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Chandeliers of Versailles- 10.29.09

chandelorg.jpg There’s something so magical about being able to wander around the Chateau de Versailles after dark in black tie garb with only a handful of people around… and free flowing Dom Perignon. Actually, there’s something so magical about Versailles at any time, but this was particularly surreal… and while there, i think i’ve discovered a new obsession. Chandeliers. From directly below! Particularly with mesmerizingly mind bending shadows and/or ridiculously opulent and stunning ceilings… and yes, there was a point where i became that girl who handed off her glass of Dom to lay on the floor in the middle of an empty room in my dress, louboutins, and clutching my massive camera to see just how much ceiling my wide angle could ingest from directly below the center of the chandelier. It’s a bit dizzying at times shooting straight up and getting lost in the concentric circles ~ but it’s such a fun perspective… Ami from Cool Hunting is calling them our ‘chandelier mandalas’ (and huge thanks for Ami for resisting iphone-pic-ing me while i was laying there on the floor!)… so take a peek at *some* of the chandeliers (and a few bonuses!) from perhaps (but hopefully not!) the most magical night i will ever spend in Versailles












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I’m so jealous…I just might have to destroy you & your blog ;)

----- Brian 30.10.09 13:57


----- Rye 30.10.09 07:14

It so rich and real. You can almost feel the rugged weight with your eyes. I want to reach out and feel the textures of the scrolled cool metal. Eligent and solid but still celestial and dreamy. I’m glad people like you travel and share. Thank you

----- Erik 30.10.09 02:49

love - love - love this
well done…..\

----- nadine johnson 29.10.09 09:49

Gorgeous images of Versailles after-dark! The lighting really captures a sense of warmth and mystery that is less apparent in the daytime. Beautiful!!

----- Noel G. 28.10.09 19:33

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