAVEN

----- phillipk 10.09.09 20:10

Glenmorangie Signet Scotch… ahhhhhhhhhh

----- Jeff Black 10.09.09 20:08

i loved the taste of johnny walker blue label. expensive but niceee

----- James Yi 10.09.09 20:00

Scotch has always been hit or miss and I could never be sure if I would like it until I was out of pocket a lot of money. But that was until a friend turned me on to “Jon, Mark and Robbo.” It’s a scotch for the non-scotch snobs and the blends let you know what you’re getting into. They offer three flavors: ‘The Smokey Peaty One,’ ‘The Rich Spicy One,’ and ‘The Smooth Sweeter One.’ Personally, I like the Smooth Sweeter one. It’s a wonderful sipping scotch that doesn’t need to be diluted to be palatable. The Whiskey Rocks would be perfect companion (besides one’s S.O.)! Cheers!

----- Scott Robertson 10.09.09 19:56

Mine would have to be basil hayden. -ant

----- Anthony 10.09.09 19:53

I like Johnnie Walker Green label, as its delicious enough to be a real treat to take the edge off a hard day and still cheap enough to squander on friends.

----- saltynay 10.09.09 19:47

Talisker 18 year old single malt

----- Jonathan 10.09.09 19:38

i never appreciated whiskey until i tried the balvenie single barrel 15 year. i think it was my first sipping whiskey.

----- kye 10.09.09 19:33

Most Wanted, because it’s local. The distillery is 25 miles away from my house.

----- Andrea 10.09.09 19:32

Laphroaig. Try it if you havnt. It has a subtle smokey taste. I call it the “bacon whiskey”.

----- Karen Kriss 10.09.09 19:25

Makers Mark all the way - and these would be great to retain the taste!

----- bryan byczek 10.09.09 19:24

I had a nice glass of Cragganmore at a scotch bar in Baltimore a little while ago. Very tasty. I’d be interested to try these stones out and see if it really does change the flavor in a noticeable way. Plus I love Vermont!

----- Boz B. 10.09.09 19:22

Laphroaig Quarter Cask for me!

----- B Alexander 10.09.09 19:13

Te Bheag Connoisseur’s Blend Gaelic Whisky, Unchilfiltered
Old school, mother fuckers.

----- Sammm 10.09.09 19:11

Old Granddad - straight bourbon whiskey! Delicious, smooth and pretty inexpensive.

But if I have to go across the pond it would be the Ardberg 17 year. Nice and smoky.

----- Jon 10.09.09 19:07

Honestly as a 2nd gen Indian American the colonial flavors tend to remain. Johnnie Walker Black’s amber color filling a tumbler with ice cubes (or Delight’s whiskey stones!) clinking as you swirl it…man..nothing can beat that!

----- bhavna 10.09.09 19:07

Talisker 10-Year. :)

----- Abby 10.09.09 18:58

im a big fan of the old grandad, would get something nicer if i could afford it but it does me well.

----- Robo Z 10.09.09 18:57

Springbank 15 YO Single Malt

----- Brad 10.09.09 18:51

My favorite would have to be Lagavulin 16…whisky should be smoky, salty, and old enough to drive me home…

----- Doug 10.09.09 18:51

Glenfiddich 15
-Nice deep flavor
-Reasonably priced
-Cool packaging (for it’s class)

----- Tiimo Schulze 10.09.09 18:50

Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks or neat, I’ll take it either way.

It’s more than just a pretty label and a beautiful bottle.

----- Jessika M 10.09.09 18:49

Canadian Club (CC)

----- Jesse Rosenthal 10.09.09 18:44

WINE makes me sleepy, VODKA makes me cry, GIN makes me wanna tear the curtains down, BUT WHISKY* makes me fun!!!! according to an old boyfriend… PASS THE JAMESON PLEASE!!!

----- katie 10.09.09 18:42

so many uses! can’t wait to push the limits of ice!

----- sean 10.09.09 18:40

turkey 101. gobble gobble.

----- Allison 10.09.09 18:39

Gotta love a whiskey that can beat prohibition…I’ll take an Early Times on the stones, thank you.

----- Gavin 10.09.09 18:35

Husband says 29 year old Glenfarclas is the best he’s ever had.

----- ftapao 10.09.09 18:30

the Balvenie 21 year is the stuff. sitting around with a class and a cigar is the way to spend a sunday. however, i will never forget a few summers ago when i was home from my first year of college. my friend procured a bottle of johnny walker blue label (stolen from his father, presumably) and we found a small creek near my house where we sat around taking sips and sharing stories.

----- Shelby L Chen 10.09.09 18:27

Balvenie doublewood

----- Nico C. 10.09.09 18:25

Chivas for the win!

----- Tiffy 10.09.09 18:23

For me its Highland Park 12yr. Mmmmm, scotch….. I think I’m going to have to go pour a glass now!

----- David 10.09.09 18:16

Blantons for me (my boyfriend is a kentucky boy)…

----- Jessica P 10.09.09 18:15

My favorite whiskey has always been the one I don’t have to pay for. That MacCutcheon Whiskey from “Lost” might be interesting to try… haha

----- JOEL MARQUEZ 10.09.09 18:10

Gentleman Jack

----- Tim M 10.09.09 18:08


----- Andy 10.09.09 18:06

I’m quite partial to Drambuie. My uncle introduced it to me just around the time I turned 21. It’s funny, too, because as a general rule I don’t really like anise/licorice flavored things.

----- Myke D. 10.09.09 18:05

Favorite Scotch would have to be Buchanan’s De luxe Scotch 12 year

----- Shaena 10.09.09 18:03

Can’t go wrong with a Glenlivet 12. -Sarah

----- Sarah S. 10.09.09 17:58

Ohh so many to choose from, Lagavulin 16 y.o. Steeped in Moutain air and moorland peat!

Pretty much any Ardbeg, and the fine oak McAllens are all good also. Highland Park 16 Y.O deserves a mention. Please Don’t make me pick one!!!!

What a great Idea the stones are.

----- Paul H 10.09.09 17:52

Any single malt scotch for me…

----- TQ 10.09.09 17:51

I just discovered Bulleit, it’s my new favorite.

----- Rex Smith 10.09.09 17:49

Michel Couvreur Pale Single Malt. Wonderful

----- SCHMIDLINGTON 10.09.09 17:45

Jameson please!

----- alexis 10.09.09 17:41

I enjoy Cutty Sark from time to time.

----- Wyatt 10.09.09 17:40

Bowmore Islay, 18 years

----- chernwei 10.09.09 17:40

Laphroaig is pretty nice…

----- Alexis 10.09.09 17:39

Johnnie Walker Swing has always been my favorite, it was my first, and my ultimate favorite. The smell always brings me back to my grandfather, and Catskill autumns.

----- Alex 10.09.09 17:38

Crown Royal

----- Daniel de Lara 10.09.09 17:35

Jack Daniels :)

----- Brad 10.09.09 17:35

I tend to jump from whiskey to whisky, but I know that Makers Mark will always taste good. Mmmm, I need an Old Fashioned

----- Tiger 10.09.09 17:34

Crown Royal for me, some great college memories were made because of this drink.

----- Emmanuel 10.09.09 17:34

Where is the love for Wisers! It is aged longer than Crown and costs almost half as much! Get-a-Clue

----- David "Rooster" Claytor 10.09.09 17:33

…for relaxing times, make it Suntory Time.

----- Zoe 10.09.09 17:32

May not be as respectable as a scotch/whiskey; but I simply adore drambuie.

----- lotusflower 10.09.09 17:29

Being Irish i would have to go for the smooth taste of a bottle of 16 year old Bushmills malt. Delightful.

----- Jonny 10.09.09 17:27

The best I’ve ever had was Glenlivet 21 year. Glenlivet had a weeklong promotion of “Mini-Golf and Scotch” in an empty store on M Street in NW DC two years ago. The main event was the 21 year, though they also had 12, 15 and 18 to taste. The others were good, but once that 21 year (with three drops of water) hit my tongue, I knew I was in heaven.

----- Phil G. 10.09.09 17:27

Knappogue Castle. It’s an Irish single malt whiskey, if you are a fan of Jameson you will love it. 1990-1995, all of them are good. It is pretty sweet, goes down very smooth. A set of stones would be even better than ice!

----- Will Gibson 10.09.09 17:27

jack daniels all the way!

----- jeremy 10.09.09 17:25

Templeton Rye. Small batch whiskey during the age of prohibition. Supposedly Al Capone’s favorite whiskey. Last i knew it was only available in Iowa and Illinois, but you can order from the site. http://www.templetonrye.com/ Check it out.

----- eric willhoit 10.09.09 17:24

Basil Hayden! (…is tasty, small batch bourbon that is fairly accessible.)

Although gotta say that I like the addition of (branch) water to many bourbons which a single ice cube can provide. I also like the fact that ice requires timing for the perfect sip, adding to the ritual. Like toasting a marshmallow. I also have a tendency to prefer my rituals unencumbered by extraneous products which prescribe a use that is not altogether needed. ALTHOUGH, these stones could allow cooling without excess water from ice. Looks interesting,I wanna try it!

----- Ryan 10.09.09 17:21

My friend had a 12 year old black label that I got to take a sip out of that was amazing, however, I would say my favorite has to be the dirty bird, ol wild turkey.

----- Michael Atkinson 10.09.09 17:12

Hey y’all - it’s Tracey from Delight.com. I’m loving reading all your faves, but I have an impassioned plea. One of my very very VERY favorite Bouron Whiskeys is Old Barton from Tennessee. I know, it’s considered on the low-level of whiskeys, but it’s sweet and syrupy and I only had it for one blessed week many years ago when my Dad, husband and I did a whirlwind southern trip…and we can’t find it anywhere.
Are any of you from Tennessee, and would you care to make a poor Colorado girl and her Father very happy by helping send us a few bottles? Good karma and “Delightful” rewards will come your way - promise!
email tracey at delight dot com if you can help me out. :)

----- Tracey 10.09.09 17:11

Johnny Walker Red…..and if I am feeling flush then a Johnny Walker Swing would be exactly what the doctor ordered. We have to do what the doctor says!

----- Raztus 10.09.09 17:09


----- ryin kobza 10.09.09 17:09

I’ll have use these to enjoy the nice bottle of 18 year old Jameson I got from the distillery last year until I can get my hands on some A.H. Hirsch bourbon again. Chill’d without watered down. Brilliant.

----- thomas 10.09.09 17:06

I’d love to try these with Oban. I love an aged scotch. Also love the form factor on those rocks!

----- Mikebdesign! 10.09.09 17:03

Without question, Redbreast 12 year Irish Whiskey has me by the stones.

----- Erika D 10.09.09 17:00

I’ll have a Tullamore Dew on the rocks please!

----- Thomas Hopperstad 10.09.09 17:00

Currently it is neat Bulleit Bourbon. Warm and moderately complex for the price. A good day to day drink.

----- Adam 10.09.09 16:59

The ever sweet, ever forgiving Glenfiddich - a toast to the valley of the deer!

----- Lula 10.09.09 16:59

It’s gotta be Canadian Club or Jameson’s, really.

----- Ian MacDonald 10.09.09 16:57

Ill have to say that for weekends and stuff like that, my “everyday choice” is a 18 y/o Chivas Regal. And for those special occasions where i want to indulge myself a Johnnie Walker Golden Label, does the trick.. :)

----- Sam 10.09.09 16:55

I love my Glenlivets! 12 years yummy

----- Sam 10.09.09 16:53

dont think i could be happier with a bottle of Dimple

----- Sven Thomas 10.09.09 16:52

I more of a Bourbon fella…so I would go with a nice bottle of Noah’s Mill on the low end and a terrific bottle of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve (23yr) on the high-end…as for Scotch, tough to turn one’s back on a nice Cadenhead Caol Ila.

----- wright-Steel 10.09.09 16:51

Laphroig. Super-peaty! http://www.laphroaig.com/

Yummmmmmmmmm…… :)

----- Leif Miltenberger 10.09.09 16:51

Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt 12-Year Old Whisky - I love the woody finish :)

----- Sarah 10.09.09 16:51

My vote goes to Caol Ila 18 year, though I once had the pleasure of tasting Laphroaig 40 year at a bar in a small town in Colorado.

----- Miles S 10.09.09 16:50

My vote goes to Caol Ila 18 year, though I once had the pleasure of tasting Laphroaig 40 year at a bar in a small town in Colorado.

----- Miles S 10.09.09 16:50

I love jack dan’s

----- cory 10.09.09 16:48

Being asian and Irish you would think I love sake and whiskey, nay. My moms blood runs strong! I LOVE ALL WHISKEYS, I drink Bushmills a lot beacause me mom loves it.

----- MARIA CHAN 10.09.09 16:45

old grandad, neat. or laphroaig cask strength.

----- kipp 10.09.09 16:45

Scapa 14 year is my current daily drinker!

----- Steve 10.09.09 16:44

Glenfiddich 12

----- Denise 10.09.09 16:44

Maker’s mark for me as well

----- Brett 10.09.09 16:38

i’ve gone up and down the shelves many times, gone from bourbon to tennessee whiskey to scotch to irish whiskey to canadan blended(yuk!) back to bourbon and have come to the realization that ten high kentucky bourbon is the only one for me.

----- Tyler Winters Skaggs 10.09.09 16:36

I’m a big fan of Booker’s.

----- Kevin Weddell 10.09.09 16:34

talisker 18 year old

----- thomas stephens 10.09.09 16:34

Gentleman Jack for me.

----- Alec 10.09.09 16:33

good old jack daniel’s bites so good! :)

----- Joan Jiang 10.09.09 16:32

i like whisky and bourbons no doubt. but i’m not gonna bullshit ya. i’ll be using those rocks for tequila. casa noble anejo to be exact. they’re just what i’m looking for. send those “tequila” whisky rocks out to this desert boy and make his day!!!

----- todd harris 10.09.09 16:32

Macallan Fine Oak 18! especially in the winter, yuuummmm

----- jenny l 10.09.09 16:29

Highland Park 18yr old for me thank you very much - though I’ve had some of the Balvennie’s and they are delightful. Ever since I learned that 18 yr old Macallan was Mordecai Richler’s favourite I’ve wanted to try it (I’ve only ever had the 12).

----- Glen Hunter 10.09.09 16:29

for relaxing times, make it Suntory

----- Eric J 10.09.09 16:27

Is it just me or does The Glenlivet 12 & a double-double from In&Out go together like Jack & Diane?

----- Michael P. 10.09.09 16:26

Glenlivet 18

----- Alan 10.09.09 16:24

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is one of my absolute favorites. And it’s there’s just something about supporting local businesses that just make it taste better.

----- TheFuzzyBear 10.09.09 16:24

laphroaig 12-year old

----- martin 10.09.09 16:24

Glennfiddich, Single Malt 12 years old.
Subtle, but nice flavour!

I saw those whiskey rocks awhile ago. They seem awesome! :]

----- Igor 10.09.09 16:17

favorite bourbon is a tie between elmer t lee and bulleit. although if i had the cash, i’d be buying pappy van winkle.

----- april starr 10.09.09 16:16

Rebel Yell (She cried more, more, more)

----- Eric 10.09.09 16:16

for relaxing times, make it Suntory time

----- ryan trinidade 10.09.09 16:14


----- michael 10.09.09 16:13

i like my whiskey with no rocks…
but if i win ill make a exception…

i love me a glass of Jamisons.
and if I’m feeling really crazy ill reach for The Macallan!


----- James Jay 10.09.09 16:12

These rocks seem awesome! Chilled scotch without the watered-down effect of ice - perfect.

I lived in Scotland for a year while I was studying abroad and my neighbor’s favorite scotch was Glenmorangie. That is my favorite for sentimental reasons.

----- Annie 10.09.09 16:11

top whiskey, 2oz of Lagavulin 21, 2 ice marbles, Riedel chardonnay stemless glassware for the win. maybe with rocks it would make it that much better?

----- Jay 10.09.09 16:11

Bruichladdich all the way.. at least the good older stuff

----- Andrew Bell 10.09.09 16:10

I like a lot of Irish whiskey but I always have at least one bottle of Jameson at home. So I suppose Jameson is my favorite!

----- Michael Harper 10.09.09 16:10

I’ve got my eye on the Yamazaki 18 year, but in the meantime I drink my tasty Laphroaig 10 yr. cask strength. That with a healthy splash of water is fantastic.

----- Andrew R 10.09.09 16:08

If you can get a hold of it an 18 year old Macallan Sherry Cask is beautiful or for a more everyday dram Glenrothes. It’s under-rated, smooth and modern plus the packaging really stands out. Slange Var!

----- Neil Loves Whisky 10.09.09 16:08

Basil Hayden for me! these have been on my list of presents for quite some time. Thanks for the giveaway!

----- april brooks 10.09.09 16:07

If you can get a hold of it an 18 year old Macallan Sherry Cask is beautiful or for a more everyday dram Glenrothes. It’s under-rated, smooth and modern plus the packaging really stands out. Slange Var!

----- Neil 10.09.09 16:07

Since I was a little girl I’d steal sips of my parents’ glasses of scotch and short puffs off my father’s cigars. I realize that may sound a little weird but I swear they made a good call. When I first tried their whisky, I thought it was a bitter, salty, fiery mess… I came around a few years ago, though, and I have to say that a nice 18yr old Highland Park has been nearest and dearest to my heart!

----- Bay 10.09.09 16:07

Rittenhouse 100 all the way. greenpoints just dont taste right without it.

----- Christian Schulze 10.09.09 16:06

I would have to say RedBreast. It has a simple and smooth taste. you can just hold it in my mouth and take your time tasting all the flavor. It gives you time to notice all the things that are in your life that are good

----- paul 10.09.09 16:05

Beautiful design & concept. I hate when the ice waters down my scotch.
I’ll take a Glenmorangie on the rocks.

----- Bobby S 10.09.09 16:05

Johnnie Walker!

----- Ivan Dilberovic 10.09.09 16:04

Haven’t had that type of whisky before, so I would love to try it!

----- Cathy 10.09.09 16:04

Tobermory is yummy, mostly because I’ve been to the distillery. Also love Oban, JW Blue, and Knob Creek for everyday drinking. And I usually always drink it neat, but I’m interested to try out these rocks.

----- Megan 10.09.09 16:04

Highland Park 12 year old.

----- Kris Layher 10.09.09 16:03

I could go for some Balvenie

----- Chris Furniss 10.09.09 16:02

My favorite whiskey is Old Overholt Rye because it is my family whiskey

----- Kate Overholt 10.09.09 16:02

i’m a big fan of talisker from the isle of skye. got my hands on a bottle which is only for sale at the distillery ;) still unopened tho, those rocks might get me to open it tho :p


----- uhunziker 10.09.09 16:01

Lagavulin 21…mmm

----- Rahul Panchal 10.09.09 16:01

Glenrothes hands down.

----- april_d 10.09.09 16:00

wild turkey!

----- John H 10.09.09 15:58

As a frequenter of the brown water, I’ve dabbled in the Whisky (okay, more than dabbled) and have a penchant for the Balvenie 21. But at some point, I had to leave the roost and venture out into the wide world of “ey” Whiskeys… That’s where Pappy Van Winkle comes into play. I wouldn’t mind soaking a couple stones with some Van Winkle 25. Hands down, best bourbon that has ever whetted this palate.

----- ben 10.09.09 15:57

Redbreast 12 Year Irish whiskey. mmm loves me some Redbreast.

----- Dave D. 10.09.09 15:56

Dewars, definately

----- Grant 10.09.09 15:55

Bushmills. Rocks.


----- Peter D 10.09.09 15:53

Can’t go wrong with Cutty Sark!

----- Andrew Davis 10.09.09 15:52

the weather is getting chilly and what better time for a nice smokey lagavulin 16!? my favorite.

----- cheri 10.09.09 15:49

Glen Breton is a fav, gotta love my local…..although there is something to be said for whatever my buddy will be serving at no cost to me…

----- Lee Bent 10.09.09 15:49

My favorite right now is Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt 18 Year. A little heavier then the 12 year with nice little hints of orange, chocolate, and maple syrup…a nice well rounded meal.

I guess Bill Murray was right, “for relaxing times” you should indeed make it Suntory time.

----- Christian 10.09.09 15:48

I love Laphroaig 15. They stopped making it just recently, and I can’t figure out why. I hear they are coming out with an 18 year though, so good news!

----- Rick C 10.09.09 15:48

Hey! I really like Johnnie Walker Green Label.

----- Ricardo Piochi 10.09.09 15:48

My everyday scotch is probably Glenlivet 12 year. I’m a simple man. Love these rocks.

----- David 10.09.09 15:48

Hands down, Lagavulin…Tastes like you are being hugged by warm sunshine whilst being whisked away to the island of Islay…lovely

----- Erika 10.09.09 15:46

Finally, a stylish way to get the chills without affecting the precious flavors! Need them!

----- Daniel 10.09.09 15:45

JACK daniels!!..

----- Walter Orellana 10.09.09 15:45

Hunter S Thompson had it right…

Chivas Regal 18!


----- Stoo 10.09.09 15:44

an old standby of mine has been Booker’s, ever since my dad and i started a thanksgiving tradition of sipping a shot of it every year.

this past birthday of my dad’s, i got him a bottle of Eagle Rare 12 Year, and now i’m not sure which i like better. the Eagle is a great bourbon, but had a bit of a bite taken neat, so these rocks would be awesome for it.

i’d have to settle with Booker’s though, simply for how smooth it is, rocks or neat.

----- christopher earl. 10.09.09 15:43

Talisker 18, perfection.

----- Jeremy 10.09.09 15:41

Am I the only one who still enjoys a Black Label on the rocks?

----- Birr Crinton 10.09.09 15:41

The best scotch I ever tasted was a special Master Distiller’s series of four blends by Macallan. They had their four favorite Master Distillers make their own custom blend, then had each distiller write comments about each other’s blend. Amazing. But for a traditional great scotch, I’m a long-time fan of Balvenie 15 yr.

----- Kate El-Bizri 10.09.09 15:38

Love how the rocks look in the double-walled glass. Current fave would be Isle of Arran.

----- Brad 10.09.09 15:36

lagavulin single malt - all the way

----- Vijay 10.09.09 15:35

Good ol’ standard: Maker’s Mark.

----- Lea Sanders-Wilcox 10.09.09 15:34

my faves: Bourbon=Maker’s Mark
Scotch: Balvenie 21 for me too…yum!

----- vegaschris 10.09.09 15:34

Red Breast Irish Whiskey

----- Joshward 10.09.09 15:34

georgia moon corn whiskey - not a taste for all, but so good.

----- david 10.09.09 15:33

Maker’s Mark! Beautiful packaging, and damn fine whiskey.

----- Dynah 10.09.09 15:32

So, what’s wrong with the WC Field solution? A chilled metal ball.

Yeah, Woodford Reserve is good stuff. You want interesting though, try Laphroaig 15 year old. Not the 10 year stuff you can find everywhere, which tastes horrible. Those extra five years do a wonderful magic.

----- tudza 10.09.09 15:32

I’m partial to W.L. Weller bourbon. It’s relatively inexpensive and delicious.

----- Luther Himes 10.09.09 15:31

Glenfiddich 21

----- kspahr 10.09.09 15:31

Balvenie is indeed a lovely dram, but a wee bit modest in the linger…

My personal preference has got to be Ardbeg, an Islay malt that actually has a sense of humor! Their “tipple” is a PERFECT match for these Whiskey Stones.

— check the LINK! http://www.ardbeg.com/blasda/ — note: I have no affiliation except as an ardent consumer.

I’m normally unprepared to sully such a fine concoction with ice, as I shy away from compromising the integrity of the punch of the peat… however, I am indeed willing to be convinced by experiencing the miracle of the stones!

----- COLIN 10.09.09 15:31

Jameson on the… stones

----- Wesley 10.09.09 15:30

Crown Royal is king!

----- Mike Churchill 10.09.09 15:28

Jameison Irish Whiskey

----- Matt 10.09.09 15:27

Here in Kentucky we drink Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon whisky. It’s one of the only single barrels that is truly only taken from one barrel and not watered down with younger whisky. Quality. I’m getting thirsty just talking about it :)

----- waylon b 10.09.09 15:27

Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old!

----- Garri 10.09.09 15:22

Cask Strength Macallan

----- Courtney 10.09.09 15:22

Dewars, to be sure.

----- Walter Coots 10.09.09 15:21

Basil Hayden, no doubt. Was converted by a friend who managed small batch whiskeys for Fortune Brands (Beam, Makers, Knob Creek, Bakers, etc)

----- Paul B 10.09.09 15:20

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey!

----- Gyna 10.09.09 15:20

In NY I fell in love with Crown Royal, smooth Candian Whisky.

----- Markus 10.09.09 15:19

Sadly, the best whiskey I’ve ever had no longer exists. I discovered Black Maple Hill 21yr at Alembic in San Francisco, when I asked the bartender for a bourbon that would kick me in the teeth with a velvet boot. It does just that, coming in strong with a very full bodied, oaky flavor and a sharp tang that subsides and warms as it goes down your throat. They’re apparently out of it now, with no plans to bring it back, but for a while it was, plain and simple, the best bourbon on the planet.

----- micah saul 10.09.09 15:19

Pet ice rocks in my Strawberry Kiss.. mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm im climaxing!

----- Alex Gee 10.09.09 15:17

These sound like a lovely idea. Whiskey at room temperature is all fine and good, but not out on the porch when its 90 degrees at 10pm. I live in Houston and I like a cigar with my scotch. My wife does not like the cigars in the house. TI think these would be a nice compromise. My favorite scotch is Laphroig’s Quarter Cask, no question. Though the Balvenie is quite good.

----- Robert 10.09.09 15:15

Suntory 12!

----- Ian Nguyen 10.09.09 15:14

Cask Strength MacAllen 16

----- Jackson 10.09.09 15:13

That’s like picking a favorite note!

Johnny Walker Blue for blended.
Lagavulin if we’re talking singlemalt (it’s a close second to Highland Park - though it’s a radically different whiskey)

----- Matt MacLennan 10.09.09 15:10

Love rocks in my love drink. Me likey.

----- Eddie 10.09.09 15:03

Glenlivet 12 year… Because the first time I had it was in a bush village in Africa at the base of a mountain at night.

Does it get any better? I don’t think so

----- Jason Pfaff 10.09.09 14:59

I saw these at SF MOMA last week and thought they were so smart. The only time I drink whisky is when I’m at a bar with my dad. I think I like the way it smells, warm and spicy, better than the actual taste. He’s a Chivas lover.

----- logan 10.09.09 14:55

Oh wow!! Thanks for posting about this, it sounds so cool. My vote goes to Lagavulin. This would be such a great present to someone!

----- Shay 10.09.09 14:53

i’ve toured the makers mark distillery many times and have to say, between its proximity to my ancestors stomping grounds plus my own personal tastes…if i stray to others, it’s only temporary. i’ll always come back.

----- michael 10.09.09 14:52

Hey there. I’m sure I could do good use of the Whisky Rocks as I adore my Single Malt or Bourbon slightly iced, but i hate the idea of getting it watered. So if I get them, I’ll be sure to cool them down, pour some real good Gentleman Jack in a nice cup, then smoothly release the rocks and let them do their magic. I’ll raise a toast to the divine NOTCOT and enjoy my bourbon as never before.

----- Sávio Abi-Zaid 10.09.09 14:47

Jack Daniels, definitely.

----- Francisco Santacruz 10.09.09 14:47

Rittenhouse Rye 80!

----- Jaime 10.09.09 14:45

Choose me! Choose me!
Really want to try my beloved Glenmorangie on the rocks!

----- simone 10.09.09 14:42

My favorite malt is Aberlour 15yr Sherry Cask — not too expensive, but right up there with the best. Favorite blended is Compass Box Asyla.

----- Martin Jacobson 10.09.09 14:41

Wow cool way to keep the good stuff cool. My favorite? TBD… maybe I will have to try a bottle of that 21.

----- Mike Johnson 10.09.09 14:41

You’ve got my fave right there. The Balvenie. It just doesn’t get much better than that. I even re-use the old Balvenie bottles and corks as water bottles in the fridge (after cleaning of course) so I always have cool, chilled water for myself and my guests. Nothing beats pulling out the clear bottle, sans label, and popping the cork out before I pour some water for my friends. They love it. And I love Balvenie. And NOTCOT. And whiskey stones. (I will also be using these stones in Courvoisier though as well!)

----- tommy tang 10.09.09 14:40

I guess Jameson would be mine.

----- Nando Rossi 10.09.09 14:39

i need to expand my palate but for now it would have to be jack daniels.

----- gilberto 10.09.09 14:39

wow! love the packaging. im from the north east of scotland - home of the whisky trail. difficult to pick just one, Glenfiddich is always a good option. although i have to betray my celtic heritage and admit to being rather partial to bourbon, four roses & Bulleit being faves!

----- zenilorac 10.09.09 14:38

So these whisky rocks… they are a solution for the ‘chilled neat’ single malt drinker I guess… but will they make it from Vermont to Melbourne (Australia)? I have delightfully discovered a Melbourne based distillery called Bakery Hill, awesome, peated malt, classic single malt, double wood malt, they’re all great. Try it, you’ll love it.

----- Melis 10.09.09 14:35

The Glenrothes Select Reserves does the trick…not always readily available and comes in a grenade like bottle

----- Trotta 10.09.09 14:33

i love sazerac rye… does that count?

----- sheryl 10.09.09 14:32

i first had makers mark on my honeymoon in the Dominican Rep. I had never had whiskey before then, at least good stuff, but i fell in love! On our way home my wife stopped at the duty free and got me a bottle! We will be married one year on September 20th! AHHHH! its been an amazing year!

----- Jim TOrrey 10.09.09 14:31

Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood

----- James D. LaCroix 10.09.09 14:30

These would be a perfect Christmas gift for my friend! I’d love to win them for her. Her favorite whiskey is Makers Mark. She’s a no-nonsense American woman.

----- Mary P. 10.09.09 14:29

Would love a set of these! Whenever I can find it, I love a glass of Pikesville Supreme Rye, but there are plenty of fall-back brands I could enjoy with them as well! I read of these in a magazine a while back, and completely forgot… Thanks for the memory jog!

----- Cory 10.09.09 14:29

I’d have to go with the good old, kick in the nuts that Jack Daniels delivers :)

----- Ian 10.09.09 14:27

Hi, I’m commenting on behalf of my fiance because I would love to win a set of these for him! His favourite is the Glenlivet 18 year old whisky (I think!)

----- Cat 10.09.09 14:24

It’s beyond crazy-coincidental that you chose my favorite Scotch — Balvenie Portwood 21 — for your shoot. Insanely expensive, but worth every penny. A luxury to be savored.

My “everyday” Scotch would be the Balvenie Doublewood 12. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Speysides.

----- Aaron 10.09.09 14:23

Jameison Irish Whiskey with those rocks would be an excellent concoction.

----- Griffen Spence 10.09.09 14:23

Nikka Whisky with HK’s Micheal Young’s bottle design. Soooooo edgy…and tasty.


----- Nikhil 10.09.09 14:22

Although I don’t have the wallet for any of the more limited edition expensive scotch whisky, I really do love Makers Mark. I first had it in an Old Fashioned while at a club in Oxford visiting my brother. Its quickly become my favorite!

----- Christopher 10.09.09 14:18

Jack Daniel’s or whatever’s under the counter!

Also Crown Royal is good, but it costs too much at the bar for how much I enjoy it.

----- chrisburns 10.09.09 14:17

I personally prefer Johnny Walker’s Green Label…
Perfect taste

----- Kaiserlino 10.09.09 14:15

My favorite is Woodford Reserve!

----- James 10.09.09 14:10

balvenie for me please!

----- Lux Lund 10.09.09 14:09

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