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The Kraken Rum: The Bottle- 10.24.09

krakenbottle0.jpg The Kraken Rum: How can you NOT drink from a bottle that says “As seen through the eyes of imagination”… such a lovely description, also any bottle that has Bizarre & Fierce Sea Creatures on it is just hard to deny. You’ve seen the unboxing of the incredible packaging, design, and other goodies (like Kraken teeth in vials, ink in bottles, etc)… and now for close ups on the actual Kraken Rum bottle design from Kevin Shaw of Stranger and Stranger… The amazing thing i love to watch is putting it in unsuspecting hands, the bottle has presence! It’s hard not to pick it up, slip two fingers through the holes, and then suddenly while rotating and reading the label ~ the bottle jokingly raises up to your lips as if you are going to chug it… and many make sounds channeling their inner rum drinking Johnny Depp a la Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s happened more than once. I love how an object such as a mere bottle of rum through design and packaging can evoke such a delightful user experience! So take a peek at the packaging design and graphic details on the next page ~ The Kraken Rum is definitely a perfect gift if you need a sippable conversation starter to bring to a party (and loosen people up in more ways than one ~ it’s 94 proof!)…

So first, you got a peek at the lovely bottle as it got unboxed and tasted at the Boqueria lunch:

Now take a peek at closeups with the stunning bottle. Honestly, there is something so terribly satisfying about slipping your two fingers through those loops to hold on to it…



Of course it has a latin name.

You have to hold the bottle in real life. It feels so good. You’ll see exactly what i mean…




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WHATS Krakeeen??? Let’s get it Kraken!!!Haha I was in the liquor store with my cuz and a friend and we were looking for something new to drink. Came across this bottle and I was reading it and was like what’s kra-k-en when reading it for the first time and JJ was like what’s kraken yeah and then Aimee was like we’re going to get it Kraken and yeah that’s pretty much how the rest of the night went. We took it to a party and passed the bottle around like a bong and it went around 5 or 6 times and it was AWESOME! So going to buy this again! Love the design as well, BADASS!

----- Shauna 26.09.12 06:05

I have been a Sailor Jerry customer for quite some time and before that have drank many brands of rum.
Tasted KRAKEN last week, and have just bought another 3 jugs. Most delicious Rum. Incredibly smooth. Unbelievable taste.
Keep it coming ‘cause I wanna share this drink with all of my friends!

----- BikerBob 10.12.11 12:50

Goes down so EASY. I can not believe it’s 47% alcohol. Feels like it’s 20% that’s how good it is!!!

----- Mike 17.07.11 21:52

Best. Damn. Rum. EVER!!!! This kicked out behinds in a way that we could’ve only hoped for! Yay Kraken!!!! See - http://wp.me/p106i6-YW

----- WhiteGlossy 27.05.11 08:44

one word badassss.

----- awesome man 08.12.10 17:00

Release the Kraken!

This is a perfect rum. Its bold, unforgettable, and takes no prisoners when it comes to your taste buds. A great drink. The rum of choice for me after tasting so many others. If you have a good sense of superior quality then you’d be ashamed to pass by this product. Cheers!

----- Doug 12.11.10 16:13

I have to say I have been a sailor jerry’s rum fan for far too long and lastnight saw this bottle in my local beer ans wine store. Loved the bottle the design the label everything. Was a little scared to try it as I had never heard of it but all I have to say about this rum is WOW!!! It was the best rum I had ever had I work in a liquor store and I will be pushing my company to start distributing it! Try it if you get a chance.

----- Jodi 27.06.10 06:46

Hey guys, this rum tastes just as AMAZING as it’s bottle and label looks. Seriously. This rum surpasses all others, hands down. For those of you looking to buy it- it goes for 20 bucks at http://www.berkeleywine.com/item.html?sku=12612

I hope you guys pick up at the very least a bottle and enjoy!

----- Stephani 12.05.10 17:05

Kraken has now taken over all other Rums in my life, thank you.

----- Steve S 04.04.10 21:58

Where can i buy a case of this RUM !

----- William Burliss 11.01.10 20:27

Where could I get a bottle in or near Pittsburgh, PA?

----- Patrick Douglas 10.12.09 14:26

That bottle is awesome! When I see the word “Kraken” I immediately think of the like from Juno when she was like, “Blaaayyyy I am a KRAKEN from the sea!” LOL. Although it’s a very cool bottle, the whole “puts a beast in your belly” makes me worried ;)

----- Cassandra Marie 28.10.09 10:38

This might be good when paired with this. One unique gift you could give to someone dear to your heart or as a simple present yet surely be treasured. Try giving them the VirtuSmoke. Innovation in technology has come to a simple habit in smoking but is inexpensive and has no harmful effects compared to any other traditional cigars that are out in the market.

----- VirtuSmoke 27.10.09 00:30

Where will they sell this awesome rum in north america?

----- Dosu 26.10.09 07:20

I bet I’ll have no luck getting a hold of one of these from Sweden.

----- John W 25.10.09 12:23

Where could i find one of these gorgeous bottles in LA?

----- inso 24.10.09 15:55

I fear it will be impossible for me to ever consider my life complete without this product.

----- Beau-Robert Metcalfe 24.10.09 02:50

This is a great label. I love the packaging you showed in the unboxing post. They have some amazing collateral for their product. I’ve always loved looking at various label designs, generally on alcoholic beverages, and have occasionally bought a bottle simply because of a great label. I would definitely buy this if I saw it.

----- kyle bisch 23.10.09 21:53

This is quite possibly going to finally make me purchase my first-ever bottle of rum. :)

----- Charissa 23.10.09 20:13

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