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Neiman Marcus + Yulia Brodskaya- 10.07.09

xmasbook.jpg Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Yes. I do believe it is the first week of October. Isn’t that a bit early for holiday festivities and shopping to be kicking in? If i’m sick of Christmas before halloween, that’s just sad? Also a little disappointed nothing in the book got me too excited this year, but the front and back COVERS are another story. So excited that they got awesome paper artist, Yulia Brodskaya to do her thing with santa’s beard and hat… see close ups on the next page…





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when I first looked @ this, I really had to stare @ it and read the caption. I initially thought this was a vector of white hair in a woman’s genitalia area. Way to catch people’s attention!

----- Priscilla 08.10.09 10:04

totally breathtaking, thanks for sharing!

----- Jingle 07.10.09 19:38

Beautiful paper stuff. Great post.

----- Jeremy 07.10.09 11:30

oh…i would love to have such cards. beautiful.

----- wOOtz 07.10.09 10:17

The white swirls on the top and bottom on the Santa hat looks almost like a creamy topping on a cake. And I do agree that Neiman Marcus probably should have waited until mid or late November to reveal their Christmas book.

----- Nikki Thomas 07.10.09 09:52

I have been almost TOO into Christmas-style these past few years, so I’m excited to see this, regardless of the timing. Plus the paper art is beyond gorgeous!

----- Charissa 07.10.09 09:05

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